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Insight Security Videos Not to Miss


Here at Insight Security we are entirely focused on customer satisfaction which we consistently achieve by carefully selecting and offering only the highest quality security products and solutions at affordable prices whilst providing our clients with free, expert advice. Our Youtube video channel offers practical guidance in non-technical, plain English that helps people determine whether various security products are right for their needs and avoid wasting money on sub-standard products which don’t perform as required.

Here are just a handful of our videos, some of which are presented by our expert managing director, Ivor Blatchford. Remember that if you have any questions regarding products or how to deal with your own, specific security challenges don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 475500 - we are always happy to help.

Roller Barrier Non Aggressive Anti Climb Solution

Many people are unaware that if an intruder injures themselves on anti climb spikes they can find themselves liable for an injury claim. Roller Barrier provides a safe, alternative anti-climb solution that can be used to keep people in a designated area, prevent intruders entering and keep people from climbing into or onto protected grounds, buildings and equipment. This video describes exactly how Roller Barrier works. 

The non-threatening Roller Barrier design and inherent safety features makes Roller Barrier the anti-climb solution of choice in areas where children and vulnerable people meet and congregate. Many UK schools have now defined Roller Barrier as their preferred anti climb barrier. It’s also finding widespread use and appreciation in hospitals, mental health establishments, prisons and young offender institutes as well as around parks, alongside railway tracks and many other areas where an effective but safe anti-climb barrier is essential.

Bird Free Fire Gel

Bird Free Fire Gel is a remarkable bird deterrent that will effectively get rid of pigeons, seagulls and other problem birds without risk of causing them any harm. It’s a totally safe gel manufactured from natural oils and food grade materials which will not harm animals, people or the environment. Bird Free Fire Gel exploits the fact that birds can see ultraviolet light which we humans can’t see. The UV light reflected from Bird Free Fire Gel looks like a naked flame to birds so they will naturally steer clear. This is why the gel is instantly effective.

Watch the video to see how the product is immediately effective, preventing problem birds from perching once deployed.  

Best Shed Security Bar

We’ve recently talked about the need to make certain that your outhouse and shed security is as robust has possible. One of the key security enhancement recommendations is to employ a shed security bar to prevent access via the doors. The following video demonstrates the versatility of our shed locking bar system which is easily installed and widely used to beef up shed and outbuilding security. 

Shed security bars are available from stock in a wide range of standard sizes from 950mm (for doors up to 800mm width) up to 2000mm (for doorways up to 1850mm width). Contact us for bespoke sizes and pricing. 

Protector High Security Chains

In this next video, Ivor introduces the Protector range of high security chains, manufactured from high quality European steel. Our Protector 16mm and 19mm chains offer the highest levels of chain security on the market today, achieving Sold Secure Gold rating for caravans, motorbikes, ATVs, plant and machinery.


As is shown in the video, the 16mm, 19mm and 22mm chains are impossible to crop by hand, even when using massive 42 inch bolt croppers. It’s not surprising to hear that customers using the 19mm Protector chain include NASA and the UK Ministry of Defence. 19mm Protector high security chains are typically used with anchor points.  

Taurus Bull-Ring High Security Ground Anchors

As recommended in the previous video on high security chains, a high quality ground anchor provides the ideal immovable locking point. Ground anchors are available in two basic design formats, bolt down or concrete-in. 


The Taurus Bull Ring ground anchor is available in both concrete-in or bolt-down versions. Both are Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rated and insurance approved. When installed, both models only protrude above the ground surface by 35mm, making them safe to drive over.

If you have any questions regarding aspects of business or home security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll happily provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Friday 1st May 2020

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