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How Our Customers Use Their Tote Trays


Our versatile tote trays are familiar to many people from airport security checks where they are used to contain traveller’s personal belongings while undergoing security screening before embarcation. But there are now many more environments in which our wonderfully versatile tote trays are relied upon. Tote trays are often subjected to heavy-duty usage but our customers know they can rely on the quality of our products and our tote trays are built to withstand the rigours of frequent daily use.

What is a Tote Tray?

Etymology of the word ‘tote’ tells us that it refers to the practice of carrying something, often something heavy and we’ve possibly heard the word used in references like ‘gun-toting cowboys’. We’re also likely to be familiar with what are called ‘tote bags’. These are general purpose, large size bags with parallel handles attached inside the bag. The key feature is their large capacity and general purpose use.

Tote trays are versatile containers for storing and carrying a variety of items. Many tool outlets sell ranges of tote trays specifically designed for tools. These trays are broad and relatively shallow, enabling tools to be quickly identified and retrieved with minimal rummaging. Tool storage tote trays often have multiple compartments.

Tote trays used for airport security checks are required to hold passengers’ hand luggage along with items from their pockets, ready for x-ray security examination. They need to be large enough to contain these items yet shallow enough to enable items to be easily inspected by security personnel. And they must fit through the airport x-ray machine. Tote trays used in this context require just one compartment that’s sufficiently large enough to contain passenger’s personal belongings.

Tote Trays at Security Checkpoints

As noted, our tote trays are relied upon in security screening operations at airports. But security checks are now routinely carried out in a variety of environments, here are some examples.

Transport Hub Security

Passenger security screening is now carried out at all major transport hubs including ferry ports where our tote trays are widely used alongside walkthrough metal detector arches. Our tote trays are large enough to reliably accommodate traveller’s personal belongings and tough enough to withstand arduous daily use.

metal detector
Security Screening using Metal Detectors


Warehouse Theft Prevention

There has been a growing demand for reliable staff screening capabilities in warehouses to both deter and prevent theft. When warehouse staff know that they might be randomly selected for a thorough search as they leave the premises any inclination to pilfer is effectively deterred. To ensure that there is no chance of bias in the selection of staff members our Random Search Selectors are being used in conjunction with handheld metal detector wands alongside our tote trays which are relied upon to safely hold peoples belongings while they undergo screening.

random search selectors
Random Search Selectors ensure bias avoidance.


Security at Schools and Colleges

Sadly, the increase in knife crime throughout the UK has resulted in educational establishments having to introduce security screening to check for weapons. Knife arches along with metal detector wands are being used to conduct random searches aimed at deterring pupils from carrying weapons into schools.

When security checking a queue of students efficiency and thoroughness are vitally important. Our tote trays allow students to safely empty their pockets, place their bags in the trays and keep their hands in view. This allows the trays and pupils to be efficiently and effectively checked without risk of muddling their belongings or offering opportunities for concealment.

Attractions and Public Buildings

The Manchester Arena Bombing was a game changer for security at events, attractions and in public buildings. This attack made it clear that the front line battle against terrorism exists right on our doorstep raising the need for vigilance.

tote tray security check
Tote tray in use at security checkpoint.


It’s now become common for visitors to various attractions, stately homes and public buildings to undergo security screening as they enter. Visitors are typically required to place all baggage and metal objects, such as keys and belts, in one of our tote trays before they walk through a metal detector arch. The trays are subjected to x-ray inspection and people are required to keep their hands visible to help ensure there is no chance they are an attacker.

Tote Trays for General Purpose Storage

The design and capacity of our tote trays also makes them ideal for a wide range of general purpose storage needs. These versatile, large size tote trays are approximately 534mm (21 inches) by 394mm (15.5 inches) and 130mm (about 5 inches) deep. The large size but relatively shallow depth is optimal for storing a wide range of storage needs, from socks to spare parts, making it easy to find items without the need for rummaging. 

If you need help in setting up security screening give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Friday 11th September 2020

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