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Practical Low Cost Perimeter Security Ideas


Here at Insight Security we value practical, low-cost perimeter security products which are recognised as effective. Our team of security experts continuously test and evaluate products to ensure that everything we offer from our shop is extremely high quality and provides excellent security at affordable prices. Over the past 3 decades Insight Security has been instrumental in making invaluable perimeter security improvements at a vast range of premises including: schools, colleges, youth centres, public buildings, commercial premises, supermarkets, ministry of defence sites, police stations, farms and private homes. Based on our experience we know what works so here are some highly effective ways to significantly improve perimeter security on a budget. 


Assess Your Perimeter Security

Before diving in with some practical recommendations it’s always a good idea to start by assessing your existing perimeter security precautions, identify any weak points and note any specific concerns such as vandalism. In fact you should routinely re-assess the security of your perimeter at least once a year and whenever major changes occur such as fence replacement or damage. Here are some pages and articles from our website which you will find useful:

Warning Signage

perimeter security warning signs

Warning signs around a perimeter present an immediate deterrent to any would be intruder and they don’t cost very much. In many circumstances it’s essential to present warning signs to advise any would-be intruder that anti-climb paint has been used or maybe anti-climb spikes or an anti-climb barrier have been installed. Warning signs telling people that CCTV cameras are installed can also be highly effective, regardless of whether any cameras are actually in place.

Anti Climb Paint

anti climb paint

Anti climb paint is one of our favourite anti-climb products because it’s highly effective, doesn’t cause any harm to people or animals, is easily applied and very low cost. We’ve previously answered the commonly asked question: What is Anti Climb Paint. The main attribute of the petroleum-gel based paint is that it never sets hard and remains slippery. It’s this slipperiness that makes surfaces to which it’s applied difficult to climb and grip. In combination with some appropriate warning signs, anti-climb paint presents a formidable barrier that’s effectively employed in a wide range of situations.

Downpipe Covers

downpipe cover

In many urban situations the exterior walls of a building form the property perimeter. These walls will often support drainage downpipes, carrying rainwater from rooftop gutters to the main drainage system. These downpipes are often used by intruders as effective ladders, enabling them to scale walls and gain access to upper storey windows. Preventing opportunist intruders from using downpipes as ladders significantly improves perimeter security on many buildings.

This can be easily and cost-effectively achieved using inexpensive anti-climb downpipe covers. These galvanised metal pipe covers not only prevent thieves from using pipework to scale property walls, they also act as protection against vandalism and damage. What’s more, they look great!

anti climb drainpipe cover

The efficacy of our downpipe covers is demonstrated by their widespread use in environments where high levels of security are essential, including: mental health institutions, police stations, prisons and local authority premises. 

If you have any questions about realistic, practical property and perimeter security measures remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll give you some free, expert advice.


This message was added on Thursday 23rd January 2020

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