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Random Search Selector - Dual Check Model - Battery Powered

Product code: EP RSSB1DUAL

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Our new Dual Check Random Search Selector is a Hand Held Battery Powered Unit used alongside security metal detectors delivering guaranteed `Unbiased` selection



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Random Search Selector - Dual Check Model - Battery Powered SKU Number - RSS22010

Often used alongside our security metal detectors (see: Security Metal Detectors)  and other search equipment, these robust Random Search Selectors - offer a simple, reliable and guaranteed “Unbiased” way to select persons (from a group) to be searched (when it is either impractical or undesirable to search everyone passing through a control point).

Announcing the Exciting New Dual Check Model

These new models are designed to offer users even greater flexibility and also speed up the checking process by providing a specific focus point, whilst maintaining a strong deterrent factor.

In simple terms each of the new units makes it possible to deliver a three option result each time the large button is pressed.

The models come with specific labels on the "Result" light panels to suit a wide range of applications, but in principle, one light will represent a PASS, meaning no further action is required, whilst the other two lights will indicate that you need to take the appropriate action according to which of the two action required lights has illuminated.

Our Dual Check Selektor Random Search Selectors allow the operator to quickly and easily set separate random trigger percentage levels for two different types of Result Action, so you may set the Action 1 result to be triggered 40% of the time and Action 2 result just 20% or whatever percentages suit you.



In a retail "Staff Checking" environment for instance the Selector could be set to deliver one of three different results;

Pass - no further action required

Search Person - the person could then be subject to the approved body check (i.e. metal detector scanning and/or a frisk search, etc)

Search Bag - the persons bags would be searched - but they would not be subject to a body search

Using just a simple Pass or Search result unit would mean that an individual flagged for Search would entail searching both the person and their bags, which could be time consuming, whereas using the Dual Action facility could significantly reduce the overall time spent checking staff leaving the premises and therefore minimise delay for staff, whilst still acting as a powerful deterrent to staff pilfering, etc.


The Dual Check Random Selector units feature three labelled lights with a choice of wording;

The Alcohol Drugs check unit shows; Pass / Alcohol / Drugs

The Dual Search Unit shows; Pass / Search 1 / Search 2

The Dual Check Unit Shows; Pass / Check 1 / Check 2

These units are ideal for use by staff who may need to use the units at a variety of locations or departments within an organisation.


Setup and Power requirements

These battery powered units are powered by 3 x AA size batteries (off the shelf high power batteries such as the duracell type will typically offer up to 50,000 button activations which for most users means over 12 months operation from a fresh set).

The search selection rates can be set quickly and easily by the user, with the setting of separate percentage selection rates being possible for the Action 1 or Action 2 options. In each case, the selection rate can be set from 0% - 100% in 1% increments and the desired search level is set using the internal dipswitches.


Who uses Random Search Selectors?

Airports, Blue Chip Corporates, Schools, Manufacturers, Retail Organisations and Food Preparation Companies, are just a few examples of Random Search Selector users around the world.

Safety and security applications are obvious uses, but the versatile Random Search Selector is also ideal for a wide range of other applications including batch sampling use in manufacturing environments, food hygiene spot checks in catering establishments, and lots more.


What our customers say ...

“...the Random Search Selectors are working well, thank you Insight.” Mr Martin C of Sheffield (5340)


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Unboxing a new purchase can be a chore, but to minimise our impact on the environment, Insight Security supply goods packed with the minimum amount of recyclable packaging needed to ensure your products arrive safely and ready for you to unpack.

Here’s what`s inside the product pack


Random Search Selector Portable Dual Check Unit

Random Search Selector Portable Dual Check Unit pack content

1x Random Search Selector Dual Check Portable Unit (Unit Labelling as selected)
1x Wall mounting plate
3x AA Batteries
1x Yellow advisory sticker
1x User Guide

Note; the unit labelling options are

  • Pass / Search 1 / Search 2 (as shown on image above)
  • Pass / Check 1 / Check 2
  • Pass / Alcohol / Drugs

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