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How much should you spend on security?


With our overstretched Police Forces struggling to meet the many demands on their resources, and some UK forces even announcing that they will no longer be investigating burglaries despite an 11% increase UK wide according to the latest annual figures, there has never been a more urgent time for us to protect our own valuables!

The good news is that there are many easily affordable security products on the market, although you may need some advice and guidance to help you avoid those that simply don`t do what they claim, don`t work at all or are even plain dangerous.

So knowing that there are security products available and that the team at Insight Security will be happy to offer Free Help and Advice to guide you to the right solution for your needs, how much should you spend on securing your valuables?

Well that depends of course on what type of valuables you need to protect, how many there are, where you keep them, and where relevant, if any of them need specific types of protection to meet conditions laid down by your insurers.


the onion

But let`s start at the beginning, ...there is no doubt that the onion approach to security will normally offer the best "cost : performance" level of protection, here`s why;


Like the onion which is formed from many layers, structuring your security as a number of layers or obstacles for the thief to overcome in sequence to get to your valuables will typically offer the best level of protection for your investment.

Thieves know that the longer they are on site, the greater their risk of being detected and caught, so if you make it difficult for them, they will often simply move on to find easier pickings.




So consider what protection you need for each security layer;

Layer 1 - Protecting your Perimeter

wall spikes
Your perimeter is your first line of defence and should not be overlooked.

Natural intruder deterrents such as hedges, ditches, cliffs, rivers, etc. can offer free protection against unwelcome intruders, whilst security at fences, gates and walls may need to be beefed up with anti climb products.

Simple anti climb fence and wall security spikes suitable for use around homes are likely to cost just a couple of pounds per linear metre, whilst more robust anti-climb solutions which are designed to protect commercial sites will obviously cost considerable more.



Layer 2 – Protecting your Outbuildings

Outbuildings such as sheds, garages, etc. are often a source of rich pickings for thieves, where they are likely to find anything from high value motorcycles, mountain bikes and other leisure equipment, to tools and garden equipment or simply items stored because you have run out of room in your main building.

A recent incident at a family home brought this into sharp focus for us when we received a call from a homeowner the morning after he narrowly escaped losing a motorcycle and two mountain bikes with a total value of around £8,000 from his unprotected shed. Luckily the thief was spotted, challenged and ran off, but it was a close run thing and if the items had been stolen, the lack of security, may have led to any insurance claim being rejected.

more a toy than a security fitting!Security measures here could include installing curtains or screening at the windows, to stop anyone looking in to see what valuables are on offer!

Physical protection for the windows could be beefed up with a grille or window security bars, while protection at vulnerable doors could be improved by installing a high security padlock with a good quality hasp and / or a robust shed door bar.

Door hinges are often a weak point on shed or outhouse doors, but security screws or through bolts could be used to improve the level of security they offer.






Layer 3 – Physical protection for stored items.

High Security packs for motorcycles
Items such as motorbikes, cycles and other leisure equipment stored in sheds, outhouses and garages can be physically secured using padlock, security chain and ground or wall anchor products.

Spending just £20 or £30 pounds on security products may be adequate for protecting lower value items like a lawnmower, garden tools, etc.,

...while spending £300-£400 pounds on a high security chain and padlock set for your £10,000 cherished motorcycle would be a great lifetime investment, being reusable every time you upgrade to a new Bike!






Layer 4 – Main Buildings.

There are a wide variety of safety and security products available for use at doors and windows including locks and security bars or grilles among others. Remember however, that upper storey windows, balcony doors, etc. could also be vulnerable to break-ins, so you may need to consider using anti climb products to prevent access to them via flat roofs, balconies, etc.

Layer 5 – Property marking and identification

Thieves hate handling stolen goods that can be traced back to the rightful owner, as it significantly increases their risk of being caught, makes selling the item on high risk for them and it also means that should an item be stolen from you and subsequently recovered, if security marked with your identification, it can be returned to you.

asset marking productsSecurity marking your valuables is a low cost option, which makes it a no-brainer.

There are many types of security marking products available from simple visible marking to covert marking systems including UV marking.

The Datatag range of marking systems offer specific marking packs for a wide range of applications from home security marking packs to packs for motorcycles, boats and outboard motors, equestrian equipment such as saddles and lots more








There are of course other measures to consider including alarms and use of CCTV to monitor your premises.

Main building alarms should be professionally installed to minimise the risk of false activations and be linked to a professional monitoring service.

If investing in a CCTV system, use of budget priced equipment is unlikely to produces images that could be used for anything other than casual viewing, whilst positioning of the cameras is key, which means that this is another area where professional advice and installation is strongly recommended.


You`ll find lots more information on our website including the Solution Finder section, or just call our friendly experts for Free Advice, they`ll be pleased to help and have a wealth of experience to draw on; +44 (0)1273 475 500

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