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Mirror Information

We offer an extensive range of carefully selected, high-quality mirrors specifically designed and manufactured to support all manner of safety, security and inspection applications. Our rigorous product testing, appraisal and selection processes ensure that we have 100% confidence in all mirror products available from our store.


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How to Select the Right Mirror for Your Needs

We’re aware that our extensive selection of mirrors may cause some uncertainty when you are trying to find the right mirror to meet your specific needs. That’s why we are always happy to answer any questions and provide completely free, no obligations advice and guidance that will help you make the right choice. Just give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll be happy to help.

Here’s a simple step-by-step process that will help you make the right selection.

  1. Start by clarifying exactly what you want to achieve with your mirror(s).
    • Do you need to improve visibility at a driveway junction or to aid parking?
    • Are you looking for security mirrors for shops?
    • Do you need to install convex mirrors to improve safety in an institution or other establishment?
    • Are you seeking mirrors that will help when carrying out vehicle searches and inspections?
    • Do you need an inspection mirror to help with your work?
  2. Must your selected mirror(s) be unbreakable?
    • Glass mirrors are great for optics but are much more fragile than Acrylic and Polycarbonate mirrors.
  3. Must your selected mirror(s) have anti-vandal, damage resistant properties?
  4. What size and shape of mirror(s) do you need?
    • Safety and security mirrors are available in various sizes and shapes. Which is right for your application?
  5. Do you need anti-ligature features?
    • Safety mirrors for use in institutions, prisons and police cells are required not to present any potential ligature points.
  6. Do you need illumination capabilities attached to a search or inspection mirror?
    • Search and inspection mirrors with integral LED lighting are ideal for searching and inspecting in low light conditions, such as the underside of vehicles.
  7. Do you need a trolley mirror, mounted on wheels, for searching under automobiles?
  8. Do you need a search or inspection mirror with a telescopic, extendable handle?
  9. Is your selected safety or security mirror required to have a specific type or colour of mirror frame?
    • Various safety mirror frame colours are available including high visibility white and red striped frames providing high visibility at night time.
  10. When considering indoor convex safety and security mirrors (e.g. shop security mirrors), do you need quarter dome, half dome, ceiling dome or wall dome mirrors?
    • Quarter dome mirrors are sometimes called corner mirrors as they fit neatly into corners formed by two walls and a ceiling, providing improved visibility around corners.
    • Half dome convex mirrors are semi-circular mirrors specifically designed to fit between a wall and ceiling.
    • Full dome wall and ceiling convex mirrors are full 360 degree convex mirrors commonly used in shops, institutions, hospitals and wherever enhanced visibility improves safety and security.

Here’s an overview of our various mirror categories that will help you make the right selection.


Driveway Mirrors

Sometimes called parking mirrors, blind spot mirrors or site exit mirrors. These unbreakable mirrors are designed for outdoor use. They are typically positioned at the end of a driveway or at a site exit to eliminate blind spots and reduce the risk of accidents by providing the driver with a clear view of the approaching traffic on the road they will be joining. They are also commonly used to provide a low cost visual aid that helps drivers park vehicles safely in tight or visually restricted spaces, avoiding potentially costly bumps and scrapes.

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High Visibility Traffic Safety Mirrors

If you are a driver you will already be familiar with high visibility traffic safety mirrors which are typically located at busy or concealed road junctions, site entrances and other locations where improved road visibility is beneficial.

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Industrial Safety Mirrors

Industrial safety mirrors are widely used to improve safety in factories, warehouses and other commercial and industrial premises. These unbreakable mirrors feature high visibility black and yellow frames to draw attention to the mirror. Typical uses include avoiding collisions between fork lift trucks in busy warehouses and protecting personnel from vehicle collisions in goods yards and elsewhere.

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Security Mirrors for Shops

Retail security mirrors are a well known and widely respected way to deter shoplifters and improve in-store security. Low cost convex security mirrors for shops are easily installed and immediately improve visibility which helps ensure the safety of shop workers. They come in a wide range sizes, styles and shapes, suitable for all retail environments, providing a practical, cheaper alternative to CCTV.

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Institutional Mirrors

Security and safety mirrors for use in institutions, hospitals and prisons are required to be unbreakable, vandal proof and have anti-ligature design attributes. Prison inmates or patients in secure medical facilities are sometimes at risk of self harm so it’s imperative that risks are minimised. Our unbreakable, convex anti ligature mirrors are a safety aid for staff that don’t pose any risk to inmates or patients. Institutional safety mirrors provide a simple way for staff at such establishments to see around corners or into concealed areas, raising the overall level of safety and security.

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Search and Inspection Mirrors

We offer an extensive selection of search and inspection mirrors, ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Inspection mirrors are available in a range of design-styles and sizes. They are primarily intended to enable users to easily and efficiently view difficult to reach areas such as the topside or underside of automobiles, cramped spaces such as cargo areas and other hard-to-reach or see spaces such as high shelves or ceiling voids.

In recent years search mirrors have become standard pieces of equipment for the military, police forces, border security personnel and commercial security staff. They use various types of search mirrors to thoroughly inspect vehicles for explosive devices, drugs, contraband and stowaways. Search and inspection mirrors have become an essential tool in the fight against terrorism, people smuggling and organised crime.

The design of search and inspection mirrors is constantly evolving with new features being developed to meet increasingly stringent demands. Trolley type inspection mirrors are now commonly employed in under-vehicle searches as they enhance throughput, reduce operator fatigue and support rigorous, thorough search and inspection. Inspection mirrors with telescopic handles allow them to reach otherwise inaccessible spaces and can avoid the need for an operator to climb a ladder. To illuminate dark areas (such as the underside of cars and trucks) search mirrors fitted with integral bright LED lights are now available.

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Mirror Materials

If you want to know more about what mirrors are made of and the materials used in the manufacture of the mirrors we offer please follow this link to find out. 

Note:  Our Unbreakable Convex Safety & Security Mirrors represent the very latest in convex mirror technology. They are manufactured from a special unbreakable plastic material, offer crystal clear reflections and their thermal properties mean that they are less prone to frosting or condensation than other types of mirror.

Can`t see what you want or need advice to help you make the right choice?  

Please call our friendly team:  01273 475500 ...we`d love to help!


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