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Razor Point- Anti Climb Spikes - 0.4 and 0.6 metre length - galvanised finish

Product code: PS RZSPK112

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Convenient 0.4 metre length (approx 16") of our Razor Point product

Warning - Installation Height Restrictions may apply and use of warning signs may be a requirement

- see "Restrictions" tab below



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Razor Point- Anti Climb Spikes - 0.4 and 0.6 metre length - galvanised finish SKU Number - PSS01024

Robustly manufactured from galvanised steel, our Razor Point anti climb spike system (the low cost alternative to Razor Spike 11) is designed to fix to the top of walls, fences or gates to form a visible anti climb barrier that will deter would be intruders.
The base of the Razor Point channel is pre drilled at 80mm intervals with fixing holes and it is recommended that the product is secured with at least 2 suitable M6 fixings. However where appropriate and preferred, it can as an alternative be welded into position.  For maximum effect, the product features upward and forward projecting spikes. 
This very aggressive spiked barrier features an attractive appearance, which is why we have supplied it to customers worldwide, where applications range from protecting embassies and prestigious public buildings, to luxury villas.

These 0.4 metre lengths (nominal) are practical and convenient for use in those trickier locations or anywhere else, and if you need to trim them shorter it`s a quick and easy job with any type of hacksaw.


- following numerous requests from our many customers, with effect from January, we are also offering our popular Razor Point in 0.6 metre lengths as well as our popular 0.4 metre length.

Note - This product is now available from stock with a chouce of natural galvanised, or black overpainted finish.

Ease of installation, robustness and visual appearance are consistently praised in product reviews.

For longer, straight runs, you may prefer to use the longer 1.2 metre lengthsRazorpoint 1.2 Metre Lengths


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Technical Specification:

Dimensions    External                           
    Height: (overall)      110 mm        approx 4.5 inches    
    Width:  (overall)        95 mm        approx 3.75 inches    
    Length:      0.4 metres        approx  16.0 inches    
Weight:               0.85 kg      


Properties & characteristics:

  • Formed from punched and folded steel sheet.
  • Weather resistant Galvanised finish
  • 8mm fixing holes pre punched through base of at 70mm intervals

New Length; With effect from January, we are also pleased to offer our popular Razor Point in convenient and practical 0.6 metre lengths (approx 24.0 inches), as well as the 0.4 metre and 1.2 metre lengths.

Please Note: measurements and weights as shown are approximate and offered as a general guide only

Warning - Installation Height Restrictions may apply

- it is strongly recommended that anti-climb spikes should wherever possible be installed at a minimum height of 2.2 metres from the ground (a higher minimum height restriction may apply for certain locations or where children may be present).

Display of Warning Signs

- It is also strongly recommended (and may be a legal requirement) that wherever Anti Climb Spikes are installed, "Warning Signs " should be displayed

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Really pleased with this product - very robust, very easy to fit and actually looks really attractive. Comes in very useful length sizes too.(26689)

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