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Security has become increasingly important at events and around specific locations. Security metal detectors play an important part in ensuring people are safe by detecting concealed weapons such as guns or knives. They are also useful in detecting foil wrapped drugs and precious metals associated with jewellery or antiques theft.

Security Metal Detector Types

There are two primary types of security metal detector used in public:

  1. Hand held metal detectors or security wands.
  2. Walk through metal detectors or knife arches.

Walk through metal detectors are typically found at airports, but increasingly they are being used in a variety of locations including public buildings, sports grounds and even in some schools and colleges. If a walk through detector indicates that something metallic has been detected on a person then security personnel will often use a hand held metal detector or security wand to locate the item. Although some walk through metal detectors, such as the Garrett PD6500i, can pinpoint where the detected metal object is located, security professionals will normally use a security wand to confirm the exact location on a persons body.


Walk through metal detectors are essential when there is a need to screen a high number of people quickly, which is why they are used at airports. A single Metal Detector Arch is capable of screening up to 60 people per minute. That`s 3,600 per hour! But hand held security wands are a cost effective alternative when fewer people need to be screened.

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What Do Security Metal Detectors Detect?

Hijackings and terrorism have driven major changes in security procedures at airports, transport hubs and other venues. The horrendous 9/11 attacks in which terrorists were able to take over four passenger jets using nothing more than simple box cutters, demonstrated that although airport security at the time was tight, it clearly wasn’t tight enough.

Security metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects such as guns, knives and tools. If you have ever been through a metal detector arch, maybe at an airport or when entering certain public buildings, you will recall that you are asked to place all metal objects in a separate tray. If you have forgotten about your belt buckle, or maybe your wrist watch, then its likely that these will trigger an alarm, prompting the operator to scan your body with a hand-held metal detector to determine what set the alarm off.

The sensitivity of the best security metal detectors can be adjusted to avoid false alarms due to small metal objects such as jewellery or small change.

Randomising Searches

When there is a requirement to randomly select people or vehicles to be screened and searched it can be difficult for security staff to manually make truly random selections. There is always the possibility of being accused of bias or even prejudice. The simple way to avoid these issues is to use an electronic random search selector or random search generator. These valuable tools enable people, vehicles or even items such as baggage or products, to be randomly selected for special attention. 

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