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Home Security Advice for the Covid-19 Pandemic


Naturally in these exceptional times of Stay-at-home, Social-Distancing and other guidance from the UK Government, coupled with concerns about loss of income, availability or access to food and medicine, etc., security is not necessarily top of the priority list for many people, …but sadly criminals are not taking a holiday!

From burglaries and even theft of your shopping as you leave a supermarket, to phone and internet scams, there are plenty of reasons to think seriously about safety and security, but it’s not a time for panic. 

Protecting your family, property and possessions, remains important however and there are many practical things that you can do yourself, which will cost nothing or very little, whilst others, requiring help from tradespeople or specialist installers will be difficult to arrange during the Covid-19 crisis.

It is well known that a layered approach to security, typically offers the best value for money and most effective overall security, so let’s think about what you can do in each separate area of your home and neighbourhood.

Here are a few suggestions and thoughts that may be of help to you now and into the future.

When You are Out and About

  • If you have to go out, stay alert and observe the social distancing guidelines set out by the government.
  • As always, remember to protect bags, purses, cash and cards, etc. against snatch thieves.
  • For personal safety, you may want to carry a small, low-cost personal security alarm, which if activated will generate a 120+ decibel siren to deter would be attackers and summon help.

What to Consider Around Your Garden or Outdoor Space

  • Security starts at the perimeter of your property, so your first line of defence is your garden wall, fence, hedge, gate, etc.
  • Fixing anti climb spikes or rotating anti-climb barriers to your walls, gates or fences will help to protect against intruders clambering into your garden. There are a wide range of products available, from low-cost, Prikla Strip plastic spikes, which are quick and easy to install and are ideal for the homeowner, to the clever, Non-Aggressive Roller Barrier System or other types of rotating barriers like our steel Rotaspike and our bulky aluminium spinners.

wall spikes

  • Sitelines can be an important aid to security. A garden obscured by high hedges could provide valuable concealment for an intruder breaking into your home, so it could be a good time to consider a good trim.
  • Garden tools, ladders, cycles and other equipment that may be left outside should be secured, i.e. with a padlock and chain, be placed in a lockable shed or outhouse, or even taken indoors.
  • Strategically placed security lights and CCTV cameras can be used as part of your security precautions.
  • External alarms could also be fitted, but great care must be taken when positioning external sensors. Poorly positioned sensors are likely to be frequently triggered by wild or domestic animals, wind causing movement in plants or bushes or other events, resulting in false activations. Apart from annoying your neighbours, multiple false alarms will quickly render the alarm to be considered unreliable and irrelevant.
  • And remember, your neighbours or local neighbourhood watch scheme may also be helpful to your security.

What About Your Building(s)?

  • Fitting good door locks and window locks or opening restrictors, is a good start, but don’t forget to use them. Lock all your doors and windows every time you go out, however briefly – as it takes only a minute or two for a burglar to enter your building and steal from you.
  • Double or triple glazed windows offer a greater level of protection against intruders than single glazed units.
  • While you don’t want to make your building feel like a prison, fitting Window Bars can help and they are a great way to protect out-house or garage windows, or store rooms.

window security bars

  • Window blinds or curtains can also be used to make it more difficult for intruders to see valuables inside.
  • Don’t leave things around, which could be used as a climbing aid by intruders wanting to get to vulnerable upper storey windows or access points, i.e. a Wheelie Bin Lock is a great way to secure your wheelie bins, or other mobile items. Alternatively chain multiple items together to make them less movable.
  • Security lights, a burglar alarm and CCTV can all boost your security measures and will help to deter thieves who are likely to move on to easier targets with less evident security measures.
  • Low hanging roofs or other potential access points can be protected with anti-climb spikes or security paint.

Things Inside Your Home

  • Keep things such as Laptop computers and other favourite targets for thieves out of obvious site through windows, and keep them out of reach through open windows.
  • Leaving packaging outside, from your new games console, computer, or other exciting acquisitions, could be an accidental invitation to would be thieves, so don’t leave it where it could be easily spotted.
  • Marking your valuables with a property marking product is a simple, low cost way to protect them and should the worst happen and they get stolen, will help police to return them to you if they are recovered.
  • Don’t leave your house or car keys laying around where they can easily be grabbed. Thieves use some ingenious methods, including fishing, as a way to steal car keys on a shelf or table close to your front door.

Finally - Beware of Scammers

Sadly scammers are cashing in on the COVID-19 crisis, so take extra care when using the internet, email, or mobile applications such as Whatsapp, etc.

Messages from anyone you don’t immediately recognise should be treated with suspicion and beware of opening any attachments or clicking on any links which could easily expose your computers, mobile phones, etc. to very nasty viruses.

There are even scams circulating which involve messages supposedly sent from normally trusted sources such as Banks, Building Societies, Government Departments, Solicitors, Claims Companies and many more.

Here’s one warning, as issued by Santander Bank:

“Unfortunately, fraudsters may try to take advantage of the current situation, so make sure you’re on the lookout for anything suspicious, including messages about Coronavirus claiming to be from your bank. Remember, we’ll never ask you for your full PIN or password or ask you to move money from your accounts”

Most banks and other responsible organisations will be issuing similar warnings and advice.

How Insight Security Can Help You? 

As well as supplying tried, tested and trusted security and safety products to homeowners, Insight Security are also suppliers to businesses, governments, hospitals, police and other essential services around the world.

As both manufacturers and suppliers, we distribute products via national and international couriers. Even during these challenging times, we are currently able to offer a near normal service, however as there are many things that are outside of our direct control, we may not be able to guarantee a next day delivery service.

P.S. For More Help; If you would like more information regarding your security, call our friendly team on 01273 475500, we’d love to help. Like many companies during this COVID-19 crisis however, we are currently operating with reduced on-site staff levels, so please bear with us if our phones are busy. You can also contact us by e-mail; or you can visit our website, where you’ll find masses of valuable further information.


This message was added on Monday 30th March 2020


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