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Mailpro - Internal Use - Slim Anti Arson Mailbox, with 1xALF300 ext. (FE25) - White Finish

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Mailpro - Internal Use - Slim Anti Arson Mailbox, with 1xALF300 ext. (FE25) - White Finish SKU Number - CSM01011

The Mailpro `Slimline` anti arson mailbox (also known as an anti arson letterbox), offers a generous collection space yet is slim enough to allow its installation even on the majority of doors that open back against an internal wall.

  -  Stop fireworks or arson attacks through your letterbox

  -  Saves bending down to collect your delivered mail from the floor

  -  Eliminate fishing attacks through your letterbox - so your car keys, etc, are safe

  -  Keeps your mail safe - and PRIVATE!

The generous mail collection slot which fits over the inside of the letterbox on your street door, accommodates even bulky items posted through your door, such as directories or C4 padded envelopes, which drop fully into the internal collection chamber.

Your mail is stored safely in the box until you unlock the easy access mail retrieval door and remove it, so you won`t find mail going missing and your mail is also protected against prying eyes!

This mailbox is fitted with a single special "ALF" fire extinguishers, which instantly activate when burning material is posted through the letterbox, extinguishing the fire in seconds before it has a chance to gain a foothold.

As an option a second ALF extinguisher can be fitted for extra protection - when a second ALF extinguisher is present, typically the extinguisher closest to the flame will rupture and kill the fire, leaving the second equinguisher available to tackle a secondary attack (police statistics indicate 70% risk of a secondary arson attack where the first attempt fails - before a response unit arrives at the site).

Unlike conventional extinguishers, ALF extinguishers are sealed for life and carry a manufacturers 5 year warranty (in tests however ALF extinguishers have proven to be effective, even on units which are over 10 years old!)  

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What our customers say ...

 “I have received and installed the Mailpro Internal use Anti Arson Mailbox which will prevent people fishing about in my letterbox”. Dr Christopher M of Manchester. (5796)



Manufactured in the UK from folded and welded heavy gauge sheet steel.

The lower section of the box features fully welded seams to contain any liquids deposited into the box. 

The brilliant white, baked on powder coat paint finish, provides a durable and easy wipe clean surface.



The lockable, large mail retrieval door, provides easy access to your mail, whilst the camlock type integral door lock (supplied with 2 keys as standard), keeps your mail safe until you collect it.


Dimensions & Weight:

Overall dimensions (H x W x D):  500 x 300 x 100mm

Capacity 15 litres

weight:   5.8 kg


Fire Detection & Extinguisher:

This unit is fitted with a single ALF unit (Automatic Linear Fire-detector/extinguisher) which will detect and extinguish a fire in seconds - before it can gain a foothold and spread.

as an option, a secondary ALF extinguisher unit can be installed

Why fit a second extinguisher? - Police statistics indicate that arsonists typically remain in the area to see the fire start and should their first attempt fail, in around 70% of cases they will make a second attempt before police or emergency services reach the premises! 


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Dave Hammond ,DH Fire precauti

very good use them all the time and good prices

Nick B

The mailpro was so easy to mount and use! The quality of the materials used is superior. The only issue is the door on the front of the mailpro where you retrieve the mail rattles which I just added rubber stops to stop that. The most important was the awesome customer service received from insight! Ordering from the United States I received the mailpro quickly and without issue!

Dr Christopher M (Manchester)

I have received and installed the Mailpro Internal use Anti Arson Mailbox which will prevent people fishing about in my letterbox (5796)

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