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Random Search Selectors for totally unbiased random selection and fewer complaints

The EP SS4000 Random Search Selector

offers a simple, reliable and totally unbiased method of selecting "some people" from a group, or "some items" from a batch, etc, for searching, or for some form of special attention.

Random Search Selector, used for unbiased selection

Being seen to be fair;

There are many valid reasons for wanting to search people, both in commercial and leisure environments, but it is not always practical or even desirable to search everyone passing through a designated control point.

If only some people are to be selected for searching however, there is a strong risk that those selected may feel that their selection was biased and unfair (i.e. they are from a particular ethnic, social, or fashion group, etc. or they are fat or skinny,  ...the list is endless). At best this could leave those selected, disgruntled, ... at worst, it could leave them considering making a formal complaint or taking some form of legal action against the selectors.

The Random Search Selector guarantees totally unbiased, random selection wherever it`s used, so there`s no risk of you or your operators being accused of using unfair selection criteria or methods.

Choice of models (and optional accessories);

With mains and battery powered units to choose from, you can be sure that whatever your application, there`s a reliable selector unit (and accessories) available to meet your specific needs, and all units are supplied ready for instant use.

Potential "Selectees" push the "Press Button" as they pass the unit, a red light & high audio tone indicates "Search", a green light & low audio tone; "Pass". Optional accessories for the mains power unit include; Remote Button, Remote Indicator, IR (infra-red) Break Beam trigger, etc.


Typical uses include;

Selecting individuals to be searched;

  -this could be selecting school pupils to be searched for knives or other weapons as they enter school,

  -searching staff leaving retail or distribution premises for stolen goods (many retail organisations employ a random staff search policy as part of their corporate anti-pilfering strategy), etc.

Selecting company drivers for special attention;

   -Vehicle inspection or conformance

   -Vehicle load checking.
   -As an anti theft measure, etc.

An invaluable tool for anyone involved with searches!

Search techniques and needs will of course vary from company to company or organisation, however the Random Search Selector is an invaluable aid to almost any type of selective search activity.

It can act as a powerful deterrent to internal theft, carrying of knives, etc. ...and many organisation use a simple CCTV based, image recording system, to monitor the selection and search procedures to ensure full compliance with company policy / guidelines.

Helpful Tip;

when applying a people search policy, it is generally a good idea to publicise (and stress) that the purpose is;

"Deterrence" rather than "Detection"

  Download full specification sheet (90kb)

  Download SS4000 Installation & 
         User Guide (43kb)

  see full; Random Search Selector range



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