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About Insight Security best value security solutions for commercial and domestic clients

Adaptabar Security Window Bar System

Adaptabar Security Window Bars

Adaptabar Window Security Bars - (technical details)

Adjustable Hanging Bar Key Cabinets

Advice-01 - Making the most of your security budget

Advice-01a - General advice of security issues / risk assessment, etc

Advice-02 - About locks and keying systems - part 1

Advice-02 - About locks and keying systems - part 2

Advice-04 - IP Classifications / coding

Advice-05 - Choosing a Safe

Advice-06 - Securing your equipment - Part 1

Advice-06b - Securing your equipment - part 2

Advice-06c - Securing your equipment - part 3

Advice-07 - Biometrics offers absolute identification for high risk applications

ALFIS Electronic Isolator Switch with extinguisher

Ampac KeepSafe Security Bags Evidence Bags and Cash Bags

Anti Arson - Mailpro

Anti Arson and Fire Protection Automatic Linear Fireguard `ALF`

Anti Cat Strip

Anti Climb Paint

Anti Climb Spiked Pole Collars

Anti Climb Warning Signs

Anti-climb Fence

Anti-Tamper Fixings

Armour Rings

armoured shutter locks in steel/solid brass with plated finish

Arson - emergency break glass key cabinet

Bird Deterrent

Bird Free Fire Gel - case studies on the product and its effectiveness in all surroundings

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Air Conditioner Unit

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Changgyeon Gung Royal Palace

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Crawley Car Park

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Horsham Car Park

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Incheon Airport in South Korea

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Incheon Maritime Port Office

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - KEPCO (Korea Electrical Power)

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Korea Telecom

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Morene-Go-Ga Highway

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Outdoor Restaurant - Covent Garden

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Semin Private Hospital

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Sungsan Bridge in Seoul, South Korea

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - The Roof Gardens at Kensington

Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Yeosu Sea Channel Marker Buoy

Bird Free Fire Gel - FAQs about the gel, how and why it works plus case studies

Bird Free Fire Gel - how to use it - quick guide

Bird Free Fire Gel - Introduction

Bird Free Fire Gel - where can you use it

Bird Free Fire Gel the three way bird deterrent - they think it`s a real flame!

Bolt lock - customs approved freight container and lorry seals

Brass combination padlocks no keys needed for operation

CAB-L-OCK Computer Lock Down Pack - TSLP

CAB-L-OCK Computer Lock Down Pack - Universal

CAB-L-OCK Computer Security Components - SLOCK

CAB-L-OCK Computer Security Product Index

CAB-L-OCK locks with locking limpets and padlocks

Cablock Security Product Range

Cash Collection Trolleys, Security Trolleys

Cash Protection - Smoke and Dye Products

Cash Transfer Products / Cash Protection Products

Chain-locks heavy duty padlocks to use with security chains up to 10mm diameter links

Child Safety Finger Protector stops trapped fingers

Child Safety Products

Child Safety Slamside door restrictor

Child Safety Slide-Safe patio door restrictor

Child Safety Socket Inserts or socket plug-ins - warning!

Child Safety Socket Protector Plug Socket & Switch Covers

Choosing a security chain mooring chain or decorative chain

Clearview Door Key Cabinet for up to 50 keys - spot missing keys

Clutch Head Security Screws

Computer Lock - Budget PC Security Lock

Computer Lock Down Cable System - AD BCP02

Computer Lock Down Cable System - AD BCP03

Computer Lock Down Cable System Component - AC C095

Computer Lock Down Cable System Component - AC CABJCT

Computer Lock Down Cable System Component - AC DNA

Computer Lock Down Cable System Component - CBLTRP

Concrete in ground anchors

Crimeshield Anti Vandal Screen

Delivery of your goods can be to a valid UK mainland address or if abroad please call us

Discount Code

Discus padlocks in stainless steel and hardened steel

DNA Property Marking System

Door and Window Security and Safety products

Door Chimes / Visitor Announcer

Driveway Mirrors - Blind Spot Mirrors - Unbreakable

DV MIcrocam make great quality movies for your family and friends

Electronic Alarm Systems

Emergency Break Glass Key Cabinets

Empty Property Alarms (PIDSMS101, PID4000)

Entry Chime Alarms / Visitor Announcer systems

Finger Protectors for door safety various colours

Fire Protection Product index page

Garage Defender

General Purpose Key Cabinets low cost key storage

Ground anchor product index of theft deterrents

Hardened Steel Wall Anchor Points heavy duty bolt on

High Capacity Key Cabinets for up to 3000 keys

HMP Solutions

HMP Winchester - security problems and how they were addressed

Institutional mirrors / anti-ligature mirrors 3 way mirrors unbreakable plastic

Interview Room Panic Button Alarm

Ivor Blatchford M.D. - Insight Security

Kensington Type Microsaver Laptop Lock

key control and key management products index page

Key Management - Mechanical - User Log Document with security seals

Key Management - mechanical plug-board system key tracker

Key Safes high security key cabinets can be wall mounted

Key Tracking Systems mechanical key manager systems- index page

Kinmar Permanent Security Nuts one way security nut

Laptop - desk anchor points / Budget desk anchor points

Laptop - product range index - protection and security for laptops

Laptop Safe (electronic codelocking) in robust steel for security

Laptop Security Briefcase

Laptop security cabinet - stackable units in sheet steel

Laptop security trolley - laptrolley for 8 Mobile Laptop storage

Laptop security trolley - laptrolley1628 mobile storage 8 or 16 shelves

Leave a Key Safe - Master Box Leave-a-Key for multiple keys

leave a key safe - midi - storage for keys outside

LED Trolley Mirror search under-vehicles, the underside of desks, chairs etc

Lone Worker Alarm

lpg-cyclist-helmetcam helps you record dangerous or aggressive behaviour

lpg-FLOOP parking posts stop people stealing your parking space

Mailpro Anti Arson Mailbox

Mailpro Anti Arson Mailbox range

Marine padlocks / Weatherproof padlocks

Master Pro padlocks rugged padlocks for all weathers

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors - Garrett G6500i - optional extras

Metal Detectors - Garrett PD6500i walk through metal detector

Metal Detectors - Garrett rugged hand held metal detector wands

Metal Detectors - Non Garrett hand held metal detector wands

Metal Detectors - sensor mitts, sensor gloves left or right hand use

Mirror Information

Mirror Materials - Vialux - Unbreakable Plastic Mirrors

Mirror Viewing Distance Guide for Optimal Performance

Mirrors-Green Framed ECO Mirrors high quality and weatherproof for indoors/outdoors

Mirrors-Red Framed Mirrors for extra visibility outdoors or indoors

Multilock metal pull up seals versatile for use with smaller apertures

Nogo Security Fixings


Panic Button Alarm

Perimeter Security Products

Personal Security/Attack/Rape Alarms

Pigeon Spikes

Pin Hex Security Screws

Pin Torx Security Screws

Plant and vehicle protection products

Pocket inspection mirror / folding search mirror

Prickler Strip - spiked anti climb product

Prikla Strip anti climb spikes - latest

Property Marking - asset labels

Property Marking - Chemical etching system

Property marking - Microdot

Property marking - UV lamps for checking currency, passports etc

Random Search Selectors for totally unbiased random selection and fewer complaints

Razor Channel anti climb spikes - "U" profile

Razor Channel anti climb spikes - "W" profile

Razor Comb anti climb spikes

Razor Ribbon Anti Climb Wall Topping

Razor Spike - Anti Climb Spikes

Retail Loop Alarm Systems

Retail security and observation mirrors for low cost safety

Retail Security Mirrors - Hemisphere range - unbreakable high quality


Reusable cash bags, cash pouches and security containers

Reusable flexible Cash Bags and Security Pouches

Roller Barrier

Roller Barrier - In Schools - Prevent Unauthorised Access to Walls and Flat Roofs

Roller Barrier Applications - index -

Roller Barrier Brackets

Roller Barrier Gallery - Cumberland School - Flat Roof

Roller Barrier Gallery - for non-aggressive prevention from attack

Roller Barrier Gallery - young offender institute - Canada

Roller Barrier Installations - Wymondham Library - Norfolk

Roller Barrier used in a USA Psychiatric Centre, non aggressive solution to climbers

Roller Shield Anti-Climb Barrier (ACB), purpose designed non aggressive Roller Barrier

Rotalok padlocks

Rotaspike anti climb barrier

Safes - Laptop Safes, for protection of your valuable equipment

Safes - Strongrooms for higher security of your valuable items

Safes - Vehicle Safes / Car Boot Safe - hideaway car safe

Safety lockouts prevent electrical accidents to apparatus, circuits, power cables etc

Safety Products - Finger Protector saves crushed fingers in the door hinge gap

Safety Products - Safety Lockout prevents power being reconnected during work

Safety Products - Safety Lockouts for protection of engineers working on electrical items

Safety Products - Socket Protector to make electrical plugs/sockets/switches safer

Safety products for commercial and domestic use - index page

Schools Information Centre for help and advice

Scroll Nuts

Seals - plastic and wire padlock seals with a multitude of uses

Seals - plastic pull tite seals with a multitude of uses one time use only

Seals - plastic ring seals for doors, fire exits, containers etc

Seals - tape seals

Security chains for protection against sawing and bolt cropper attack, freezing attack etc

Security Expansion Bolts and Sleeve Anchors

Security Fasteners

Security hasps for use with padlocks medium/heavy duty and linked hasps

Security Nuts

Security Screws and Security Fastenings Guide

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