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Protecting your home when the clocks go back


It`s not just coincidence that when the clocks go back, the number of home burglaries rises - are you properly protected?


In fact according to Co-operative Insurance, typically the number of burglaries increases by around 38% during the winter months, so act now to protect yourself against becoming the next victim!

Shorter days and darker nights obviously present a perfect opportunity for thieves to carry out their clandestine activities.

It makes it easier for them to spot unoccupied houses where there are no lights on for instance, and of course dark nights makes it much easier for the burglar to hide from prying eyes.

Warning - the Police may not be able to respond

 - we all know that major budget cuts mean that the police are stretched to the limit and a number of UK forces have already warned that they simply do not have the resources available to respond to reports of a burglary.


So it`s therefore up to each of us to take steps to improve our own home security are some suggestions to help you;


Make your house look occupied even when it`s not;

• Leave lights on when you are out.

There are many ways you can do this ranging from simply leaving a light (or lights on) when you leave your home, to using some sort of automatic switching device to operate selected lights while you are out, or even away on holiday.

Simple timer units which plug in to a standard 13amp socket can be used to turn lamps on or off as required and most allow lights to be switched on or off several times during a 24 hour period. Using two or three such timers set to different on and off patterns and used in different rooms will confuse a thief and can give a realistic impresion that the house is occupied.

Other types of switch, operate by photocell type light sensor, so will automatically switch lights on when ambient light levels drop below a certain threshold. Basic models of this type of sensor work just on light levels, while more advanced units even incorporate a random on / off switching pattern that operates during the low light period.

There are now even systems, which combined with "Smart-phone Apps" allow you to operate electronic equipment in your home from anywhere in the world.

• Install a Fake TV (TV simulator unit).

These simple devices are just clever lights which produce random light patterns with density and colour changes which to anyone outside of your property look as if you are watching TV. Fake TV lamps use little power and are safer option than leaving your TV on while you are out.

• Leave a radio on when you go out –

it won`t use much power, but again it helps to give the impresion of the house being occupied - you may also find the 13A Socket Activator useful - which switches on anything plugged into its 13A socket if it detects a door or window being broken into (1 unit protects a 3-4 bedroom house)

• Leave a car on your driveway

Leaving a car parked on your driveway is another sign that someone is home. While you`re away on holiday, you could even let a friendly neighbour park on your drive.


Install exterior deterrents on or around your home;

Thieves like an easy life, so if your home looks as though it may be risky for them to enter and means that they may get caught, they are more likely to look for easier targets.

• Is your perimeter secure?

Installing Wall Spikes, Fence Spikes, or even Anti-climb Paint, is a simple and low cost way to deter people from climbing into your garden (side and back gardens are favourites with thieves as there is normally les likelihood of them being spotted).

• Is the outside of your property well lit?

Install security lights – preferably the type that are activated by someone entering the PIR detector zone which triggers the light, which remains on while they remain in the detector zone, or for a pre-set period of time (typically a couple of minutes).

The sudden illumination is more likely to startle an intruder and cause them to flee, as well as alerting you to the fact that someone or something has entered the detector zone. It is also of course more likely to trigger the interest of a neighbour or paser-by than a light that is on all the time and of course, it will also cause les light pollution of our "Dark Sky".

• Do you have a CCTV camera installed?

Obviously thieves don`t want to be identified, so becoming a film star is for them, not desirable. A CCTV camera on the outside of your building is therefore an added deterrent to any would be thief and the good news is it does not have to cost a fortune, as a Dummy CCTV Camera could do the job if you don`t need a full blown CCTV installation.

• Do you have an alarm installed?

A profesionally installed and monitored home alarm is something that every home should invest in.

It is a great first line deterrent to intruders and should anyone break to your home and trigger the alarm – it is likely to frighten them into making a speedy exit before they get caught, minimising the time they have to steal of damage your property.

An alarm may get you a discount with your home insurer, but you will need to keep it maintained and in good working order, which ideally means taking out an annual maintenance contract for it

(even if you`re only popping out for a few minutes to collect your child from school or to grab a pint of milk from your local shop).

• Don`t leave anything outside which could help a burglar

Lock up Ladders, use a Wheelie Bin Lock to prevent your wheelie bin being used as a climbing aid.

Don`t leave garden tools etc. laying around – lock them away in a shed or outhouse (itself secured with a good Padlock & Hasp or Shed Security Bar).


And just a few more suggestions;

• Conceal things from easy view

When you`re out, don`t leave valuables such as computer equipment, games consoles, TVs etc. visible through your windows. Move them out of site, or you may be able to hide them by partially draw curtains.

• Most thieves are opportunists, so don`t make it easy for them

Don`t leave doors or windows open or unlocked and don`t leave your house or car keys where they can easily be reached through your letterbox with a fishing hook (a letterbox guard fitted over the inside of your letterbox is a simple way to protect against prying eyes or fishing attacks through your letterbox)

• If you are not already a member, join the local "Neighbourhood Watch Scheme".

Areas where there is evidence of an active neighbourhood watch are les attractive to burglars and other unwanted intruders.


How much will it cost and where can I get good advice?

Some of the above suggestions will cost you little or nothing to implement, others will require a small investment, however the more you do to protect your home and family, the easier you will sleep at night.

When buying security products however, remember it`s important to buy from a reputable supplier. There are many poor quality products on the market some of which are simply useles, while other may even be dangerous.

At Insight Security, we not only offer tried and proven products, but are also happy to offer Free Advice, to ensure that you get the best solution for your needs. if you`d like further help or advice, or details of hundreds more securty products,

visit our website;  or call our friendly team on t: 01273 475500

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