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How Our Roller Barrier Anti Climb System Works


Here at Insight Security we are immensely proud of our Roller Barrier, non-aggressive anti climb system. Developed and manufactured by us to avoid inflicting injury on intruders and others who might attempt to scale perimeter walls and fences, climb over gates or climb onto flat rooftops. Roller Barrier is a genuinely non-aggressive yet highly effective barrier that’s currently protecting many properties around the world without causing harm to anyone.

One of the questions we are often asked is: How Does Roller Barrier Work? People are used to seeing nasty looking spiked fence and wall-toppers so they want to know how it’s possible to implement an effective anti-climb and anti-intruder barrier which doesn’t threaten injury.

Roller Barrier Design

The design of Roller Barrier is what makes the system so effective. It consists of side-by-side circular Roller Cups mounted on a central shaft that freely rotate. They are 115mm (approximately 5 inches) in diameter which has been carefully determined to be the optimum size that will prevent even the largest hands from getting a grip. Installing Roller Barrier along the top of a wall, fence or gate means that anyone attempting to climb over will not be able to gain a hand-hold by grasping the barrier.

roller barrier on fence top 

Roller barrier is attached using galvanised steel brackets mounted at regular, 2 metre intervals. Brackets are manufactured from tough, 6mm steel plate and are available in a range of standard shapes and sizes which are suitable for a wide range of applications, including box section brackets specially designed for alleyway installations. If the standard range of Roller Barrier brackets doesn’t support a particular installation, bespoke brackets can be manufactured.

Roller Barrier Cups are core components of this innovative anti-climb barrier. Manufactured from weather resistant, self-extinguishing UV balanced polycarbonate they are robust, long-lasting and look great. Bespoke colours are available to order, enabling the Roller Barrier system to meet aesthetic design requirements. Crucially, our Roller Barrier system doesn’t look nasty or aggressive, unlike many alternative spiked anti-climb barrier systems.

Wide Range of Applications

Roller Barrier is now used in a huge range of applications throughout the UK and around the world. People are learning that it’s entirely possible to implement a highly effective anti-climb barrier that looks great and doesn’t cause injury.

Flat roof-tops can often be an irresistible attraction for children. They will also sometimes be used by burglars to gain access to upper storey windows or by vandals causing graffiti and damage. Roller Barrier has been widely employed to protect many flat roof-tops from unwanted climbers.

Double Row Roller Barrier Installation

Our Roller Barrier system is now widely specified in the UK as the “Preferred Anti-Climb System” for use in schools and other areas where children get together. It’s been extensively used to protect school premises and buildings from unwanted visitors after school hours, providing confidence that anyone attempting to access the school premises would not be injured by the protective barrier.

Community centres, youth clubs, young offenders institutes and prisons are all benefiting from their Roller Barrier installations which are providing rigorous protection without causing or threatening injury.

Roller Barrier is now being used by supermarkets to protect their goods yards and its even being used alongside railway tracks to safely prevent people from scaling fences and straying onto active railway tracks. Hospitals and mental healthcare facilities are also enjoying the benefits of their Roller Barrier installations, confident that their patients can’t injure themselves and happy with the non-aggressive nature of the system.

Double and Trigard Roller Barrier Systems

Roller barrier double row with green roller cups

The standard single-row Roller Barrier system is ideal for most installations at normal heights but there are some circumstances in which additional height is beneficial. This is where our Double Roller Barrier system is highly effective. By using two rows of Roller Cups the height of an existing barrier is increased, preventing access from either side. Cranked brackets can be used with the Double Roller Barrier system to give the barrier an angle which prevents access to the tops of walls.

Trigard Roller Barrier

Trigard Roller Barrier

Often there are areas at lower levels that need protection from unwanted climbers. Being at a lower level these areas are far more likely to come into day-to-day contact with people, making the use of spiked, aggressive anti-climb barriers impossible. It’s essential that any anti-climb barrier installed at low levels is entirely non-aggressive and can’t cause injury or damage to clothing. It must also be robust, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Trigard triple roller barrier

The Trigard Roller Barrier meets all of these requirements. The triplicated rows of rollers present a wide, unstable surface that is too low to get under and too unstable to stand or climb on. The Trigard Roller Barrier system is especially suitable for schools and public spaces where it’s ideal for retrofitting.

Aesthetic Appeal

An important aspect of the Roller Barrier design which needs to be acknowledged is the visual appearance of this effective anti-climb barrier. Roller Barrier is not only non-aggressive in practice it also looks far less dangerous than alternative, spiked perimeter barrier systems. It is now installed on many sites where the non-aggressive, spike-free appearance is widely appreciated. Also, as noted earlier, the roller cups can be supplied in a wide range of bespoke colours allowing the system to be matched to whatever colour scheme has been used, helping make Roller Barrier highly unobtrusive.

If you have any questions regarding perimeter security and totally safe anti climb solutions remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll give you some free, expert advice. 

This message was added on Thursday 30th January 2020

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