Perimeter Security Products

Our tried and tested Perimeter Security Products will help you keep burglars, vandals and other unwelcome intruders from entering your property...


Perimeter security products have largely replaced the castle walls and moat
The days of protecting yourself behind castle walls and a broad moat are long gone for most of us,

... but your perimeter is still your first line of defence against unwelcome intruders.

The good news is that protecting your boundary walls, fences, gates, flat roofs, CCTV poles and drainpipes, etc, has never been easier and our low cost, proven, perimeter security products won`t break the bank!

Our anti climb paints and security spikes provide a solution for just about every environment and are used worldwide. Our wall spikes and fence spikes are used to protect everything from the domestic garden fence to security enclosures and goods depots, as well as Government Embassies, Sea-docks and riverside premises and Stately Homes.

Here are some practical ways to "legally protect your property", and deter burglars, vandals, etc...


Get rid of your burglary risk once and for all 

In a recession, securing your premises is even more important because crime rates soar! Which is why, a few moments now considering your perimeter security, your first line of defence against intruders, is so important!

Is `Your` perimeter security up to scratch?

Take a look at our low cost perimeter security products which offer a quick and easy solution.

They include: anti climb devices such as anti climb spikes, Anti climb guards, anti-climb spinners and rotating barriers, security fencing and anticlimb paint.

As a minimum, anti intruder paint / anti climb paint is surprisingly effective, and the cost is negligible!  

                      ... Why risk losing what you`ve worked so hard to get?


acp-x2-and-sign-b< Anti Climb Paint (also called anti climbing paint, security paint /anti intruder paint)

    The Best Value on the Web!perimeter-m



Roller Barrier >

the `Non Aggressive` anti-climb wall top /perimeter security barrier


What you`re not allowed to do:  

Historically embedding broken glass or nails into a cement bed on the top of the wall (or more recently nailing carpet gripper battens to fence and wall tops), has been widely favoured, however, whatever the location, this is now illegal and could lead to prosecution.

Installation Considerations:

Installation of the more aggressive perimeter security systems should be undertaken by professional installers, who will be aware of installation guidelines, current codes of practice and general safety issues.   Local guidelines may vary and the Police, and the "Planning" and "Environmental Health" departments of your Local Authority can offer advice on local policy or regulations.

  Use of products of this type could obviously cause injury to intruders, which could in turn have implications for the owners of the premises under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984.

Installation of any form of physical anti climb barrier at a height of less than 2 metres from the ground (minimum acceptable height for some applications may be higher), may be illegal and in all cases, the display of appropriate warning signs may be a legal requirement. 

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Perimeter Security products

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