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leave a key safe - midi - storage for keys outside

There are times when you need to provide access to your home but you may not be there or perhaps just can`t get to the door to let someone in.

`Leave-a-Key` key safes are a proven and practical solution to the problem of leaving a key safely for others to use. They are used extensively by Local Authorities and other public sector organisations as well as by personal users.




Leave-a-Key key safe in use







Simple to install and operate - choice of models.


Which Leave-A-Key Key Safe is best for you?

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Which Leave-A-Key safe is best?   


Leave a Key Box Range

The robust metal housing with its weatherproof sleeve, bolts firmly to your house, keys are deposited and locked securely behind the removable keypad operated face panel.

To let authorised people into your home, all you have to do is tell them the code you have set - Simple and Convenient! 

Every day Leave-a-key, key safes are providing reliable access for Home Helps, Carers, Nurses, Paramedics, emergency services, etc

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  - No more Keys to manage or lose
  - Eliminates the need for Police forced entry
  - No need to arrange key-holders, etc.
  - Maintenance free

Features include:

  - All metal construction - durable & rustproof
  - Functions during power cuts
  - Quick change combination
  - Push button technology
  - Easy to install

Other products in the Insight key control and key management product range include:

Emergency Break Glass key boxes - these are ideal for leaving a key by fire doors or other emergency exits, where the key needs to be instantly available, but you need to deter thoughtless tampering with or removal of the key.

Key storage cabinets

- lockable central storage point for all your keys

Deep key cabinets

- ideal for storing bulky bunches of keys

High security / high capacity key safes

- heavy duty construction and multi-point locking for maximum protection for your keys

Mechanical key issue & control systems

- always know who`s got that key missing from your control board

Electronic key issue & tracking systems

- a complete key control system, these systems also provide a full audit trail of key movement and users


The Leave-A-Key range of key boxes offer an ideal solution for Home Help or Carer Access to the elderly who may not be able to get to the door to let them in.

They also offer a practical way to leave a key safely for your children if they have to come home to an empty house after school - avoids the need for them to carry keys to school (and risk losing them!).

And of course you`ll never lock yourself out of your house again!


See our "full range" of Leave-a-Key Key Safes and Emergency Key Boxes



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NOTE: Storage capacities shown are offered as a general guide only.

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