Metal Detectors

Now you can instantly and easily identify anyone carries concealed; guns or knives, metallic objet d`art or precious metals, foil wrapped drugs, etc., with this great range of security metal detectors ...and with our detectors priced from under £80, you can afford to.

Whether you need a walk through metal detector arch type unit (sometimes called a knife arch), of the type used at airports for rapid screening of long queues of people, or a simple, easy to use hand held metal detector scanner wand, you`ll find a suitable unit among our carefully selected security scanner range ...and our friendly staff will be happy to advise on the best option for your needs

From airport style metal detector "Search Arches" like the Garrett PD6500i walkthrough unit, to our rapid scan `Hand Held Wands` or the innovative `Sensor Mitts / Gloves`, our range covers your every security need.

When choosing your metal detector, here are a couple of things to remember: the greater the sensitivity of the sensor unit(s) built into the detector:-

- the smaller the metal object it will register

- the greater the distance between the detector and target object that it will detect metal objects at

- the quicker the detector can be moved over the area to be scanned, thus speeding up the scanning process.








If you want a metal detector that will last more than a few days and will offer reliable performance in use, you`ll be glad to know we don`t sell inferior, blatant copies of genuine professional units.

The government initiative for use of knife arch metal detectors at schools in major UK cities to help crack down on pupils carrying knives to school will put pressure on school managers to install such units.

Choosing the right unit however will be critical for operational success, which is why the professional advisors at Insight Security will be pleased to offer practical advice on the most suitable type of unit for your school and their operational use.


With a throughput of up to 60 persons per minute, the Garrett PD G6500i walkthrough metal detector shown above, is the ideal choice for rapid, foolproof scanning of larger numbers of people

The image below shows the units unique 33 zone target pinpointing system so you can instantly see where the weapon or target object is concealed. 




Who Uses Metal Detectors?

 - Airports

 - Train & Bus Stations

 - Schools

 - Top Hotels

 - Conference Centres

 - Concerts & Pop Gigs

 - Events

 - Football Clubs

 - Nightclubs

 - Public Buildings

    ...and lots more 

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