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Reliable Razor Point Anti Climb Spikes Now Available in Black


Although our Roller Barrier non aggressive anti climb solution is increasingly used to protect a wide variety of properties and structures from unwanted intruders and climbers there is still a need for high-security, aggressive anti climb protection. In this latest post we look at Razor Point anti climb spikes which are now available in a black finish.

Protecting properties and structures from unwelcome intruders or climbers can be very challenging. Historically, people would embed broken glass or nails into cement on top of a wall or attach spikey carpet grippers to fence tops but these techniques are now illegal. There are now a number of specialist anti climb solutions specifically designed to meet the wide variety of anti-climb needs. As noted, these include our excellent Roller Barrier, non-aggressive anti climb barrier along with various forms of plastic anti climb spikes. But in some circumstances the protection offered by genuinely nasty, metal anti climb spikes is the best solution.

Anti Climb Spikes and the Law

Before considering the installation of an aggressive anti climb barrier its important to be aware of both the law and any local guidelines or restrictions that might apply. Its worthwhile checking with the Planning and Environmental Health departments of your local authority before installing anti climb spikes.

It is perfectly legal to use anti climb wall and fence toppings to defend a property as long as they comply with the law. Section 164 of the Highways Act 1980 states that if anti climb toppings are installed on walls or fences situated on land that adjoins the highway and these toppings cause a nuisance, a notice can be issued for the nuisance to be removed. Being a ‘nuisance’ means there is a recognised risk of causing injury to people or animals using the highway.

In general, most local authorities require anti climb fence and wall toppings be installed above a height of 2.2m. Higher minimum height restrictions can apply in some locations, which is why its important to check with local authorities before installing anti climb barriers.

Its also important to be aware that if the installation doesn’t adjoin a public highway there are still important considerations. The Occupiers Liabilities Acts make it clear that occupiers of premises have a duty of care toward anyone entering their premises. This duty includes consideration for unwelcome visitors including trespassers or burglars. This liability can mean that an intruder who injures themselves on an anti climb topping could make a valid claim against the occupier, even though they were not welcome on the premises. It is therefore essential to ensure people are always warned of the dangers presented by anti climb toppings.

razor point anti climb spikes
Razor Point Anti Climb Spikes


Where Anti Climb Spikes are Used?

Anti climb protection is increasingly used to protect a wide variety of properties and structures from school buildings to churches, municipal resources and commercial premises. In some situations anti climb paint is a favoured option as it minimises the risk of injury but makes any surface, on which its applied, unclimbable. Another option that’s growing in popularity is our Roller Barrier anti climb system that presents a highly effective, unstable barrier which can’t be easily overcome, but is totally non-aggressive. If a climber or intruder falls onto Roller Barrier there is no chance they will be impaled or injured. But there are some situations and circumstances in which only a genuinely aggressive, spiked anti climb barrier is the answer.

One of the biggest differences between spiked anti climb barriers and other solutions is visual appearance. Spiked anti climb toppers look aggressive and nasty, which is often enough to deter would-be intruders. This visual deterrent is exploited by some plastic anti climb spikes that are specially designed to look like they are made from metal.

But there are some situations in which only high quality, sharp metal anti climb spikes are the right option. These include:

  • MOD establishments
  • Prisons
  • Embassies
  • Quarries
  • Properties where dangerous items might be stored (such as chemicals).
  • Public buildings and historic properties.
  • Villas and holiday homes
  • Commercial premises
  • Builders supply yards
  • Private homes.
  • More…

The common attribute amongst many of these locations is that they are all ”high security”. Razor Point anti climb spikes meet these high security needs. And these high quality metal anti climb spikes are also appreciated by many domestic users who appreciate both the visual anti-intruder deterrent as well as the high level of security they provide.

Do Anti Climb Spikes Work?

People often ask whether anti climb spikes work. By far, the best people to consult are burglars and would-be intruders. Many experienced burglars have reported how they always avoid properties with highly visible anti-intruder barriers in place. This demonstrates the impact of the visual deterrent. Similarly, young vandals have reported that they wouldn’t consider climbing a wall, fence or onto a rooftop, if there was a very clear, visible risk of injuring themselves.

So anti-climb spikes really do work in boosting security and keeping unwanted intruders at bay. Its also worth remembering that unwanted intruders can also include unwelcome animal visitors that might be damaging a garden or causing a danger to pets. Razor Point is being used to keep these pesky intruders at bay.

razor point details
Razor Point Details and Dimensions


Why Razor Point Anti Climb Spikes Provide an Effective Solution

Razor Point anti climb spikes are manufactured from 2mm thick steel that’s galvanised to protect against the weather. The clever design features both upward and forward projecting metal spikes which are both blade-like along with nasty barbed spikes that create a fearsome profile. The metal spikes are very sharp and could possibly cause significant injury to anyone who falls on them. And the barbed spikes will catch any clothing or materials that might be dragged over the barrier.

Razor Point is supplied in 1.2m lengths as standard, but shorter lengths of 0.4 and 0.6m are also available. The base of these strips is just 25mm wide with 10mm fixing holes spaced at around 80mm. These enable the strips to be easily attached, using screws, to the tops fences, walls, gates, roof edges or wherever anti climb protection is needed. Another installation option is to weld the steel strips in position.

Ease of installation is just one of the key reasons people like Razor Point. People who have purchased and installed these spikes also regularly commend their high quality and robustness.

razor point in black
Razor Point in Black Finish


Razor Point Anti-Climb Spikes Now Available in Black

Standard Razor Point spikes are available in a galvanised silver, metallic finish but due to popular demand we can offer this popular anti climb solution in black. The spikes are firstly galvanised for weatherproofing before being overpainted in black, meeting the needs of a wider variety of properties.

anti climb warning signs
Essential Warning Signs


Don’t Overlook the Need for Warning Signs

As previously mentioned, using anti climb protection is perfectly legal as long as its installed in conformance with the law and local restrictions. Its also important to prominently display appropriate warning signage.

If you have any questions about effective anti climb barriers, or if you have any special requirements, remember we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 11th April 2024

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