Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security is a key element of your security strategy for your business or home.

Perimeter Security - castle walls

The perimeter of your home or business is still your first line of defence against thieves, vandals and other unwelcome intruders - including animals.

Typically your property boundary will be protected by walls, fences and gates. But if these were not built with security in mind they may do little to keep out unwelcome intruders.

Luckily, it`s not difficult or expensive to retro-fit some highly effective perimeter security systems which will massively improve the security of your propert. Our wide range of tested, proven and easily affordable perimeter security products are readily available from stock, with a choice of solutions to suit any location or requirement and which are designed to fit to and beef up security at your existing walls, gates and fences, flat roofs, etc. Our tried and tested perimeter security products will form an integral part of your overall intrusion prevention system.

How to Secure Your Home or Property

Here are some basic guidelines that will help you to beef up the perimeter security of both your home and your work place.

  1. Start by assessing your current property boundaries.
  2. What are the physical barriers that are currently in place (walls, fences, hedges, gates, ditches, streams).
  3. Identify weaknesses around your perimeter. For example, easily scaled walls, openings and gateways.
  4. Determine areas that are most vulnerable to unwanted intrusion. For example, fences between your property and a school or childrens playground.
  5. Consider the intruders that you want to repel. For example, are they burglars, vandals, children, pigeons, cats or others.
  6. Decide what form of boundary enhancement will help to keep these intruders out.

Popular Perimeter Security Products

Perimeter Security - Razor Point anti climb spikesStatic fence spikes and wall spikes;

These include products such as "Razor Point" steel security spikes, "Razor Channel" and less aggressive plastic anti intruder spikes such as Prikka Wall Spikes, Stegastrip and Prikla Strip fence spikes, which are widely used for home or school security applications.

We also offer a range of special anti-climb spiked collars which are typically fitted to lighting or CCTV Camera poles to stop anyone climbing the pole to steal the CCTV equipment, or to use the pole to gain access to low roofs or the top of boundary walls, etc. 


Perimeter Security - Anti Climb Roller Barrier

Rotating anti climb barriers;

These include anti-climb spike systems such as our Vanguard anti-climb spikes and Rotaspike products, while for those locations where a non aggressive solution is required, such as around schools or public buildings, secure medical facilities or homes for autism, our Roller Barrier Anti-climb System is a popular choice.




Perimeter Security - Anti Climb Paint

Anti-climb Paint (also sometimes called non-drying paint, anti climb grease, anti intruder paint, security paint or burglar paint).

This is a low cost non drying paint which is often used in conjunction with other anti climb products. It can be painted onto wood, masonry, tiles or virtually any surface and as it does not dry, it remains slippery and prevents anyone achieving a handgrip on the painted surface.




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Perimeter Security

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