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Personal Safety Alarms for Peace of Mind


As entertainment venues and clubs begin to reopen and the Autumn nights draw in its vitally important to consider how to stay safe when out and about after dark. People walking alone are particularly vulnerable to attack so its worthwhile considering effective ways to remain safe.

UK Police forces provide some excellent advice and guidance to help us all remain safe when out and about after dark. They suggest that you should consider how you would act in various situations before they occur and how you might protect yourself. Their recommendations include always carrying a mobile phone, distributing valuables so that they aren’t all in one place and always walking in well lit areas. Another important recommendation is to carry a personal alarm.

What are Personal Alarms?

It should be noted that if you are attacked you can use reasonable force to defend yourself. You are allowed to protect yourself with something you are carrying, such as your keys, but you are not allowed to carry a weapon. Pepper sprays are illegal in the UK as they are considered to be weapons, designed for the discharge of noxious liquid or gas.

Personal alarms, sometimes called personal attack alarms, aren’t considered to be weapons, although the ultra-loud alarm sound they emit is very aggressive. They are totally legal in the UK and widely recommended by police forces and safety professionals.

personal safety alarm
Personal Safety Alarm

As noted, they work by emitting an extremely loud (140db) alarm sound when triggered which is enough to scare away most attackers and alert others who may be nearby. It should be noted that this is significantly louder than many other models currently on the market. It should also be noted that since these personal alarms are electric they are unaffected by environmental conditions, such as extreme cold, which is known to affect the reliability of gas powered devices.

Their compact design enables them to fit easily into a pocket or handbag and the keyring attachment means they can be readily attached to your house keys so you never leave home without one. The alarm is easily activated by pulling a pin which is separate from the keyring to avoid accidental activation.

Are Personal Alarms Effective?

There have been many instances in which personal safety alarms have been effectively used to scare off attackers and prevent both theft and personal injury.

There have been a number of cases in which dog nappers have attempted to steal valued pets but were scared off when their owners activated their personal alarms. And instances in which young people, walking home from nights out clubbing, have been targeted by criminals attempting to steal their belongings. Also, women walking alone being attacked by potential rapists. Loud personal alarms have effectively scared off these attackers and attracted the attention of others who were able to provide assistance and call the police.

Who Should Carry a Personal Safety Alarm?

Personal safety alarms are highly effective, easy to carry and very low cost. They provide valuable personal safety and security which helps us feel safe when out and about on our own.

Students and anyone else who might find themselves walking home alone at night benefit from the personal security provided by a personal safety alarm.

As noted, dog walkers can find themselves specifically targeted by dog nappers so many choose to carry personal safety alarms to deter any potential attacks.

Older people who may feel vulnerable to attack and theft at any time, day or night, also benefit from the peace of mind provided by an easily activated, highly convenient personal safety alarm.

Women and others who might often feel vulnerable when walking alone, especially after dark, benefit greatly from the peace of mind provided by one of these highly effective personal alarms.

Our personal safety alarms are enormously versatile and therefore widely used by many people to raise their feelings of security in all manner of situations including taxi drivers, teachers and security professionals.

personal safety alarm keychain
Personal Safety Alarm with Keychain


Secured by Design Approved

Secured by Design is the official UK police force security initiative that carries out product based assessments and accreditation. They define the standards which security products should meet and then assess a wide variety of products to determine whether or not they do.

Our personal safety alarm is fully approved by Secured by Design and recommended by police forces throughout the UK.

Sold Secure Gold Award

Sold Secure is a testing organisation dedicated to the evaluation of security products. Manufacturers and suppliers submit their products for assessment and approval and those which have been satisfactorily assessed are able to use the Sold Secure Quality Mark.

Our personal safety alarm has achieved the Sold Secure Gold standard.

Built-in Torch

Another important feature of our personal safety alarms is the built in torch. This useful light is ideal for illuminating dark pathways to avoid trip hazards and a great aid when out walking dogs after dark. The convenient torch is just what’s needed when searching for keys or cash in a bag or trying to get a key into a keyhole in the dark.

Additional Alarms

Our personal safety alarms are just one of the excellent alarm products available from our online store which includes a range of widely used, high quality, reliable alarm systems for personal, home and business security.

If you have any questions about safety or security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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