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Introducing the New Search and Inspection Trolley Mirror


We are pleased to announce the availability of our exciting new Clearview Illuminated Under Vehicle Search and Inspection Trolley Mirror. Read on to learn more about this state-of-the-art inspection mirror design and how it is supporting the needs of those who have arduous search and inspection responsibilities.

Security personnel, police forces, the military and border forces all use portable security inspection mirrors to aid their vehicle search and inspection responsibilities. Security is a growing concern in many areas making thorough vehicle inspections essential. Security officers can be looking for contraband, dangerous substances, weapons, explosives or stowaways so they need tools they can rely on.

Robust, durable search and inspection mirrors that present accurate reflections make it far easier to see what might be hidden in hard to reach areas, such as the underside of vehicles. Importantly, these mirrors need to withstand the rigours of continuous outdoor use without failing or causing stress to those who use them.

easy to use inspection mirror
Under Vehicle Search and Inspection Mirror - Deployed

 How Under Vehicle Search Mirrors are Used

Under vehicle search and inspection mirrors are used in a variety of situations to improve the safety of vehicle inspections for those carrying them out and to fulfil demanding security requirements.

Border crossings, cross channel ferry terminals, airports and transport hubs all have significant security concerns that need to be mitigated. Under vehicle search and inspection mirrors enable cars, vans and trucks to be thoroughly assessed to ensure there are no illegal immigrants or stowaways. Importantly, security personnel need to deal with a variety of significant security threats such as large explosive devices that need a vehicle for delivery, or smaller explosive devices intended to target the vehicle’s driver and others. They also need to ensure there are no hidden firearms, ammunition or other weapons.

under vehicle inspection
Illuminated, Clear Under Vehicle Inspection


Customs and excise inspectors are on the lookout for contraband and other restricted and controlled items. The long list of things they need to find includes animals, products of animal origin, birds and livestock, prohibited chemicals, counterfeit goods and currency, fireworks, indecent and obscene material and much more. Under vehicle search and inspection mirrors play a vital role in supporting their demanding work.

Military establishments have a constant need to ensure safety and security. Security personnel must make certain all vehicles entering military establishments, or being parked somewhere nearby, are not carrying explosives and are not a threat. Effective under-vehicle inspection is an important aspect of security in these circumstances.

Similarly, prisons and police stations all need to be certain that vehicles parked in or near their facilities don’t present a threat and aren’t being used to carry concealed weapons or explosives. The ability to easily carry out effective vehicle security screening in these locations is vitally important.

Retail and commercial operators alongside fleet managers all need a reliable way to quickly and efficiently ensure trucks and vehicles are safe and secure. Our new trolley mirror provides exactly what they need.

cv650 under seating search
Under Seating Search


And public premises along with sports and entertainment locations also need a fast and reliable way to inspect vehicles to ensure they don’t present a threat to public safety. Inspection mirrors of this type are also used to check the underside of seating in public buildings, theatres and concert halls.

cv650 easy to carry
Easy to Carry Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror


Key Features of Our Clearview Illuminated Under Vehicle Search and Inspection Mirror

Our extensive experience along with feedback from our valued customers has informed the design and development of our all-new illuminated under vehicle search mirror. Key features that our customers required include:

  • Robust design
  • Long unit life expectancy
  • Lightweight portability
  • Bright illumination
  • Easy to use
  • Low profile to fit under any vehicle
  • Easily recharged battery
  • Long usage time between charging
  • Large size mirror with crystal clear reflections

Our incredibly robust new trolley mirror design is built to withstand continuous daily use in the most demanding outdoor environments. The mirror is protected by an all-round rubber bumper that defends against the bumps and knocks that will inevitably occur. And the incredibly strong formed and welded galvanised steel housing is protected with a weatherproof, baked on paint finish. Having listened to feedback from the field we recognised the need for futureproofing so this was built into the design by making individual components replaceable by customers. If the unit is ever damaged users can, without special tools, quickly and easily replace key elements without the need to buy an entire new unit.

folded inspection mirror
Folded Inspection Mirror - Very Compact


We know that operators need to quickly and easily deploy the trolley mirror and when stowed it mustn’t take up much space. Our new trolley mirror features 4 x 50mm castors enabling easy movement in any direction. The trolley T-handle is telescopic and the whole unit weighs in at only 7.2kg. Overall dimensions when folded are just 94mm x 335mm x 760mm so minimal storage space is needed.

We know that inspecting the underside of vehicles in various light conditions is challenging. On bright, sunny days extreme light contrast can make it difficult to reliably see exactly what’s hidden away and in low light conditions thorough inspection is impossible. That’s why we’ve built-in an incredibly powerful COB LED lamp that delivers 650 lumens of bright light output. This exceptional illumination means that even the darkest under-vehicle recesses can be reliably inspected. And the LED light bar provides an estimated operational life of around 50,000 hours before a replacement is needed.

cv650 battery status check
Easily Check the Battery Status


This bright illumination requires a reliable power source, provided by our carefully selected 4Ah 12V Lithium Ion Polymer battery. This is a certified safe battery that complies with UN38.3 safety standards which enables the unit to be transported, including on commercial flights, without any additional precautions. Remarkably, a fully charged battery will provide up to 9 hours of continuous operation which means the unit remains usable all day long, without the need for a recharge, even if the lamp is left on. The battery is held in a secure, ruggedised casing that includes a fuel cell indicator showing the charge state of the battery and how much power remains. The battery charge status can be easily checked at any time via the viewing window in the battery housing and it can be recharged, without the need for removal, in just a couple of hours using the supplied rapid charger.

Importantly, the images reflected from the large-size inspection mirror are detailed and crystal clear. The mirror is 320mm x 320mm enabling large areas to be inspected with minimal mirror manipulation. The mirror is made from scratch resistant, unbreakable polycarbonate with a hard surface coating to ensure reliable long life. The unit housing, made from folded and welded steel sheet with a durable, baked-on powder paint coating, is easy to clean and designed to enable continuous outdoor usage in the worst weather conditions. And the telescopic T-handle minimises the risk of operator fatigue and locks in the closed position for easy carrying, transportation and storage.

Under Vehicle Search Mirror - Customer Feedback

The high quality of our all new under vehicle search mirror has already prompted customers to let us know what they think. Here’s an example of the feedback we’ve received from a valued client involved in port operations.

Having been using one of the SM CV650 Illuminated Trolley Mirror units from Insight Security for over a year we purchased a further unit in 2022 to cope with our increasing workload.

We were pleased that Insight had taken on board our feedback regarding the original unit, and with a couple of small manufacturing changes have overcome the minor niggles we had raised.

The units are certainly robust and have withstood robustly the ever changing elements at our exposed search location. Despite all use being outdoors, there is no sign of unit fatigue and after constant daily use there has been no need to replace any parts, although because the units are designed to allow easy customer installation of replacement components if ever required, a long operational life should be guaranteed.

The units offer very clear reflections of under body vehicle frames and the brilliant illumination provides excellent viewing both in daylight and after dark conditions. Battery recharging is never a problem, with long life between charges.

The units are completely safe and trouble free to use easily by all security personnel. The extending handle bar makes whole underside vehicle inspection easy, and after use, the handle folds away and locks securely for easy carrying and storage of the unit.

These Illuminated Trolley Mirrors are much more robust than our previous search mirrors and the brightness of the lamp makes under vehicle inspections so much easier.

Key points highlighted by this client include:

  • Insight Security listened to their feedback and made changes to address their needs.
  • The trolley mirror units are robust enough to cope with continuous use in their demanding outdoor environment.
  • Constant daily use for over a year hasn’t resulted in any damage or need to replace any parts.
  • The mirror provides very clear under-vehicle images.
  • Bright illumination has meant that inspecting vehicles in various light conditions hasn’t been problematic.
  • Charging the battery is easy and a fully charged battery provides long usage time.
  • The telescopic handle makes the mirror easy and safe to use.

Futureproofing and Guarantee

Our all new Clearview under vehicle search and inspection mirror is designed and manufactured in the UK and comes with a 24 month warrantee (excluding the battery) as well as our no quibble guarantee.

When assessing the needs of those who rely on mirrors of this type we discovered that one of their major concerns was the potential need to replace the entire unit if it became damaged or worn-out. This is the only option for many alternative trolley mirror devices available today. So we designed our new unit to be futureproof by enabling users to replace various key components using only basic tools. Replacement parts available from Insight Security include: the Lithium Polymer battery and rapid charger, the polycarbonate mirror, the castors and the high power LED light bar (note: the unit will need to be returned to Insight Security for light bar replacement).

We are confident that our new Clearview Under Vehicle Search and Inspection Mirror is now setting the standard that others will endeavour to match.

If you have any questions about our new under vehicle search and inspection mirror, or if you have any special requirements, remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 5th January 2023

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