Razor Channel anti climb spikes - "W" profile

Razor Channel with Profile Anti Climb Spikes offer an easy way to protect your boundary walls, fences,  flat roofs, etc., against climbing by `Burglars` and other `Intruders`.

Burglars, vandals and other intruders often favour entry to your property over walls or fences where they are less likely to be observed.

Whatever the reason and whoever the culprit, such entry onto your property is obviously an intrusion of your privacy, could result in damage to your property  and could make breaking into your buildings easier and less risky for any would be thief or vandal.

Where to use Razor Channel

Razor Channel anti climbing spikes are available in two forms:
  "U" profile and "W" profile.

They provide an inexpensive, effective and robust anti climb barrier that is ideal for protecting walls, fences, gates and flat roofs among other things.

Razor Channel "U" profile anti climb spikes

- are ideal for general use

Razor Channel "W" profile anti climb spikes

- are pre drilled with base and face fixing points making them ideal for use around the edge of flat roofs or along the top edge of walls or fences on the approach side, etc

Weather protected

Manufactured from robust and galvanised steel channel to provide years of service.

Quick and easy to fit

Simply screw the channel (through its base) to the top of your fence, gate, wall, etc.


Although a serious deterrent, Razor Channel is unlikely to cause life threatening or serious injury to burglars or any other would be intruders.

Practical Protection

Practical anti-climb protection for use on your; Walls, Fences, Gates, Flat Roofs, etc.




Razor Channel (W profile type) fitted to the top of a wall to provide an effective yet inexpensive deterrent to intruders / climbers






Razor Channel is pre drilled at intervals with 10mm fixing holes, (top and face fixing holes) Razor Channel is easily fixed to walls, gates, fences or flat roofs


Razor Channel is supplied in 1.8 metre lengths, making it easy to handle and install



End view of Razor Channel "W" Profile

Product Description - Razor Channel "W" profile:

General Description

Manufactured from 1.6 mm galvanised steel sheet, formed into a W profile channel section 90mm wide by 110mm high (max dimensions) with spiked edges

Channel length:

This product is supplied in 1.8 metre lengths

  click here for print friendly full specification sheet / dimension details / diagram


natural galvanised steel finish

Fixing method:

Screw or bolt in position using the 10mm fixing holes pre-drilled through the top and side face of the channel


Razor Channel is a stock item and is sold as individual strips

Product ref   PS RZCHANW  1.8 metre length              

Installation Advice:

Although a serious deterrent, Razor Channel is unlikely to cause life threatening or serious injury to any would be intruders. It is however recommended that the product should be installed at a `minimum height` of at least 2 metres from the ground. Local police or the local authority planning department should be able to advise on local policy and the suitability of Razor Channel for the proposed location.

Please Note: 

Where Razor Channel is installed, the use use of appropriate warning signs is strongly recommended and may be a legal requirement.



CLICK HERE for details of our range of suitable Warning Signs




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