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Noose Chains - Protector 16mm and 13mm - Sold Secure Gold all Categories

Product code: PD CL1613NSE

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Save weight and money with these Protector High Security Noose Chains, at home or on the move.



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Noose Chains - Protector 16mm and 13mm - Sold Secure Gold all Categories SKU Number - CCP31600

What are Noose Chains

Noose Chains, also sometimes called Cinch Chains, have an over-size specially forged and hardened boron steel ring on one end, through which the other end of the chain can be threaded to form a closed loop without using a lock. The open end of the chain can then be used to make a loop at the other end of the chain, and a single lock can be used to secure it around an item to be protected.


Noose Security Chain ends compared    Noose Security Chain passing through forged end link

and here is an unsleeved Noose Chain demonstrating the closed loop end and padlocked loop at the leading end.

Unsleeved Noose Security Chain


Benefits of a High Security Noose Chain

A high security noose chain makes it possible to secure multiple items together, or to lock an item to a secure anchor point, using the shortest possible chain. The alternative would be to form a complete loop from a longer single chain and locking the two ends together.

Obviously, the shorter the chain, the lighter the weight, which can make a noose security chain the ideal carry-with-you security chain for travelling.

As all of the links on our noose chains (except the single oversize end link) are the long link type, the link at the open end of the chain will pass through any of the other links of the chain, (although you may need to slit the cover sleeve at the appropriate joining link in order to pass the leading link through).


Pragmasis Chains - Size Options and Finish

Our 16mm and 13mm Pragmasis Protector Chains can be supplied as sleeved noose chains with each size being available in a choice of lengths.

Noose Chains may have a bronze or black appearance as shown in the images above, depending on the finish used for each production batch. Both types of finish offer equally effective weather protection for the steel links and the finish colour of stock items as shipped could be either bronze or black. If you have a specific colour requirement please contact us to check availability before ordering.

Each of the Noose Chains are manufactured from high-grade European Boron steel, with specialist heat treatment and finishing processes undertaken in the United Kingdom to precise specifications making them case and through hardened.


Choice and Use of Noose Chains

Designed to be used with a high security padlock or D Lock, these chains become an effective and efficient Noose Chain Lock, offering maximum security and versatility.

They are generally most helpful where you are thinking of longer length chains, as it can allow you to use a single length to cover the majority of the distance, and locking-off the chain with relatively small loops at each end.

Noose chains less than 1.2 metres long for instance will offer limited benefit over a standard chain, but in longer lengths it can save a lot of chain. For example, if securing items that are 2.5 metres apart, the conventional approach would require a chain that is approximately 5.0 metres long, which would be getting both heavy and costly!

If it’s practical to loop one end of the chain around or through a robust ground anchor, then have a single thickness of chain covering the 2.5 metre distance, a 3.0 metre noose chain may well suffice, which will be much cheaper and lighter than a 5.0 metre length!



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Jason Ellis

Service at Insight is exemplary and the staff are fabulous. I probably should have got the 13mm chain rather than the 16mm as it’s difficult to thread between the spokes so I’m often tempted to leave it off. I think I should have selected the plated chain rather than the painted as this has chipped, however in the real world I doubt there will be any difference to the chain longevity. The noose chain obviously operates as a longer chain even better if you can put a D-Lock around the front wheel, or a single loop as the non-O end link will slip through any other link. The ideal combination for my Harley would be the noose chain and two round locks one to secure the bike to something and another for use as a disc lock to stop the bike being pushed away (slowly) as it’s too heavy to be carried. If you do this, which I somewhat stupidly, did not, get the round locks keyed alike!


Really good product, I used it to secure tool boxes to the wall. Would recommend.

Steve Green

Very pleased with my purchase and a quick delivery time. I bought the chain for our 2electric push bikes to secure to our campervan. I can pass this through the rear wheel and secure both bikes together. Job done

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