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Property Marking - Chemical etching system

Marking your property with a unique asset identification mark such as your company name, telephone number, or postcode, etc, is a simple way to deter thieves

Among the various types of property marking / asset identification systems, chemical etching systems offer many benefits. They are ideal for marking plastic surfaces (or polymer paint finishes), e.g. the equipment casings of your PCs and accessories, photocopiers and other office equipment, etc.







 They are;

  - Easily affordable for widespread use
  - Quick and simple to apply
  - Provide a clearly visible mark
  - Available in standard packs (from 30 to 500 mark packs)
  - Popular with Schools & Educational Establishments, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Private & Public Companies, etc.

Chemical etching offers a practical budget priced solution to marking & asset identification, and leaves a clear visible mark for anyone to see. The mark identifies the ownership of the item, an optional sequential number can be added, e.g. for use as an asset reference

Character Options:

Character Height 7 mm (standard mark):

Up to 2 lines of up to 20 characters or spaces per line - per stencil

Character Height 12 mm (large):

Only 1 line per stencil and up to 20 Characters or spaces

Note: smaller characters (4 or 5mm) can be produced for marking of mobile phones, etc. ... please call to discuss your requirements.







Example of chemical etching on a PCs TFT screen

Sequential Numbering

Stencils can be sequentially numbered for a small additional cost. The number appears on the lower line and takes up some space allocation for other characters

Over-seal Labels

Recommended to draw maximum attention to and also to protect the mark, the optional clear acetate over-seal with distinctive upper and lower red border, emphasises and protects the etched mark.





above; optional overseal label

below; shown covering a mark 


Simple 3 step application:





1. Peel off the backing tape and stick the peelable stencil label to the equipment where the mark is to appear





2. Spread the marking compound (supplied pre-mixed) over the stencil with the spatula - and leave for approx 3 minutes





 3. Peel off the label & discard - and the job is done

Note; an optional low cost acetate overseal label can be used to highlight and protect the mark


The low cost of Chemical Etching makes it a real no-brainer, which is why it`s a favourite with budget sensitive schools and local authorities among others.


Call us now to discuss your requirements and for a competitive quotation: 01273 475500


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