Outdoor Key Safe

outdoor key safe - midi boxWhat is an Outdoor Key Safe ?

An Outdoor Key Safe is basically a combination lock controlled secure key box, in which a key(s) can be stored and accessed by trusted users who have been given the secret access code.

The key box is normally manufactured from steel or some form of metal alloy and many models are either designed to be weatherproof or are supplied with a weather resistant cover.


Why would I need an outdoor key safe ?

There are many reasons that you might need one, ranging from allowing someone to enter your home (such as a cleaner or other trusted tradesperson) when there is no one there to let them in, to leaving a key for your children - for when they come home from school (or a nightclub!). Here are a couple more examples of popular uses;

A boon for the elderly - many people buy an outdoor key safe to install at the home of an elderly friend or relative, to provide carers or health visitors with guaranteed easy access should the elderly person not be able to answer the door when they arrive.

An outdoor key safe also provides a simple way to leave a key safely for paying guests or cleaners at a holiday home or rental property, where arrival time or physical distance may make it difficult or inconvenient for you to meet the guests when they arrive.

If you keep an emergency key in your key box, It could even safe your blushes when you accidentally lock yourself out or the wind slams your door on your when you step out to pick up your milk or newspaper – no more breaking windows or climbing drainpipes to get back in!

Whatever your reason for using one, there is absolutely no doubt that a low cost outdoor key safe is a much more secure way to leave a key, than hiding it under a plant pot or mat by your front door!


Are there different types of outdoor key safe ?

There are several models available, offering a choice of storage capacity and level of security.

Most models are basically a steel box that is securely bolted or screwed to an outdoor wall, although there are some models that are designed with a padlock style fitting which allows the key box to be temporarily secured to a metal gate or to a secure bracket type fixing point.

Some units are designed to store just one key, where as others have a larger internal storage area which can accommodate multiple keys or even credit card size access control cards.

An outdoor key safe will operate from a mechanical combination lock which may feature a digital keypad or tumbler style controls.

In all cases the secret combination code can be reset by the user when the key box is open, so you can set the combination to a code that you choose and can change it as often as you like. It is recommended that the code is changed from time to time and obviously, if you think your existing code has been compromised, you should set a new code immediately to prevent misuse.

Those units with a digital keypad will normally allow you to set as many or as few digits in your code as you choose, while the number of digits in your secret code will be determined in those with a tumbler type mechanism by the number of tumbler wheels.


Where should I install my outdoor key safe ?

Typically you'll install it on an outside wall in an area that is easy to access, but ideally not easily seen by or obvious to people passing by on a public street.

You also need to consider if the chosen location will allow the unit to be easily operated when it's dark outside. Is there a streetlight or possibly an automatic security light that will come on and provide enough light to let the user operate the combination lock?


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