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Noose Security Chains Save Weight


High security chains present formidable obstacles to criminals who might want to steal your motorbike, bicycle or other valuable items. But the need to loop a heavy duty, high security chain around both the secured item and an immovable anchor point means there’s a lot of heavy chain involved. Noose security chains overcome this limitation, making the amount of chain required to achieve security much less and therefore much lighter.

What are Noose Security Chains?

Noose chains feature an oversized hardened boron steel link at just one end of the chain. This type of security chain is often called a cinch chain as the design allows the chain to be passed through this specially sized end link and cinched around a fixed anchor point, such as a lamp post or another piece of immovable street furniture. This avoids the need to use a lock at this end of the chain and minimises the amount of chain needed to securely anchor a valuable item in place.

protector noose chain sleeved
Protector Noose Security Chain - Sleeved

The other end of the chain can then be used to secure the motorbike, scooter, pushbike or other valuable. The chain might be wrapped around the vehicle frame or passed through spoked wheels and secured at this end with a D-lock or high security padlock.

Noose Chain Advantages

The big advantage provided by noose chains is that they offer the same level of security as much longer chains at a far lower cost and with much less weight involved.

Consider a situation where a motorbike needs to be securely attached to an anchor point that is 2.5 metres away from the bike. Using a standard high security chain would require a chain length of at least 5 metres. A 13mm Protector high security chain weighs around 2.9kg per metre so a 5m 13mm Protector chain would weigh-in at around 14.5kg.

Now consider the same situation but using a 13mm Protector Noose Chain as an alternative. Depending on the anchor point to which the chain is affixed, around 4 to 6 chain links would be used to form the loop around a lamp post or railing. Then 2.5m of chain is required to attach the motorbike along with a high security padlock or D-lock at the bike end. All in all a 13mm Protector Noose Chain of around 3m in length would provide the same level of security and weigh-in at around only 8.7kg which is clearly a lot lighter and therefore more manageable than 14.5kg.

Also, as noted, the cost of a 5m high security chain is notably higher than the cost of a 3m noose chain.

How to Use Noose Chains

As noted, the noose end of a versatile noose security chain might typically be looped around a fixed anchor point such as a lamp post or another piece of immovable street furniture or an anchor point. The other end of the chain can then be used to secure the item of value by threading the chain through the rear wheel of a motorbike, for example, and the frame. The end link of the chain might then be passed through another chain link to form a loop at this end and secured using a high security padlock or D-lock. When using a sleeved chain a slit might be cut in the sleeve to allow the end link to be passed through a chain link where needed.

Alternatively, a D-lock might be used to form another cinch loop at this end of the chain. It should be noted that forming a loop like this allows the cinch to be loosened so the technique shouldn’t be used if this is a security risk.

noose chain securing multiple items
Securing Multiple Items with a Protector Noose Security Chain

Noose chains provide a cost effective way to easily secure multiple items such as valuable power tools and machinery by threading the chain through each item and securely attaching to an immovable anchor point.

Which Noose Security Chain?

Noose security chains are available with either 13mm or 16mm chain links. 16mm Protector chains offer higher security than 13mm chains but they are far heavier and therefore not so easy to carry. While Protector 13mm chains weigh around 2.9kg per metre 16mm Protector chains are a hefty 4.5kg per metre.

noose chain end link looped
Noose Chain End Link

If a high security chain is to be carried then its important to select the optimum length. 13mm Protector Noose Chains are available in lengths from 1.2m up to 3m while 16mm Protector Noose Chains are available from 2m to 3m.

Protector Noose Chains are weatherproofed for long life and available with sleeves to protect paintwork.

If you have any questions about high security chains or motorbike security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 15th July 2021

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