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Introducing the New Pragmasis Protector 25mm Titan Chain


We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Pragmasis Protector 25mm Titan Chain, described as ‘the biggest and beefiest production security chain in the world.’ Read on to learn more.

While advances in material technology have led to the development of highly effective, portable, angle-grinder resistant D-locks high security chains still play a vital role in securing valuable motorcycles and other machinery. This new 25mm long-link high-security chain from Pragmasis weighs in at 11kg per metre so its not suitable for portable applications. But this is the chain you want either at home or in the workplace where you secure your motorbike, ATV, caravan or other valuables.

pragmasis titan 25mm chain
Pragmasis 25mm Titan High Security Chain


Pragmasis Protector 25mm Titan Chain - Sizes and Weights

This chain is extremely heavy duty making it suitable for the most arduous security applications. As noted the chain weighs approximately 11kg per metre and is available from stock in three length options: 1.3, 1.8 and 2.4m. The 1.3m chain weighs in at 14.3kg, the 1.8m chain weighs 19.8 kg and the 2.4m chain has a mighty weight of 26.4kg. And when considering weights its important not to overlook the additional weight of the padlock, covered below.

This is a long-link chain enabling the chain-ends to be interlocked and secured with a suitable padlock. Its manufactured from high quality European Boron Steel bar that’s guaranteed to be impossible to bolt-crop by hand - even with 42 inch bolt croppers.

When considering this high-security chain its vitally important to make certain the chain dimensions work with the apertures through which the chain will be threaded.

chain link and aperture guide
Chain Link Size and Aperture Guide


  • L 185mm (internal length: 135mm)
  • W 92mm (internal width: 40mm)
  • D 25mm (Link Diameter)

Chain links are protected with a black electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish that provides weather-proofing and ensures long-life. And the chain is enclosed in a protective sleeve that helps minimise the risk of bumps and scratches. The protective sleeve adds around 5mm to the overall chain link width making the minimum aperture size for this chain 100mm. This is important when considering ground anchors that will work with the chain.

Padlocks for the New 25mm Titan Chain

The all-new Pragmasis 25mm Titan Chain is available on its own or bundled with the Squire Stronghold SS80CS-XLN ultra heavy duty padlock. This excellent padlock is basically the widely acclaimed Squire CEN 6 rated SS80CS padlock but specially modified in manufacture to cope with the 25mm Titan chain.

titan chain and padlock bundle
Titan Chain and Squire Padlock Bundle

As previously mentioned, its not only important to consider the weight of the hefty chain, its also important to be aware of the padlock weight. The Squire Stronghold SS80CS-XLN ultra heavy duty padlock weighs in at 2.1 kg so in combination with the 2.4m chain the combined weight would be around 28.5kg.

The Squire SS80CS-XLN padlock features a 16mm hardened boron steel closed shackle that can withstand a tensile force of 16-20 tonnes. The shackle is protected and shrouded by the raised shoulders of the 80mm hardened steel padlock body. Its the ultimate padlock for high security applications such as securing military sites, factory gates and building sites. And when used in combination with the new 25mm Titan Chain and a suitable ground anchor it provides the highest available level of security for mobile valuables such as motorbikes, caravans, boats, plant machinery and ATVs.

squire ss80cs padlock
Squire SS80CS-XLN Padlock

The Squire SS80CS-XLN padlock is supplied as standard by Insight Security with a Restricted Key, avoiding the normal charge incurred when upgrading from a standard key. The option to upgrade to “Protected Key” is also offered. Both of these padlock keying options can also be supplied with keyed alike cylinders for people buying multiple padlocks.

Another excellent padlock that works with the new Pragmasis 25mm Titan Chain is the Squire SS100CS CEN6 approved padlock with twin lock cylinders. This is an even heavier padlock with the closed shackle version weighing 4.3kg and the open shackle version weighing in at 4.0kg.

Suitable Ground Anchors for the New 25mm Titan Chain

As noted, the substantial dimensions of the new 25mm Pragmasis Titan Chain means there aren’t many ground anchors that offer adequate apertures.

sub major concrete in ground anchor
Sub Major Ground Anchor - Concrete In

One option is the Sub Major Security U Anchor that’s achieved Sold Secure Diamond accreditation, the first to have ever met this rigorous level of approval. This is a ‘concrete-in’ ground anchor manufactured from 4mm-6mm fully seam welded steel plate. The ground anchor design features a robustly reinforced bridge section and the special two stage corrosion treatment includes an electrophoretic pre-treatment and tough powder coat paint finish. It comes with protective push-fit plugs that prevent children’s feet from stepping into the chain aperture when not in use.

torc mega ground anchor
Torc Mega Ground Anchor is Big Enough for the Titan Chain

Another excellent ground anchor option that works with the new 25mm Titan Chain is the popular Pragmasis Torc Ground Anchor. Its important to know that the Torc Mega is the model required for use with the 25mm chain as the Torc Maxi isn’t large enough. This bolt-down ground anchor has achieved Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond approval.

Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Rating

We’ve previously highlighted Sold Secure Approval ratings and what they mean.  Importantly, products achieving Sold Secure Diamond approval have been found to exceed the level of protection offered by products achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. Sold Secure Diamond ratings are only allocated to specific products that offer the highest level of security.

Resistance to Attack

In independent tests it was confirmed that the new Pragmasis 25mm Titan Chain easily withstands attacks using the largest manual and hydraulic bolt-croppers. The sturdy Squire SS80CS-XLN padlock is also easily capable of withstanding this form of attack.

Another form of attack typically used by thieves involves bludgeoning padlocks and chains with a sledgehammer. This Pragmasis chain has been carefully case and through hardened to ensure its not brittle and can comfortably withstand this form of attack. The Squire SS80CS-XLN padlock has also been independently assessed and found to be excellent at withstanding this from of aggressive attack.

If you have any questions about high security chains, padlocks or ground anchors, or if you have any special requirements, remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 7th December 2023

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