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Perimeter Security Products

Tried and Tested Perimeter Security Devices - Keep burglars, vandals and other unwelcome intruders from entering your property.

Perimeter security products have largely replaced the castle walls and moatThe days of protecting yourself behind castle walls and a broad moat are long gone for most of us.

Your perimeter - be it a wall, fence or other form of boundary, is still your first line of defence against unwelcome intruders.

The good news is that protecting your boundary walls, fences, gates, flat roofs, CCTV poles and drainpipes, etc., has never been easier and our low cost, proven, perimeter security products won`t break the bank!

Our anti climb roller barrier systemanti climb paints and security spikes provide solutions for just about every environment. These effective products are widely used worldwide to provide protection to a wide range of properties.

Our wall spikes and fence spikes are used to protect everything from the domestic garden fence to security enclosures and goods depots, as well as Government Embassies, Sea-docks and riverside premises, industrial premises, schools and Stately Homes.

The solutions we offer are practical ways to "legally protect your property", and deter burglars, vandals and other unwanted intruders.

When times are hard, securing your premises is even more important because crime rates soar! Which is why, a few moments spent considering your perimeter security, your first line of defence against intruders, is so important!

How to Assess Your Perimeter Security

Take a little time to consider your perimeter, the various access points and entrances, your wall security and fence security, the downpipes on the outside of your building, your windows and doors and any poles which you may have around your property. Give some thought to possible intrusion and the impact this may have. Here are some basic questions which you should ask yourself.

  1. Is the property perimeter clearly defined?
  2. What forms of physical barrier exist around the perimeter (walls, fences, gates etc.)?
  3. What barriers exist at the various entrance and exit points?
  4. Are there downpipes or drainpipes on any buildings which might be used to gain access?
  5. Are there any poles which might be climbed or is there pole mounted equipment that might be targeted by thieves?
  6. What would be the impact of a perimeter breach and theft of valuables?

Having answered these questions you will be in a good position to define exactly what you need to do to bolster your perimeter security. There are many low cost perimeter security devices available from Insight Security and we are always ready to help with free advice and guidance.

Perimeter Security Systems

Our extensive ranges of perimeter security devices and systems include the following, which are among our most popular solutions.

roller barrier anti climb barrier with warning signRoller barrier. Our non-aggressive anti-climb barrier is the preferred anti-climb systems  chosen for situations where children or vulnerable people are present. Extensively used around schools, hospitals and care institutes. Roller Barrier is also use in and around UK prisons, young offenders institutes and USA correctional facilities.

Other highly-effective anti-climb rotating barriers include excellent products such as our Vandgard anti-climb spikes and Rotaspike.




fence and wall spikes for perimeter securityFence spikes and wall spikes. Available in a variety of designs, both plastic and metal. Effectively used worldwide in a variety of applications from embassies to schools. Fence and wall spikes present a clear, physical anti-climb deterrent that discourages would-be intruders from attempting to scale a fence or wall.






acp-x2-and-sign-bAnti climb paint. This is a very popular and highly effective anti-climbing deterrent and preventation system. Sometimes called anti vandal paint or anti intruder paint, we offer the best value anti climb paint on the web. Low cost, easy to apply and highly effective in deterring and preventing climbing.




 drainpipe cover for perimeter security anti climb precautionsDownpipe covers. Anti climb drainpipe covers make it impossible for your drainpipes to be used to climb and gain access to your building. These covers protect your drainpipes from possible damage and they also look great!






spiked pole collar for perimeter securitySpiked Collars. Anti climb spiked collars are designed to deter and prevent climbing of poles. Perhaps you have pole mounted lighting or CCTV cameras around your property. These anti-climb pole collars will help to ensure that your valuable equipment is always safe.





Why Risk Losing What You Have Worked So Hard For?

Perimeter Security Precautions

When devising, designing and implementing your perimeter security system its important to be aware of your responsibilities. The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 makes it clear that property owners and occupiers have a duty of care to people who are not permitted to be on the premises, such as trespassers. And there are many situations where children and vulnerable people might come into contact with perimeter security devices, such as schools, youth centres and various institutions. In these situations we recommend the Insight Security Roller Barrier system.


Roller Barrier is a`Non Aggressive` anti-climb wall top and perimeter security barrier. Being non-aggressive means that there is minimal risk of injury making Roller Barrier the ideal perimeter security device to use where children or vulnerable people are likely to be present.



Dont Use Broken Glass, Nails or Carpet Grippers  

Historically embedding broken glass or nails into a cement bed on the top of the wall (or more recently nailing carpet gripper battens to fence and wall tops), has been widely favoured, however, whatever the location, this is now illegal and could lead to prosecution.

Perimeter Security Installation Considerations

Installation of the more aggressive perimeter security systems should be undertaken by professional installers who will be aware of installation guidelines, current codes of practice and general safety issues.   Local guidelines may vary and the Police, and the "Planning" and "Environmental Health" departments of your Local Authority can offer advice on local policy or regulations.

  Use of products of this type could obviously cause injury to intruders, which could in turn have implications for the owners of the premises under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984.

Installation of any form of physical anti climb barrier at a height of less than 2 metres from the ground (minimum acceptable height for some applications may be higher), may be illegal and in all cases, the display of appropriate warning signs may be a legal requirement. 

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Perimeter Security products

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