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Holiday Security Tip - Your Risk and the hotel door card lock


Did you know Your Bank Account could be at risk from your hotel magnetic door key?

Electronic Door locks are common place in hotels these days as it makes life much simpler for the hotel and in fairness probably for the user as well ...and you won't face a hefty charge from the hotel if they have to call out a locksmith because you've lost your key!

Hotel door lock with magnetic card entry magnetic door entry card









But here's what you should know about electronic doorlocks:-

The magnetic stripe on the door entry card to your room, records not only your room number and check-in / check-out dates, but also your name, partial address ...and YOUR CREDIT / DEBIT CARD NUMBER that the hotel swiped when you arrived at the hotel!

So it's important to look after the card as if it falls into the wrong hands, a simple electronic scanner will allow the card to be read by a computer and SOMEONE COULD THEN GO SHOPPING AT YOUR EXPENSE!

Hotels can reuse the cards, however as the magnetic stripe is not wiped until the card is reused for another guest, your information is at risk until the magnetic stripe is overwritten.

So when you leave the hotel, never leave the door cards at the front desk (anyone could pick them up), or in the waste bin in your room.

Take your door cards home with you (it is illegal for the hotel to charge you for them), or destroy them before you leave, by cutting through the magnetic strip, or by running a small magnet over the magnetic strip several times (a strong fridge magnet should work - but do check the card in the door lock before you leave, if it no longer opens the door, your information has been erased).

...Have a very happy and safe holiday

This message was added on Monday 23rd June 2014


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