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Introducing the Big Boy Ultra-Tough Ground Anchor


The new BigBoy Heavy Duty Ground Anchor from Insight Security will accommodate security chains of all sizes up to and including our Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold 19mm Protector Security Chains, providing an ultra-tough lock point for Motorbikes, ATVs and other valuable equipment and making it every Bikers "Must Have" - the true Bikers Friend!

A good security ground anchor provides a safe locking point to chain your motorcycle or other equipment such as ATV, Caravan, etc., to, and when used with a high security chain and padlock, offers great protection against thieves.

There are many ground anchors on the market, some of which are very good, whilst others leave a lot to be desired.

There are basically two types available, those that are designed to bolt to an existing surface such as; a concrete floor, wall, etc., and those that are designed to be embedded into a concrete base to form the ultimate lock point.

Many of the existing ground anchors (and all of the existing flush fit units) take a maximum 11mm chain size (i.e. generally this is the maximum chain size that will fit through a 50mm round aperture), which means that even if the Anchor is Sold Secure Gold Motorcycle rated, there is no Motorcycle Gold rated chain to use with it, which is why we have developed the  “Big Boy”.

lifting BigBoy for use

Lifting the Anchor for use

The Big Boy is designed to embed into the ground and when not in use securing your bike, etc., drops down to fit flush with ground surface.

BigBoy used with 19mm Chain

BigBoy with 19mm Chain

It features a 70mm chain guide, which will accommodate our 13mm, 16mm and even 19mm, Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rated Protector Chains.

So you can be sure your bike (or anything else you chain to the Big Boy) will be safe.


The Big Boy Ultra-tough Security Ground Anchor is manufactured from Heavy duty steel box section and an 8mm steel top plate. Formed, cut and welded, the components pass through a long life galvanising process, before passing on to our painters who apply an attractive black, rugged, baked on paint finish to all surfaces which will remain visible once the anchor point is installed in the ground. 

The two main components of the unit are held together by a robust 16mm stainless steel retention bar which is totally inaccessible once the unit is installed and which also functions as part of the cross-brace anchor system within the concrete, providing maximum protection against any attempted removal of the ground anchor.   

The most likely form of attack for high security ground anchors is with an angle grinder. To protect against such attacks on the Big Boy, not only would the angle grinder have to fully cut through the thick steel walls of the inner telescopic tube and welded in 70mm chain guide, but it would also have to defeat the stainless steel internal roll bars, designed specifically to provide added protection against such an attack.

Thoughtful design and heavy-duty construction, means that you can even drive over the installed unit when it’s not in use securing your bike, caravan, etc., and you can be sure that your Big Boy investment will offer you great protection for your gear and years of reliable service.

To find out more about our BigBoy Heavy Duty Ground Anchor and how to secure your valuable motorcycle (or other valuables) give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.


This message was added on Tuesday 27th August 2019

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