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Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon Spikes & Seagull Spikes offer you an effective and humane way to deter birds from nesting or congregating on your buildings, without harming them...

pigeon_spikes1Pigeons can be a serious nuisance when they congregate in numbers in one place and their droppings are not onlypigeon_spikes14 unsightly, but can also rapidly become a health hazard.

Periodic culls organised by your local council may help to reduce overall pigeon numbers, but installing Bird Spikes (pigeon deterrent spikes or seagull spikes) on and around your premises will provide you with a more immediate solution to your specific problems!

Bird Ban seagull and Pigeon spikes are used extensively by councils, businesses and domestic users throughout the UK,

...and at the special low prices offered by Insight Security, everyone can afford to use these anti roosting spikes to solve their bird / pigeon problems. 

Insight`s range of bird deterrent spikes include feral Pigeon Spikes and Seagull Spikes as well as the usual accessories such as gutter clips, window clips and adhesives, which are suitable for use with either type of spike.

You can stop the mess and health hazard posed when birds congregate in a location, simply and cost effectively with this range of practical bird deterrent spikes.

Manufactured from weatherproof, UV stabilised polycarbonate (or polycarbonate and stainless steel), the spikes can be fixed in place with screws, cable ties, or special adhesive.pigeon_spikes15


Defender Pigeon Spikes are manufactured from robust, UV stabilised, weatherproof polycarbonate material. To combat the razor sharp beaks of the more aggressive seagull, the spikes on the Seagull Spike product are manufactured from stainless steel.

Product Size and coverage;

Each strip measures 335 mm in length, with the height of the spikes being 112mm (pigeon spikes) and 150mm (gull spikes)

A single row of pigeon spikes will protect a ledge or windowsill up to 200mm (8") wide, while the larger Gull Spikes will protect a ledge or windowsill up to 280mm (11") wide

For wider window sills, ledges, parapets, etc. bird ban spike strips can be installed side by side. (Note: although pigeon spikes are cheaper than gull spikes, where a ledge is wider than can be covered by a single row of pigeon spikes, if one row of gull spikes will cover it, it will work out cheaper.

When strips are installed side by side, the maximum recommended gap between the rows measured at the top of the spikes is 50mm for pigeon spikes and 100mm for gull spikes.

The 335 mm strips are typically installed end to end and being manufactured from polycarbonate can be easily cut with a hacksaw where a shorter length is required (i.e. for installation onto a small CCTV camera housing).

Fixing the strips in position;

Screw Fixing: the base of each strip features multiple fixing holes to allow them to be screw fixed in position where appropriate.

Adhesive Fixing: as an alternative to screw fixing, external SILIRUB 2/S (with built in fungacide) instant silicon adhesive, can be used to bond the pigeon spike strips to window sills, ledges, wall toppings, etc. One tube of Silirub will be sufficient to fix 24 pigeon or gull strips in position).

pigeon_spikes10Window Clips: our special window clips provide a simple way to fix pigeon spike strips to opening windows, where fixing the strips to the window sill would foul the operation of the window.

Gutter Clips: provide a practical way to attach bird ban bird spikes to rain guttering, etc ,around roofs. The clips simply clip to the edge of the guttering to fix the strips securely in place, but allow easy removal (simply unclip) of the bird spikes to allow access to the guttering for cleaning / debris clearing, etc

Cable Ties: offer a simple solution to attaching anti roosting strips to pipe-work, CCTV cameras or light housings, etc.

What do our customers say?

pigeon-spike-pergola-1            pigeon-spike-pergola-2

"... thank you so much for my pigeon spikes, they arrived the day after I ordered them and the extra seven strips I had under-ordered, were delivered the following day. The spikes were so easy to put up, that I did it while my husband was at work. As you can see from these photos, they look good and have been an instant success - the pigeons have gone! … a great product and great service … I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family…" - Mrs Austin - Essex

pigeon_spikes        pigeon_spikes1

Do bird spikes hurt birds?

Bird and pigeon spikes do not injure or hurt birds. They act as a deterrent and physical barrier, that birds can see and avoid. They are a humane deterrent that is highly effective in preventing pigeons from nesting and roosting where they are not wanted.

Defender pigeon deterrent spikes are manufactured from clear, UV stabilised polycarbonate material, are quick and simple to install (bond-on, screw-on or clip-on fixing options), easily affordable, and provide a practical yet harmless way to prevent pigeons from congregating or nesting on ledges, window sills, in roof gutters, on CCTV camera or lighting housings, etc.

Protecting Rain Guttering:

pigeon_spikes2        pigeon_spikes3
pigeon_spikes4        pigeon_spikes5

Rain guttering around roofs are a favoured pigeon resting place as they offer protection against the wind, etc. Pigeons can however cause a build up of waste materials in guttering which can lead to blockages, leaks, etc. and cause damage to your building.

The special gutter clips simply clip on to the base of the pigeon spikes and then clip over the edge of the guttering. They also allow simple removal of the spikes (no tools required) for gutter clearing, etc.

Protecting Window Sills: 

pigeon_spikes6          pigeon_spikes7
pigeon_spikes8          pigeon_spikes9

Window sills provide another frequent resting place for pigeons, but again a simple row (or multiple rows - for wider windowsills, ledges, parapets, etc.) of pigeon spikes, which can be stuck or screwed to the windowsill provide an effective deterrent

Protecting Windows:


Window clips provide a simple way to attach pigeon spikes and seagull spikes to opening windows. Obviously, if pigeon spikes were attached directly to the `window sill` in this situation, it would prevent the window from being opened.

Protecting Drainage Pipes / Camera Housings, etc:

pigeon_spikes12            pigeon_spikes13

Cable-ties offer a simple solution to attaching pigeon spikes to vulnerable drainage pipes, CCTV camera housings, etc. These special nylon pull-tite cable ties are available in a choice of black or natural.


see also our exciting New

"Bird Free Fire Gel"

the Instant Bird Deterrent


Our exciting new ready to install Bird Free Fire Gel product (sometimes referred to as Bird Free Optical Gel) has been proven effective worldwide ... and following extensive UK site evaluation tests has now been adopted by many Local Authorities and major commercial companies as the solution of choice to tackle problem pigeons or seagulls.

bird free pre loaded dish
birdfree uv dish

Fire Gel as seen by the human eye

this is as birds see the gel (UV reflections)


How does it work? - the UV reflections which the birds see are invisible to the human eye, but to the bird, the gel is seen as a flame and therefore a hazard area to avoid, hence the name "Fire Gel" (note the product is also sometimes referred to as Bird Free Optical Gel)

Safe - no dangerous chemicals to worry about - as the active ingredients of this product are food grade materials, the UK Health and Safety executive have granted Bird Free Fire Gel a derogation under the Biocidal Products Directive (EC Regulation No. 1451/2007), which means that Bird Free Fire Gel can be handled and installed by a professional pest controller or any competent handyman following the manufacturers installation guidelines.     

Bird Free Fire Gel - the humane, instant bird deterrent, that clears birds from the protected site without injuring them


for more detailed information see our Bird Free website:  www.bird-free.co.uk


...or click here for information about our range of anti climb spikes including wall spikes and fence spikes



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