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Protect Your Pipes and Cabling for Peace of Mind


Most buildings in the UK use drainpipes to route rainwater from rooftop guttering to drainage systems alongside exterior cabling for lighting, CCTV and telecommunications. Downpipes, cabling and ducting are common exterior features on most buildings but many of us don’t consider the potential cost of damage to these essential facilities. And it’s important to recognise that drainpipes will often provide opportunist thieves with a potential ladder to upper storey windows and youngsters will sometimes be tempted to attempt to climb them. It therefore makes sense to take stock of the exterior pipework and wiring around your properties and implement rigorous, effective protection.

Pipework and cabling attached to walls around busy goods yards or other similar areas is particularly vulnerable to damage. Forklift trucks and delivery vehicles have the potential to cause significant and costly damage. It therefore makes sense to identify areas of vulnerability and introduce robust protection where necessary.

As noted, exterior pipework, drainpipes and downpipes present an almost irresistible climbing challenge to many youngsters. Their attempts to scale your drainpipes have the potential to cause both damage to your pipework as it’s ripped away from your walls and they may cause injury to themselves in the process. Climbing on drainpipes and vandalism can be robustly prevented by enclosing your downpipes in high quality, steel downpipe covers.

downpipe cover

Another highly important reason to prevent downpipes from being used as ladders is to prevent burglars and others who might want to cause damage, from gaining access to your buildings. An open upper storey window on a warm day will potentially attract the attention of an opportunist thief who can quickly scale an unprotected drainpipe to gain access.

drainpipe cover

Drainpipes are not the only vulnerable exterior fittings on our homes and businesses. Cabling and wiring is commonplace, supporting exterior lighting, CCTV camera systems, telecommunications and much more. If you consider the potential cost and impact caused by damage to your exterior cabling it’s immediately obvious why wire covers for walls, which securely hide cabling, are highly beneficial.

pipe cover installed

Galvanised steel pipe covers are widely used by councils, housing associations and local authorities throughout the UK to keep pipework safe and protect people from potential injury from climbing. 

Drainpipe covers designed to accommodate most modern downpipe designs are available from stock. But it’s worth noting that these standard sizes may not be large enough to accommodate older style, cast iron drainage pipe fittings, which are often very bulky. So we offer a bespoke manufacturing service to produce any size or colour of pipe or wiring cover required.

If you have any questions or special requirements for pipe covers or cable covers then please remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice and guidance.

This message was added on Friday 26th June 2020


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