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Making Your Home Safe for Children


Parents and carers will understand and appreciate the need to make homes safe for growing children. Our adult-friendly homes may be great for grown ups but there are often many potential hazards for youngsters. In this post we examine two well known areas of risk and how to make them safe: electrical power outlets and doors.

As children grow they become increasingly inquisitive and adventurous. At the same time, their experience of the world around them is very limited as they haven’t yet learned about the risks that surround them. Parents and carers have enormous responsibility to not only provide continuous supervision but to also ensure that home environments are as safe as possible.

Electrical Socket Safety

Electrical outlet sockets in most homes are an immediate attraction for inquisitive toddlers. Generally located close to floor level, young children will often find them irresistible, especially when they have been told not to touch them. And unfortunately, the holes in 3 pin electrical outlets are about the right size for inquisitive little fingers to investigate.

Luckily, our electrical outlet sockets include guards on the live and neutral power carrying connectors which are opened by the earth pin of an inserted 3 pin plug. But not all sockets have these guards and they can easily break. Also, if something else is inserted into the earth pin socket it opens up the guards on the live and neutral connectors.

Another common risk associated with small children and electrical power outlets is that they will sometimes switch them off. Toddlers tend to copy whatever they have seen adults do so they quickly learn how to flick a switch. In the kitchen this can result in refrigerators or freezers being turned off or they might turn off the power to computer systems during a vital updates or data transfers.

How to Protect Electrical Power Outlets

Our range of SocketPro electric socket covers provide essential safety and protection for tiny toddler fingers. With these covers in place children are no longer able to insert their fingers or anything else into the power outlets.

electric socket cover
Electric Socket Covers and Switch Covers

These socket covers also prevent equipment being turned off and plugs being removed from sockets. They avoid the risk that vital equipment might be switched off by naughty little fingers and prevent accidental or unthinking removal of plugs from their sockets.

Another important attribute is that SocketPro covers are splash proof and provide protection against dirt and debris making them ideal for use in kitchens, pubs and around food preparation areas. They also provide a valuable layer of protection that helps prevent accidental contact damage to electrical sockets and plugs.

Importantly, these covers are extremely easy to install and don’t require the existing power outlet socket to be removed or tampered with in any way. The covers simply clip over the existing double or single socket outlet without any need to touch electrical wiring.

While the standard single and double electric socket covers feature childproof, hinged clip-lids we also offer a double socket cover featuring a lockable lid. This prevents access to the electrical sockets or the inserted plugs without permission. This feature has been found to be particularly useful for people living at home while suffering from dementia as it prevents the power from being turned off to essential remote monitoring systems although it must be noted that these covers will comfortably accommodate standard 13A plugs but will not cover larger plug assemblies such as those with inbuild transformers.

It should be noted that our SocketPro covers are not only great for protecting power outlet sockets, they can also be used to cover light switches. This provides protection against accidental damage and prevents switches from being inadvertently turned off or on.

The SocketPro electrical safety system was designed and developed here at Insight Security so we are immensely proud of the protection these low cost covers are providing. Here is just some of the feedback we have received.

“Excellent safety product.”

“I purchased this lockable safety cover for a double 13amp socket for a slightly unusual prevent an elderly relation with advanced dementia from using the microwave, whilst allowing her carers to access the device. So far, this is working very well indeed and appears to have solved our problem. The locking lid was delivered the next day so I am delighted with botht he product and the service provided.”

“The Socket Pro Safety Covers for double gang sockets are absolutely great as a safety application”

“Exactly what we needed and super speedy delivery..”

“Socket pro safety cover for switch. Just what we needed to stop the children from pressing the door release switch. Insight were amazing, the delivery was speedy and the updates above and beyond. Will definitely use Insight Security again in the future and will recommend.”

“Very Good it works so well and very good protection for Socket access”

Door Hinge Safety

Doors, especially the hinge cavity, present significant risk to small children. If a child traps a finger in between the hinge stile of a door and the door jam there is risk of significant injury and a lot of pain. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has reported that around 30,000 children trap their fingers in doors each year and more than 1,500 of them need surgery. The injuries incurred can result in lifelong disabilities.

Our finger protector strips have been designed specifically to prevent these injuries. These commercial grade finger guard strips are available in white, Beech effect, Mahogany effect or charcoal colour, to match the door decor. And they are incredibly easy to install by simply peeling off the backing and sticking them in place. They provide a fast and reliable way to prevent children, old people and others from experiencing painful finger injuries due to getting their digits trapped in door hinge cavities.

finger protector strip
Finger Protector Strip

These finger guard protection strips are widely deployed in schools, nurseries, care homes and many public buildings including museums and art galleries. They are also becoming increasingly used in safety conscious restaurants, burger bars and other fast food outlets as well as a variety of business premises where injury prevention is prioritised.

Here’s some of the customer feedback we’ve received from people who are using our finger protector strips.

“Very pleased with simple to use web site and prompt delivery of well packaged goods. We ordered 16 Commercial Grade White Finger Protectors for our school and will use Insight again I`m sure.”

“The Finger Protector Strips are up and running.”

“Have received the Finger Protectors. They were very easy to fit and I particularly liked the beech colour.”

It should be noted that there are a variety of finger protection systems on the market but our finger protector strips are the only ones recommended by the Children’s Charter Organisation. 

Click here and view the video in which our finger protector strips are rigorously tested and described as “totally fit for purpose” and fully compliant with all building and fire safety regulations. And you might like to click here to read a review of our finger protector strips and see some images showing how they are fitted.

If you have any questions about home safety or security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 16th September 2021


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