Metal Detectors - Garrett PD6500i walk through metal detector

When you need to scan volumes of people quickly and efficiently for concealed weapons, or other metal objects...

... Walkthrough Security Metal Detectors ( Search Arches ) offer you the perfect solution.

A familiar feature at airports, some rail stations, top hotels, etc. Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMD) units offer a full head to toe scan area and so can detect metallic objects concealed on any part of the body on a single pass through. 

Comprising two vertical side panels plus a bolt on head panel, these mains powered units are simple to assemble and dismantle making them a practical option for static sites, for deployment at short term events such as pop concerts, or in fact anywhere else where large volumes of persons need to be processed quickly and effectively with minimum fuss.

metaldec1Garrett PD6500i - Search Arch

Designed to meet the latest and most demanding international regulatory standards for security metal detectors, this unit provides the ultimate in safety, throughput and reliability with preset programs to cover the most complete range of security applications currently available.  

The sensitivity of the versatile MD PD6500i can be set to pick up almost any metal object passing through it, ...or to minimise false alarms in queue situations, it can be set to pick up critical metal mass such as guns or knives, but to ignore smaller items such as keys - simply select the most appropriate preset operating program to meet your needs, or set up your own programme. 

Walkthru Arch - Detector

prod. ref. MD PD6500i

Internal Dimensions:(H x W x D) 2.0 x 0.76 x 0.58m

External Dimensions:(H x W x D) 2.2 x 0.9 x 0.58m

Weight:64 kg

Key Features;

- simple assembly using the four major components should take under 30 mins.

- IP55 rated weatherproof design

(operational temp; -20 C to +70 C)

- 33 distinct sensor zones (3 vertical x 11 horizontal) with corresponding LED alerts for accurate pinpointing of target object

- 16 independent programs designed for all installation-specific requirements (including TSA and EMD Specs. - see right for  `Approvals & Testing`)

- unmatched discrimination of harmless items such as coins, jewellery, keys, etc

- Mains operated - fully automatic 100-240VAC  (12 hour battery backup)

- built in traffic counter tracks number of patrons passing through the unit, number of alarms (and calculates percentage)

- multiple units can be used in close proximity

- 24 months manufacturers warranty

(note: specifictations are subject to change without prior notice)

Approvals & Testing


The MD PD6500i Arch type detector is Transportation Security Administration (TSA) qualified to meet the new detection requirements of its Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) specifications for walk through metal detectors. Approved for use in the most demanding environments such as UK and US airports, prisons & court environments.

All of our metal detectors meet or exceed all industry safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and conform to international directives `CE`

The Garrett PD6500i features a unique 33 zone target pinpointing system which instantly identifies the location of the detected weapon or other metallic object.

LED indicators on the exit side of the side panels illuminate to show the height of the object as well as indicating whether it is concealed on the left, right or centre section of the body.

Optional Extras:

 Adhesive feet - allows the unit to be bolted in place without permanent damage to floors

prod. ref. MD PD6500iF

Battery Backup - allows unit to operate during power failure or where mains power is not easily available

prod. ref. MD PD6500iB

Wheeled Dolly foot - allows easy movement of the unit between locations

prod. ref. MD PD6500iW

pdf-icon  Garrett PD6500i Product Spec (763kb)

pdf-icon  Using Hand Held Metal Detectors (110kb)

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