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Key Management - mechanical plug-board system key tracker

Lost or misplaced keys cost businesses a fortune every year

- ever been unable to get your truck on the road as no one knows where the ignition keys are?  

 - ever tried demonstrating a car without the keys?

- ever been late showing a potential buyer or renter around one of your properties?

The Key Management - mechanical plug-board system is a practical solution that will allow you to quickly and easily spot where keys are missing ...and instantly identify who has taken them! 


Inserting the `Access Peg` in slot 22 has allowed the associated `Retention Peg`(with its attached keys) to be released


Keymanager - Mechanical Key Management & Key Control System

Keymanager is a proven key tracker and key control system which is a favourite with the garage and motor industry, vehicle fleet managers, police, estate agents, ...in fact anyone who needs an effective key control system.

The clever Keymanager plug-board system offers several major benefits:

  -Keys released to authorised users onlykey_plugboard_userlog1
  -Instant identification of non present keys ... and who has taken them!
  -Modular design allows the system to manage any number of keys from 25 upwards

pdf-icon  print friendly system overview (236kb)

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How does the system work?

For each key (or bunch of keys) to be stored, the plugboard features a pair of linked key management slots, the first being a key "Retention Peg" slot, the other being an "Access Peg" slot (the Access Peg is also sometimes referred to as the release peg).

Key Retention Pegs are numbered to match the numbered key slots on the board. Keys are secured to the Retention Peg with the special anti tamper seals provided and the Retention Peg locked into the board.








key slots are arranged in pairs around the centralised number - the Retention peg to the left of the number, the access peg to the right

keys are secured to the Key Retention Pegs with the plastic & wire security seals


keys are attached to the Retention Peg with a `write on` anti tamper security seal


Who`s got the keys?

Access Pegs are issued to each person authorised to remove keys from the board.

Details of who the uniquely identifiable (colour coded and numbered) Access Pegs are issued to, are recorded at time of issue.

As a key Retention Peg with its attached keys can only be removed from the board by inserting an Access Peg (which itself is automatically locked into the board until the keys are returned), it is always possible to identify who has any missing keys by identifying who the Access Peg was issued to.


click here for sample user log

pdf-icon   print friendly sample user log (222kb)


What do I need to order?

The wall mounted system offers a simple and practical solution for controlled key issue and key management. 

key_plugboard3For many customers, a simple wall mounted plugboard system in its robust stainless steel frame offers the ideal key issue and tracking solution.

Where key security is critical, the standard wall mount board can be installed within a robust, dual locking security cabinet, which is available as an optional extra.

Retention Pegs

Each board is supplied fully populated with key Retention Pegs (plus one security seal for each peg)

Access / Release Pegs

Access Pegs are supplied as standard in the ratio 1 Access Peg to each 5 Retention Pegs. i.e. 5 Access Pegs are supplied as standard with the 25 key plugboard system, 10 Access Pegs for the 50 key system, etc.

(additional / replacement:  `Retention Pegs` and `Access Pegs` are available for separate order as required). 

Because the system is modular, you can easily grow your system as your business need expands.

Add key management modules (25 keys per module) as required.

Optional Key Cabinet

A secure key cabinet to house the pegboard system is available as an optional extra as required.

This may be an insurance company specified requirement for certain types of application (i.e. motor dealer systems), or a practical measure where key security is a critical issue.


Cabinet Features include;

-robustly constructed from folded & welded steel sheet with attractive paint finish

-self closing door

-dual locking (key operated mortise lock, plus digital combination lock)

Optional Plinth for Cabinet

A floor standing plinth is available to provide a secure mount for the security cabinet where wall mounting is not an option.

Optional extras / replacement items 


Key Retention Pegs

choice of colours / numbering (white pegs standard)

choice of colours / numbering

(white pegs standard)

- Lost a Retention Peg? 

- no problem, we can supply replacement pegs to order 

prod ref  SK KEYTRRP1 -Retention Peg    

( pack of 1 )

prod ref  SK KEYTRRP10 -Retention Peg    

( pack of 10 )



Key Access Pegs

choice of colours / numbering

choice of colours / numbering

- A number of Key Access Pegs are supplied with your Keymanager system (in a ratio: 1 Access Peg per 5 Retention Pegs).

Additional / replacement numbered & colour coded pegs are available to order

prod ref  SK KEYTRAP1 -Access Peg    ( pack of 1 )

prod ref  SK KEYTRAP10 -Access Peg   (pack of 1 )



Anti Tamper Security Seals (write on)

choice of colours - can be customised with name / logo

Anti Tamper Security Seals (write on)
choice of colours - can be customised with name / logo
Security Seals
- Anti Tamper Security Seals are used to secure keys to the key retaining pegs. A replacement seal will be required each time that a key / keys attached to a retaining peg are changed 

prod ref  SK KEYTATS10 - Anti Tamper Security seals    ( pack of 1,000 )

prod ref  SK KEYTATS05 - Anti Tamper Security seals    ( pack of 500 )


Mirror Hangers

plate size: 125 x 175mm - can be customised with name / logo

Mirror Hangers
plate size: 125 x 175mm - can be customised with name / logo
Mirror Hangers 

- typically used by motor dealers for controlling the keys to their vehicles for sale. The numbered mirror hanger (which features the plugboard key number) clips onto the vehicles internal rear-view mirror.

prod ref  SK KEYMH - Mirror hangers (i.e. for motor dealer systems) - single hanger)


What Colours are Available?                            

click here for full colour chart       

pdf-icon    print friendly colour chart (271kb)

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