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Loxout Door Limiter

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Sold Secure Door Limiter – the robust solution to forced entry and much more.



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Loxout Door Limiter SKU Number - DSL10000

What is Loxout?

The Loxout Door Limiter is a revolutionary new door restrictor device, designed to limit the opening of a door to protect against forced entry by intruders, or to prevent the exit of at-risk residents, toddlers or others.

Developed and tested over many years, the product is now patented and has achieved a security device Sold Secure status.

Why is Loxout the Right Door Limiter For You?

Loxout Limiter devices are subject to rigorous testing by Sold Secure, the  premier testing and certification house for security products and also police approval under the secured by design scheme.

Until now, low level security as offered by the conventional door security chain, has been the available product of choice for many people looking for extra protection at the door. However, the Loxout Door Limiter is a far more robust and reliable product, having achieved Sold Secure Bronze accreditation.

So whether you want a product to prevent doorstep scammers, distraction burglars or anyone else from barging in to your house, or you need to prevent vulnerable people from leaving the building whilst temporarily unsupervised, Loxout provides a safe and reliable solution.

Who Needs Loxout?

The best way to identify who needs it, is to look at the reasons for installing it.

Keeping unwelcome people out

Every year, there are thousands of reports of cold callers barging into peoples homes and causing injury and mayhem. It may be a bogus meter reader or distraction burglar intent on stealing cash or valuables, an ex-partner intent on domestic violence or any one of many other types of visitor or reason.

Loxout offers a safe and reliable solution, being designed to foil attempts to force entry and so protect the elderly, vulnerable, or anyone living alone, among others.

Preventing people from leaving the building

Consider the risks faced by a toddler, child, elderly family member with dementia, or any other vulnerable person, slipping out of a building while temporarily unsupervised. Obviously there would be a physical risk to the person slipping away, but just imagine the panic and confusion that would arise when the absence is noticed.

The Loxout device was designed originally for use on the external doors of a building, but can also be installed on internal doors in locations where it would be useful.

Apart from offering peace of mind and protection to homeowners, this makes Loxout a simple, must have solution, to aid in controlling the movement of vulnerable people in care homes, a childrens creche and many other environments.

Where Not to Use Loxout

Operation of Loxout requires access to the Enable / Disable lever on the Mechanism component mounted immediately above the door. This is typically within easy reach of adults, however may present a problem for anyone confined to a wheelchair or suffering from any other form of condition that may impair their movement.

How Loxout Works

Loxout is a two part device that is quick and easy to install and simple to use.

The Safety Stud component is screwed to the inside of the door with the supplied screws, being positioned level with the top edge of the door. The Loxout Mechanism component is attached to the door frame, immediately above the position of the Safety Stud.

When enabled, the door will open until the preset limit is reached, i.e. allowing just a 5 or 6 inch (125-150mm) gap at the opening edge of the door, enough to view and hold a conversation with the visitor outside, but not a large enough gap to allow anyone to squeeze in or out through.

If you choose to let the visitor in, simply move the lever on the Loxout Mechanism to release the locking tongue from the Safety Stud and the door can be opened fully.

You can easily disable the unit to allow unrestricted use of the door at any time, by simply moving the release lever into the disabled position, so you are always in full control.

Choosing the Correct Door Limiter

The Loxout limiter only works on inward opening doors and there are two models to choose from, one for left side hinged doors and one for right side hinged doors.

It is very easy to work out which type you need, simply stand on the inside of the door that you want to install Loxout on and look at the door. If the door hinge is on the left hand side of the door, you need a Left Hand Limiter, if the hinge is on the right hand edge of the door, you need a Right Hand Limiter.

Loxout Door Limiter Installation

You choose how much you want to allow the door to open before it is stopped by the limiter and install your Loxout Limiter in the position to achieve that result.

If you are worried about toddlers getting through the gap of the open door, you may want to set the door to be restricted at a position where the open gap is no more than 4 or 5 inches (100-125mm). Whatever size gap you decide on however, during the installation you can position your Loxout at the appropriate horizontal position along the top of the door to achieve the result you want.

Once you have decided where to position your Loxout, installation is quick and easy with each of the two components being fixed in position with just 4 screws. A competent handyman or tradesman should be able to install the product in just a few minutes.

The Safety Stud component, which is never subjected to any shear or tensile force, is fixed with 4 short self tapping screws, for each of which ideally a 3mm pilot hole would be drilled.

The Mechanism unit is held in place by 4 flanged head multi-purpose screws, suitable for installation into wood or UPVC frames. These screws will take the bulk of the force of any attempted forced entry, so have an operational fixing depth of 55mm into the door frame. It is important therefore to check that the depth of the door frame is deeper than 55mm, or the screw points may protrude through the outer face.

The screws are installed through the Plastic Cup and Cap units included with the fixing kit, which conceal the screw heads and provide an attractive finish for the Loxout installation.

How Many Loxout Door Limiters Do You Need?

That will depend on the nature of your building, but for a typical home for instance, we would recommend one for the main front door, and another for the back door, because many distraction burglaries occur while a visitor holds a conversation with someone at the front door, while a partner in crime enters the building from the rear.



Installed correctly, Loxout should provide many years of maintenance free service and peace of mind. Neither the manufacturer or the distributor can be held responsible for any damage to the door, door frame or warranty arising from the installation of Loxout.


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Nikita Salisbury

Amazing product worth every penny to feel safe at home!

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