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lpg-FLOOP parking posts stop people stealing your parking space

FLOOP - the fold down parking posts that

 floop_fold_down_parking_postStop people stealing

your Parking Spaces!

Whether it`s unauthorised vehicles parking on your car space or driveway at home,

...or people pinching your parking spaces in the office car park,

you could be forgiven for being annoyed

- after all its you who`ll be getting a rocket for being late for that meeting!  

What is a FLOOP?

tm-floop-p1A FLOOP is a special type of  lockable fold down parking post which is designed to prevent unauthorised vehicles from parking in Your Parking Space.

The clever three leg design, makes the FLOOP less vulnerable to being accidentally dislodged from its fixings than the more conventional style of fold down parking post, where all the fixings (normally only 2 or 3 bolts) are located closer together.



How does it work?

When you get to your parking space, just hop out the car, unlock the FLOOP and with it in the folded down position - simply drive into your tm-floop-withredcarspace.

If you raise the FLOOP before walking away from your car, it will also act as a deterrent to car thieves.

When you drive out of your parking space, just raise the FLOOP again, it automatically locks in the upright position, ...so you can be sure that when you next return, your parking space will be empty and ready for you to use.


What lock options are there?

There`s a lock built into the telescopic rear leg (supplied as standard with 3 keys), so there`s no padlock to lose

tm-floop-lock-detail...and because you only need your key to operate the lock when you want to fold the FLOOP down, the lock is always at a convenient height when you need to use it, so you won`t have to scrabble around on the floor to lock or unlock it.

If you`re installing several FLOOPs, you may prefer the locks to be "Keyed Alike" which means all the keys are the same, so any of the keys will operate any of the locks on your FLOOPs (this convenient option simplifies key management).



How is the FLOOP fixed?

The standard fixing pack supplied with each FLOOP, includes; a 150mm  "U" bolt (threaded at both ends) with nuts and washers, for each of the three fixing points (legs) of the FLOOP.

tm-floop-stdfixYou`ll need to make a small excavation at each fixing point, which will be filled with concrete, into which the "U" part of the bolt will be embedded. When the concrete has set, the FLOOP will be fixed to the protruding threaded bolt ends using the nuts and washers provided

Each installation pack also includes 2 x Red Reflector Bands to increase night time visibility of the FLOOP so drivers don`t accidentally drive into it. To apply these, simply peel off the backing paper and wrap the reflective strips around the top of the FLOOP tube when the general installation work is complete (as shown in the pictures above).

... as an alternative, there`s also an Optional "Fast-Fix Chemical Resin & Stud" fixing pack available

tm-chemfix6Using the Fast Fix installation pack is easy, simply drill 6 fixing holes, pump the chemical resin into each hole and drop in one of the supplied threaded studs.

The rapid cure resin, sets quickly, so you could be tightening the nuts on your fixing studs in as little as 30-60 minutes and although it may take longer for the chemical resin to set in colder weather, it should still be possible to complete installation within a working day  - making this a popular choice for busy installers!



What are the dimensions of the FLOOP?

 tm-floop-dimensions     Overall width:    850mm

      Overall height:  455mm (when in raised position)

      Recommended dimensions of the concrete fixing points:

      H-160 x W-150 x D-250mm  (approx; 6.5" x 6" x 10")

      Diameter of FLOOP Tube section;  50mm

Buy with confidence - 100% `Total Satisfaction` Money Back GUARANTEE

If you are not completely delighted with your FLOOP when it arrives, simply return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price.

We operate a "No Quibble Returns Policy" because  Total Customer Satisfaction ...is our No.1 Priority

...how can we afford to do this?

that`s simple; because we only sell tried and tested, quality products, which do what we say they do

- our customers are never disappointed so returns are a rarity!

So... In summary

FLOOPs - offer a brilliantly simple and cost effective solution to the age old problem of unauthorised parking in your space!

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