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Prikla Strip anti climb spikes - latest

Prikla Strip and Brick Strip anti climb spikes

Low cost Prikla Strip anti climb spikes, and the exciting new Prikla SupaStrip (Brick Strip), offer a cheap and easy way to deter burglars and other unwelcome visitors from your garden, flat roof, etc, - without the risk of getting yourself prosecuted!

Designed to cause maximum discomfort, with minimum harm ...these safe anti climb spikes are ideal for protecting your home or business premises.

Whatever the reason and whoever the culprit, unwelcome entry onto your property is obviously an intrusion of your privacy, could make breaking into your home easier and could also result in damage to your garden as well as to your fences, gates or walls.

Anti climbing spikes offer a practical, anti climb deterrent ...protecting your walls, fences, gates and flat roofs against animal or human intruders.


            per_prickler3         per_prickler2

Lowest Price on the Web - from just 63p per strip. 

Prikka Strip - anti climb fence spikes for domestic & commercial use.

Each strip measures 500 x 45mm.  Spike height; 15mm. Hinge construction for easy fit to flat or non flat surfaces


Recycled and blends in


Our Prikla range of anti vandal spikes are manufactured from robust UV (ultra violet) balanced weatherproof, recycled plastic. Prikla Strip (sometimes referred to as Prikka strip or prickler strip by our customers), blends comfortably into most environments.

Choice of colours, can be screwed, nailed or stuck down.

Quick and easy to fit

Simply screw or nail the strips through the pre-formed fixing holes (or stick down using suitable Adhesive) to the top surface of your fence, gate or wall. Prikla Strips can be easily cut to size as required.

printable installation instructions (89kb)

Safe to use

Prikla Strip offers a simple, affordable and practical solution for use in any location where you want to deter intruders or animals without using a product which could be life threatening or risk causing serious injury to intruders or pets. For obvious safety reasons, the installation of Prikla Strip at a height of less than head height is not recommended.

Very popular with Schools, Businesses, Home users, etc.



choice of colours: brown, stone grey, black and green






Safe! -

although Prikla will not cause serious injury to anyone coming into contact with it, it certainly discourages climbing

...as shown here, Prikla strips can be fixed side by side to provide a wider anti-climb barrier around the edge of flat roofs or on top of wide walls






Screw, nail or stick in place


The clever hinged construction

means that Prikka Strip is an ideal solution for curved or contoured surfaces such as pipes, etc.

Prikka SupaStrip (Brick Strip) anti climb wall spikes / fence spikes




  per_prickler13   per_prickler11per_prickler12

Each strip measures 500 x 100mm(brick width) - spike height; 25mm.  Double hinged construction for maximum versatility

Lowest Price on the Web

from just:  £2.08 per strip

per_prickler10     per_prickler8      per_prickler9


The double hinged construction makes Brick Strip a versatile solution for the top of brick walls or fences and Flat Roofs! 

...the generous 500 x 100mm size of these strips make them the ideal product for use around the top edge of flat roofs where they can be stuck in place on suitable surfaces with Pink Grip Adhesive.



Pink Grip outdoor adhesive, sticks to just about any type of building material and is a popular choice for use with the Prikla & Prikka range

Please Note; Pink Grip is a solvent based adhesive and is not generally recommended for use with asphalt based surfaces - if in doubt, try a small test strip before commencing installation.

Pinkgrip; applications / usage guide (27kb)




Please Note: Where prikla strips are used to protect commercial premises the use of warning signs is strongly recommended.

Prikla Strip product information sheet


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