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How to Use a Telescopic Inspection Mirror


Carrying out thorough inspections effectively and efficiently is challenging. Telescopic inspection mirrors are an essential inspection tool used in widespread applications to ensure that no areas are ever overlooked.

Inspection Mirror Applications

Inspection mirrors are generally used to gain visibility of areas which are hard to reach. They can extend into areas that would otherwise be impossible to see and provide the ability to view and inspect from various angles, which can be very valuable.

Inspection mirrors are routinely used by border security personnel when inspecting the underside of vehicles or examining the contents of transport containers. They are also commonly used for security purposes in other environments such as airports and transportation hubs.

Customs and excise officers use inspection mirrors when searching for contraband and immigration officers use them when searching for stowaways. They are used by prison officers to help them speedily carry out cell searches, the military use inspection mirrors to verify that vehicles are secure and the police use inspection mirrors in various scenarios.

Using a telescopic inspection mirror to inspect a dust cart.

Inspection mirrors are also vitally important in non-security applications. For example, utility company employees often need to thoroughly inspect equipment which is hard to reach. An extendable, telescopic mirror is an essential inspection tool in these situations. Manufacturing production lines are another arena in which inspection mirrors play a vital role in enabling thorough inspections to ensure that production quality standards are maintained.

Here are some of the most common applications for inspection mirrors:

  • Vehicle checks at borders and transportation hubs.
  • Cargo inspections at airports, ports and onboard ships.
  • Customs and excise searches (rummages) for contraband.
  • Immigration searches for illegal stowaways.
  • Prison officer searches of prisoner cells.
  • Military security searches.
  • Motor vehicle inspections, viewing areas which are hard to see.
  • Machinery assessment and routine inspections.
  • Tradespeople, such as plumbers and electricians, viewing hard-to-reach areas.
  • Production line inspections of manufactured goods and systems.
  • Systems safety inspections by energy and utility companies.
  • Wildlife inspections such as nesting boxes.

There are a wide range of applications in which inspection mirrors provide a valuable advantage. From checking chicks in a bird-box to searching for explosives concealed under military vehicles, inspection mirrors play an essential role in ensuring that inspections are thorough and effective.

Telescopic Inspection Mirrors

There are a variety of types and sizes of inspection mirror available today, from under-vehicle, trolley-mounted inspection mirrors to portable, pocket-sized inspection mirrors. One of the most widely used types is the popular telescopic inspection mirror, which utilises an extendable telescopic arm.

telescopic inspection mirror with LED torch

Telescopic inspection mirrors have a long telescopic arm which can be extended and locked off, using a twist action, at any desired length. When compressed the extendable mirror arm is conveniently stowable.

At the end of the arm is a crystal clear, circular mirror in either glass or acrylic. If required, telescopic inspection mirrors with attached super-bright LED lights are available. The addition of a compact, bright LED torch-light is enormously beneficial for night time inspections or checks carried out in low light conditions or in dark areas, such as the underside of vehicles.

telescopic arm inspection mirror

How to Use a Telescopic Inspection Mirror

Using a telescopic inspection mirror is intuitive, but here are some step-by-step recommendations which will help ensure that your inspections are effective and efficient.

  1. Start by cleaning the mirror with an optical cleaning cloth to make certain that reflected images are crystal clear.
  2. Adjust the mirror to the angle required.
  3. Extend the telescopic arm to the required length and twist the handle to lock it in position.
  4. If necessary, turn on the super-bright LED light to illuminate the inspected area or object.
  5. Deploy the inspection mirror to the area under inspection and carefully examine the reflected image in the mirror.
  6. If you are not seeing the area that needs to be inspected adjust the mirror angle and / or the length of the telescopic handle until you can clearly see what you need to see in the reflected image.
  7. Move the mirror around in order to thoroughly inspect the target item or area from various angles.
  8. When unused it is recommended that you store your telescopic inspection mirror securely in an appropriate carry case.

Telescopic inspection mirrors are highly affordable yet vital tools that allow you to clearly see and examine areas which would otherwise be invisible to the human eye.

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