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Reasons to Review Your High Security Chains


We all understand the need to ensure that valuable items such as motorbikes, scooters, ATVs, caravans and ride-on lawnmowers, amongst many others, are secured and protected from theft. While the volume of traffic on UK roads dropped by as much as 70% during the COVID-19 lockdown, theft of (or from) motorcycles, caravans and automobiles has not decreased significantly. In fact police forces in some areas of the UK have been reporting higher crime figures than pre-lockdown. For example, Lincolnshire reported a 35% month-on-month increase in vehicle crimes between February and March 2020.

High security chains are a primary security device, often used to secure high value items. Yet many people are unaware of changes that have made what were once considered to be high security chains much less secure.

Are Your Chains Sold Secure?

Historically, security product manufacturers often used their own, bespoke assessment of security ratings for their products using a comparative scale. This made it impossible for a buyer to make meaningful comparisons between products from different vendors. Not surprisingly this situation resulted in confusion for buyers who were unable to realistically compare the security ratings of various products.

Luckily there are now agreed standards that apply to the assessment and rating of security chains, enabling purchasers to readily determine which product is most appropriate for their needs. In the UK the security chain standards to pay attention to is Sold Secure. Sold Secure is an independent security product testing organisation established in 1992 by Northumbria and Essex Police but now owned and administered by the Master Locksmiths Association. Security chains and other products are rated for achieving either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond standards, with Diamond being the most secure. Standards are further qualified by the type of equipment they are rated for such as bicycles, motorcycles or caravans.

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It’s important to ensure that you are using the best high security chains, providing the right security rating for what they are being used to secure. It’s therefore recommended that you take a little time to assess the chains you are currently using and identify those which need to be upgraded.

Will Your Chains Resist an Angle Grinder Attack?

One of the key reasons why the specifications of high security chains have increased in recent years is the availability of high quality, portable power tools. While bolt-croppers have long been a favoured tool for bike and motorcycle thieves, battery operated saws and angle grinders, readily available from many DIY outlets, are now part of their standard toolkit.

Around 10 years ago we were supplying 11mm high security chains, recognised at that time for their attack resistant properties. But portable power tools, used by thieves, have lead to the development of 22mm high security chains which have Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating. This latest generation of high security chains are guaranteed to be impossible to crop by hand, providing the highest level of chain security available today.

Don’t Overlook Your Padlocks

It’s important not to overlook your padlocks when you’re reviewing your current use of high security chains. Any security system is only ever as strong as the weakest link in that system, so if you are upgrading your chains to meet stringent Sold Secure ratings you must also look at the padlocks you are using.

Padlocks are typically classified using CEN ratings. CEN stands for ‘central european norm’ which refers to the standard used. CEN ratings extend from grade 1, for the lowest security level, to grade 6 for the highest.

squire enclosed shackle padlock

It should be clear that, for maximum security, the rating of your high security chain should be matched by the security rating of your high security padlock. A CEN6 rated padlock is recommended for use with Sold Secure Diamond rated security chains.

As well as matching the security ratings of your padlocks and chains it’s important not to overlook their physical dimensions. Higher security padlocks tend to use thicker shackles so you must ensure that the size works with your security chain.

Padlock Chain Sets for Upgrade Simplicity

To help our customers achieve the level of security they need to protect their valuable property we are now offering some of the highest quality, super-secure padlock chain sets currently available to the market.

squire padlock chain set

Our padlock chain sets consist of highly rated, perfectly matched super high security chains along with optimally selected padlocks that will not compromise overall security. Upgrading your existing, out-of-date security chain and padlock will ensure that you’re well prepared for any would-be thief equipped with portable power tools and bolt croppers.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about high security chains and how best to secure your property - remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice and guidance. 

This message was added on Tuesday 7th July 2020

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