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Protector 19mm High Security Chain Sold Secure Gold in all Categories

Product code: PD CL19P

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Our Protector 19mm High Security Chain has achieved the Sold Secure Gold Rating in all Categories including Caravan, Motorcycle, ATV and Van.



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Protector 19mm High Security Chain Sold Secure Gold in all Categories SKU Number - CCP11900

Pragmasis Protector - Uncroppable 19mm Chain

Like our 16mm range of Protector High Security Chains, these 19mm Pragmasis chains are manufactured from high-grade European steel, and are treated with the same precise and proven specialist heat treatment and finishing processes in the UK.

Domestic users will probably already know that the Pragmasis Protector 19mm Chains have achieved RiDE Magazine Best Buy and Recommended awards, but these super high security chains are also used by the MOD for high security applications and have even been purchased by NASA.

The Protector 19mm chain is guaranteed impossible to bolt crop by hand, which is why they are the strongly recommended choice for securing high value equipment such as Motorcycles, Caravans, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), etc.

Protector security chains are the highest-approved chains on the market, having achieved Sold Secure Gold Rating for Caravans, as well as for Motor Cycles, ATVs, Plant, Cars and Vans, etc., which is a reflection of the high grade European raw material used and the specialist heat treatment which has been evolved over a number of years and which is undertaken in the UK to guarantee consistency and conformance to the precise specification.

Pragmasis Protector 19mm chains are approved by the UK Police.

These high grade Protector 19mm, chains really are impossible to bolt-crop by hand, even with powerful heavy duty Irwin Record 42" bolt croppers. In fact, in tests it was the jaws of the bolt croppers that were damaged.

There are many Youtube hosted videos showing chunky but inferior chains being cut in seconds with bolt croppers, ...but you certainly won`t see our Protector 19mm chains being bolt-cropped!

Which padlock to use with this 19mm Pragmasis Chain?

Of course, security chains as robust as this require a serious padlock to maintain the overall performance of the security system, which is why we recommend the Sold Secure Gold rated Federal PD FD740P or the specially Squire PD SS80CS Close Shackle Padlocks.

PD FD740P Padlock  

SFB RL21A package

Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Padlock

Squire SS80CS

CEN6 / Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Padlock

For further help in selecting the right padlock for your needs take a look at our advisory information and padlock and chain compatibility guide.

Chain Lengths and Weights

Normal stock lengths are 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m for the Protector 19mm chains

other lengths are available up to 3.0metres, but if you can`t see what you need, call our friendly team, we`d love to help, t: 01273 475500.

Weight of the 19mm Protector chain is 6.3kg per metre -

...so this is a heavy as well as a bulky chain.


Security Approvals and Accreditations for the Pragmasis Protector 19mm Chains


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 - Caravan
 - Motorcycle
 - ATV (All Terrain vehicles)
 - Motor Scooter
 - Bicycles
 - Commercial Vehicles
 - Car & Vans



About Sold Secure testing and ratings

Sold Secure is an independent British security testing and approvals organisation that awards Gold standard to the highest security products, with Silver and Bronze for lower grade products. Motorcycle Gold is a higher rating than Bicycle Gold; Caravan Gold is a higher rating than Motorcycle Gold.

Sold Secure Chain Ratings: The Sold Secure test regime has been updated to take account of the higher ratings achieved by the 16 and 19mm chains.

Many previously Motorcycle Gold-rated products have not achieved that level when re-tested, so be wary of chains that were granted Motorcycle Gold status prior to 2008 - a recent re-test is the only way to be confident of the grading relative to the current standard – if in doubt, check it out, the Sold Secure website lists all currently approved products along with their current ratings.

We strongly recommend that you use the best chain that is practical and affordable for your needs, bearing in mind the type of attack that is common for the items that you are protecting. Where bolt-cropping is a common form of attack for a given application, we recommend the use a 16mm chain as a minimum wherever practical.

19mm Chain Link Design and Dimensions

All of our Protector chains feature long-link design and the Protector 19mm chain is constructed from 19mm diameter bar.

The Pragmasis Protector 19mm chain features links which have nominal dimensions of: 138 x 66mm outside; 100 x 25mm inside, throughout the length of the chain, which means that a special elongated end link is not required.

The use of long links throughout the length of the chain helps to reduce weight, while providing greater versatility and allowing the chains to be used with close shackle padlocks for maximum security.

The end link of the Protector 19mm long link chains can be looped through the other end link, or through any intermediate link along the length of the chain. To pass a link through an intermediate link, you will need to cut a slit through the sleeve, but it offers the major advantage of being able to lock the chain tight against the item you are protecting, helping you to keep it off the floor, all of which makes it much harder to attack.

If choosing a ground anchor to use with your chain, choose one with a minimum aperture of around 70mm, as the sleeved chain is unlikely to fit easily through a smaller hole.

We recommend the Torc Ground Anchor for use with this chain or the Telescopic Big Boy Ground Anchor which fits flush with the ground surface so that it is not a trip hazard and can be driven over.

Please note: If you are considering purchasing the Big Boy with a 19mm Protector chain, please select either the Protector 1.5m or 2.0m "Big Boy Compatible" chain from the check dropdown list as they are specially manufactured for use with the Big Boy.

Overall chain lengths specified are also nominal, being subject to manufacturing tolerance as well as being potentially up to one link over or under the advertised length, because a whole number of links will invariably not be an exact number of metres or half-metres overall.

Please Note: if precise dimensions are critical for you, please contact us (t: 01273 475500) - we will be happy to clarify details of current stock.

chain link dimensions

How to use your security chain for maximum effect

Wherever practical, keep your security chain off the ground, as this makes Cropping or Hammering type attacks much more difficult for the thieves.

Chain Advice and Links

Here are just a few links to some of our useful advisory pages and product pages which will help you select the right security chain, padlock and anchor point for your security needs.

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Harvey Bradshaw

Absolutely excellent chain. Just the job. Thanks.


Have been using 19mm 1.5m chain with roundlock for 6 months. Excellent customer service and response to queries. The roundlock is outstanding, very easy to operate and compact. The chain looks bomber and I suspect my bike is now the least enticing in our area, which is the whole point. 1.5m is just about long enough to go round a lampost and rear wheel but the bike needs to be very close. It is tricky to check chain length with a simulator (e.g. rope) because it is so bulky, so go long if in doubt. The chain sleeve is thick and robust, like cordura. Amazing value for money compared to competitor products and much more choice in terms of length and link size.

Ashley edwards

Brought this chain in 2.5 meters to secure my motorcyle and can’t recommend it enough. If your looking for a heavy, solid chain you will struggle to find better.

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