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How to Install Fence and Wall Spikes


Here at Insight Security we offer an extensive range of carefully selected, highly effective perimeter security and anti climb products including a variety of fence and wall spike systems. All of the products we offer have been rigorously evaluated and proven to ensure they provide effective perimeter security. In this post we look at how easy it is to install the various forms of fence and wall spikes we offer.

What are Fence and Wall Spikes?

The fence and wall spikes we are referring to are primarily used for security. We aren’t referring to fence spikes used to enable the installation of fence posts. The fence spikes we offer are used in all manner of security applications. In some cases they are used as anti-cat spikes, safely deterring cats from climbing perimeter fencing. And in many cases spikes are used to provide formidable, highly effective anti-burglar security barriers. They not only establish a strong physical barrier that’s difficult to overcome they also present a strong visual deterrent which effectively discourages opportunist criminals from even attempting to gain access to protected premises.

How to Install Prikla Strip Anti Climb Spikes

Prikla plastic anti climb spikes are available in a variety of formats and colours. Prikla45 anti climb spikes are supplied in 450mm strips which have a base plate width of 45mm. The plastic spikes are 15mm high and this product is available from stock in 4 popular colours. The base plate of these strips uses a clever hinge design that allow the strips to be fitted to contoured surfaces.

prikla anti cat fence topper
Prikla Strip Anti Climb Spikes on Fence


Prikla Supa-Strip anti climb spikes (brick strip) are supplied as 500mm strips with a width of 100mm, designed to match the standard dimensions of bricks. They have a clever triple hinged base-plate design that enables these strips to be shaped to match the contours of the wall, trellis or fence.

anti climb top n sides prickle strips
Top-n-sides Prickle Strip

Anti-climb top-n-sides prickle strips use a right-angled baseplate design that makes it easy to install these strips along the right-angled edges of walls, fencetops and roof edges.

Installation of all of these anti-climb devices is simple. The base plates provide a number of pre-drilled, 4mm fixing holes, used to securely fix the strips in place. Standard wood screws can be used when mounting onto wooden surfaces, such as fence panels or trellis. But for brickwork and blockwork walls masonry screws are the best option. Some users simply use nails to attach their Prikla strips to their fencing and others have reported they have successfully used cable ties to securely attach Prikla strips in awkward areas. It`s worth noting that when attaching with screws it`s a good idea not to over tighten to allow for expansion in hot weather.

In some circumstances Prikla strips can be affixed using an appropriate adhesive that works with both the polypropylene spike strips and the receiving surface. Customers have used Pink Grip adhesive successfully, but it is important to ensure the the adhesive used is suitable for the receiving surface, as solvent based Pink Grip and other adhesives can damage some types of surface such as asphalt roofing.

When attaching strips to metal gates or similar structures through-bolts are the most secure option.

Prikla strips can be easily cut to whatever length is required and installed end to end to achieve the desired result without any gaps.

How to Install Stegastrip Anti Climb Spikes

Stegastrip is another range of plastic anti climb spikes, widely appreciated for versatility and presenting a forbidding metal-like appearance. The angular, pointed plastic Stegastrip spikes are extremely uncomfortable to grab hold of, but will not cause serious injury.

flexible stegastrip spikes
Flexible Stegastrip Spikes

Stegastrip can be easily installed by anyone with some basic DIY skills and a few commonly available tools. The strips already have pre-drilled mounting holes enabling them to be easily fixed in place using wood screws, nails or appropriate masonry or concrete fixings. The hinged Stegastrip base plate enables the strips to be easily fitted over common fence toppings and other irregular surfaces.

The versatile design of Stegastrip anti-climb spikes enables them to be used to create a robust rotating anti-climb barrier. Individual strips are simply joined together, back to back, and mounted on regularly spaced support pillars which are firmly attached to the fence or wall using appropriate fixings (screws or masonry bolts). This installation format raises the height of the boundary wall or fence making the visual aspect of the anti climb deterrent much more prominent and effective.

How to Install Razor Anti Climb Spikes

We offer a number of different ‘Razor’ anti climb devices including Razor Comb, Razor Spike, Razor Point, Razor Channel and Razor Ribbon. These are all forms of highly effective metal anti climb spikes.

u channel razor channel spikes
U-Profile Razor Channel Spikes

U-profile Razor Comb and Razor Channel strips are available in lengths of 1.8 metres with a base plate of 40mm. The strips offer pre-drilled mounting holes enabling them to be securely fixed to fence tops, walls and roof edging using screws or appropriate masonry fixings, such as Atlas bolts. Strips can be readily cut to length where required. Another fixing option that works when attaching u-profile Razor Channel to metal surfaces (such as a gate) is to weld the anti climb spikes in place. 

w profile razor channel spikes
W-Profile Razor Channel Spikes

W-profile Razor Channel anti climb spikes are very similar but the w-profile is specially designed to work with right-angled edges. These strips are available in lengths of 1.8m presenting forward facing spikes of 30mm and upward spikes that are 50mm in height. Like the u-profile strips, a number of pre-drilled mounting holes are provided for firmly fixing the strips in place. Mounting holes are provided on both the forward and upward facing surfaces.

Razor Point anti climb spikes, alongside Razor Spike, present the most aggressive metal anti climb spikes. Razor point is conveniently available in strips of 0.4m and 1.2m enabling the system to be installed in short lengths, where required, avoiding the need to cut strips to fit. As for other Razor products, the base plates are pre-drilled with fixing holes every 80mm and its recommended they are fixed in place using appropriate M6 fastenings. As for Razor Channel, Razor Spike strips can be welded in place when mounting onto metal structures.

razor point anti climb spikes
Razor Point Anti Climb Spikes

Razor Spike is very similar to Razor Point. The metal spikes are 110mm high and present both a strong visual deterrent and effective physical barrier. The strips are fixed in place, via the pre-drilled mounting holes, using appropriate fastenings, or they can be welded in place where appropriate.

Razor Ribbon differs completely from these Razor anti climb spike products. Designed as an easily installed anti climb fence topper, Razor Ribbon is supplied in a 9 metre roll. The ribbon is simply affixed along the top of a fence by nailing it in place. Manufactured from 0.5mm galvanised steel with a strong, ridged reinforcement, this form of metal anti climb fence spike provides an easily installed yet highly effective anti climb deterrent.

Additional Installation Recommendations

When installing spiked anti climb barriers care and consideration is essential. Wherever possible, anti climb spikes should never be installed below a height of 2.2 metres from the ground. In some circumstance higher height restrictions may exist so its always important to check.

And wherever anti climb devices and precautions are employed its important to provide adequate warnings by prominently displaying appropriate warning signage.

In many circumstances, such as around schools, youth establishments and hospitals, spiked, aggressive looking anti climb barriers are generally not appropriate. In these circumstances we strongly recommend our totally non-aggressive Roller Barrier system which is now widely deployed to provide effective, safe anti climb protection without any aggression in functionality or appearance.

When handling and installing some of the most aggressive forms of anti climb spikes its strongly recommended that installers should wear appropriate gloves to prevent their hands from being harmed.

If you have any questions regarding perimeter security and anti climb precautions remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 10th June 2021

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