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Insight Security Environmental Responsibilities

Insight Security is fully committed to playing its part in protecting the environment as far as is practical within its means and operational environment.

Our internal policies and procedures are kept under constant review to ensure that we can consider and embrace any new technology or opportunities that arise, which may enable us to further reduce any negative impact that business operation may have on the environment, or to implement new procedures or processes that may have a positive impact.

Practical steps implemented to date include;

Packaging and Plastics

At Insight Security, we are very conscious of the impact of plastic waste on our planet which is why wherever viable, we use alternative packaging materials including recycled cardboard and recycled paper.

Whilst it is important to ensure that products shipped to our customers arrive undamaged and without the risk of causing damage or injury to anyone handling them whilst in transit, we achieve these objectives whilst employing a policy of using minimum packaging materials for goods shipped.

We are constantly reviewing alternative packaging methods and materials and where appropriate undertake trials to gauge the effectiveness and viability of their adoption.

We have totally eliminated the use of polychip and plastic foam type packaging material within the company (with the possible exception of reusing inbound material used around goods received by us) and have managed to significantly reduce our use of other plastic materials.

We continue to seek out new packaging methods and alternative materials and share experiences with our trading partners. We have however been disappointed to find that some of the so called environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional plastic, which we have evaluated, are not only considerably more expensive than traditional packaging materials, but more importantly are not actually environmentally friendly.

Minimising waste and emissions

As part of our commitment to the environment, we have invested in energy efficient heating, lighting and controls throughout our offices, as a result of which our energy usage has been reduced by around 30%.

Both at a company and individual staff level we are also fully committed to minimising waste.

Recycling and Waste Disposal

Wherever possible and viable, we use recycled materials in any products manufactured exclusively for us, such as the use of recycled polycarbonate material in the production of our Roller Barrier product.

Inbound packaging etc, is reused wherever viable, whilst general waste is disposed of via a contracted national waste collection and disposal company to ensure that it is processed properly and legally.

Carbon Footprint

Wherever possible we work with local manufacturing companies, and suppliers, in order to support our local community and also to reduce transportation distances and hence our carbon footprint.

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