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Metal Detectors


With a low cost hand held metal detector wand available for under £50 there has never been a better time to equip yourself with what you need to easily identify anyone carrying concealed guns, knives, stolen metallic items, foil wrapped drugs and more. 

Early Metal Detectors

It`s interesting to note that the earliest recorded use of a security metal detector dates to around two thousand years ago. A Chinese Emporor used a doorway, constructed by his craftsmen using the magnetic material magnetite, to detect whether visitors were carrying concealed weapons.

Metal Detector Types

A metal detector is a device which detects the presence of nearby metal objects. It was in 1874 that Parisian inventor, Gustave Trouve, developed a device for locating and then extracting metal objects, such as bullets and shrapnel, from a patient`s body. It was discovered, in the 1920s, that ore-bearing rock would cause anomalies in radio transmissions. This discovery led to the development of the first patented, hand held metal detector which, although cumbersone, was remarkably effective. Metal detection underwent rapid military development during the second world war but, because this was a wartime military research project, the details of the technology remained secret for over 50 years.

Electronic development in the 1950s and 1960s and the introduction of the transistor supported significant technological advances. Metal detectors became far smaller, much less cumbersome and more practical. Various types of metal detectors are now in common use. Their designs and the technologies employed vary depending on the application. Here are some examples:

  • Archaeology. Metal detectors are extensively employed to locate metallic artifacts.
  • Geological research. Metal detectors are valuably used to determine whether rock and soil contains metals.
  • Treasure hunting. As used by metal detectorists hoping to uncover valuable hidden treasure and interesting artifacts.
  • Industry. Metal detection is widely used in a variety of industrial processes. For example, in food production, metal detection is used to ensure that food items are not contaminated with metal. Similarly, in garment manufacturing, items are scanned to make certain there are no broken needles or metallic objects in the items before they are packed.
  • Military. Metal detectors are extensively used in minesweeping and bomb disposal.
  • Medical. Handheld medical detectors are commonly used in medical applications to identify metallic objects in human bodies.
  • Civil engineering. In civil engineering specialised metal detectors are used to find the location of reiniforcement bars in walls and concrete.
  • Security. Metal detection technology is now widely used for security at airports, ferry terminals, events and even night clubs and schools. Security metal detectors take various forms including the familiar walk-through arch and the handheld metal detector wands. 

Security Metal Detectors

At Insight Security we supply only high quality, thoroughly tested security metal detectors. We offer: 

The UK government initiative, urging schools to introduce metal detector arches to help stop knife crime, has put some pressure on school administrators to implement effective metal detection systems. Choosing the right security metal detectors for your specific needs is critical for operational success, which is why the professional advisors at Insight Security will be pleased to offer practical advice on the most suitable solution for your school and also help you in their operational use.

When considering your metal detector choice, here is an important point to remember - 

The greater the sensitivity of the sensor unit(s) built into the detector:

  • - the smaller the metal object it will detect
  • - the greater the distance between the detector and target object that it will detect metal objects at
  • - the quicker the detector can be moved over the area to be scanned, thus speeding up the scanning process.





Garrett Metal Detectors

If you want a metal detector that will last more than a few days and will continue to provide totally reliable performance in use, you`ll be glad to know we don`t sell inferior, blatant copies of genuine professional units. For example, Garrett metal detectors are amongst the best available today and we stock some of their most popular models such as the Garrett PD6500i walkthrough metal detector arch and the Garrett Superwand high performance metal detector. As used in many mission critical applications around the world.

The image below shows the units unique 33 zone target pinpointing system so you can instantly see where the weapon or target object is concealed. 




Where are Security Metal Detectors Used?

Security metal detectors are now widely used almost anywhere that groups of people gather. Here`s a short list of typical locations:

  • Airports
  • Train Stations, Bus Stations and Ferry Terminals
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Top Hotels
  • Conference Centres
  • Concerts and Pop Gigs
  • Events, both indoor and outdoor
  • Football Clubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Public Buildings

Luckily the lower costs of modern security metal detectors means that implementing rigorous security in these situations can be achieved cost effectively. Also, modern metal detection technology is fast which means that people are not kept waiting.


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