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Panic Button Alarm (for Interview Rooms, Consulting Rooms)

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This simple hard wired panic alarm provides low cost protection for workers in interview rooms where 1:1 consultations are held.



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Panic Button Alarm (for Interview Rooms, Consulting Rooms)
This simple yet effective, low cost panic alarm system is a great safety aid for anyone working with people on a one to one basis in isolation from colleagues.
Ideal for interview rooms, consulting rooms, treatment rooms, cashier windows and anywhere valuables are stored. The list of potential applications is endless.
The loud 130dB siren, which can be located inside the room (or outside in a corridor or in another room), is connected to the panic button using the 2 core cable supplied. A wall mounting bracket is also included.
The Flashing Strobe light on the siren unit, easily identifies in which room the alarm was activated - an essential feature where 2 or more alarm unit are located close together (i.e. where several consulting rooms share a common corridor or monitoring location). 
The panic button can be located in any convenient position. Typically panic buttons are mounted discreetly on the underside of a desk or somewhere else where the button can be easily activated, but isn’t visible to visitors. 
Panic Button Installation couldn`t be simpler. The jackplug at the leading end of the supplied 5 metre cable simply plugs into the electronic switch socket on the alarm / siren unit and connects to two screw terminals on the panic button (cable can be shortened or extended as required). 

Note: an optional  "10 metre extension cable" is available if required - See below for details.

Panic Button Extension Cable (10 metre)
What our customers say ...
 “ I am very happy with the Panic Button Alarm which I received early” Markus C of Northants (4934)."
Remember that we are here to help so call us on 01273 475500 and we’ll answer your questions.

Panic Button Applications

The fundamental purpose for a panic button and panic alarm system is to enable a person who is experiencing duress to quickly and easily alert others and call for help when needed. Panic alarms are sometimes called “duress alarms” or “hold up alarms”.

Here are some common applications for panic buttons and alarms.

Security for Therapists and Consultants

Therapists and consultants benefit from the security provided by a panic button in their consulting rooms. If they ever feel threatened then they can quickly alert relevant colleagues.

Reception Desk Security

Protecting those who work in front-of-house roles on reception desks is essential. Concealed panic buttons allow receptionists to call for assistance without alerting the person who is causing their duress.

Cashier Security

People who are employed to handle cash are particularly vulnerable to attack and theft. Providing panic buttons and alarms is a significant security enhancement.

Customer Service Representative Security

Annoyed and disgruntled customers can be enormously challenging. Experienced customer service professionals will generally know how to calm angry customers but threatening situations can still arise. Panic buttons provide the necessar means for customer service personnel to call for assistance if they need it.

Human Resources Interview Rooms

Any situation in which people are engaged in one-to-one communication with strangers is potentially dangerous. Interviews are a good example of situations where the interviewer needs to be protected against possibly aggressive behaviour from interviewees. Concealed panic buttons allow interviewers to alert their colleagues and call for assistance if they feel threatened.

Public Confrontation Protection

There are many situations in which confrontation with the public can potentially arise from luggage check-in desks to council offices. Panic buttons and alarms provide those responsible for dealing with the public in these challenging situations with protection and confidence that they are not alone.


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D Collister

Excellent customer service, very friendly and helpful. Product arrived fast and was of a very high quality. Will definitely purchase from Insight Security again!

Mr Markus C (Northants)

Thank you for calling. I am very happy with the Panic Button Alarm which I received early (4934)

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