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ALF600 Fire Extinguisher (for use with MailPro Anti Arson Letterboxes)

Product code: FR MPALF600

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Maintenance Free - Automatic Fire Detector / Extinguisher - for use with MailPro Anti Arson Mailboxes



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ALF600 Fire Extinguisher (for use with MailPro Anti Arson Letterboxes) SKU Number - CSM07016

The ALF 600 Fire Detector & Extinguisher is a sealed for life unit which comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

(Tests have shown however that ALF extinguishers over 10 years old have still proven fully effective).

The ALF 600 extinguisher (Automatic Linear Fire Detector/Extinguisher) consists of a "U" shaped sealed plastic tube filled with a special extinguishant gas stored under pressure.

Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, ALF Fire Extinguishers do not require an annual pressure test to check their operational capability, but it is recommended that they be replaced at the end of each 5 year period (or immediately after any activation).


How does The ALF Extinguisher work?

When the ALF tube comes into contact with a flame (or in a heat source in excess of 80 degrees C), the tube ruptures, delivering the extinguishant directly to the source of the fire - which is killed instantly, before it has the opportunity to gain a foothold and spread.

Do I need Single or dual extinguishers in my Anti Arson Mailbox?

ALF extinguishers are stand alone units which operate independently and provided that the correct size extinguisher for the particular Mailbox is installed, a single extinguisher will instantly extinguish any fire that starts within the box.

Why is a second extinguisher a good idea? - Police statistics indicate that arsonists typically remain in the area to see their fire start, and should their first attempt fail, in around 70% of cases, they will make a second arson attack attempt before police or emergency services reach the premises!

The ALF 600 Fire Detector & Extinguisher is suitable for
use with the medium to large size range of Mailpro Anti Arson Letterboxes / Anti Arson Mailboxes such as;

the "MailPro Large Anti Arson Mailbox", or

the "MailPro External Compact Letterbox".


Note: smaller Sizes are also available - check the MailPro mailbox specification to confirm extinguisher size required (if you need help to find out the size required, please call the Insight Security helpline: 01273 475500 (office hours - Mon-Fri)



Sealed for life tube filled with FE25 extinguishant gas, stored under pressure.


Dimensions & Weight:

Tube Length:  600 mm (formed into a "U" shape)

weight:    32 grams



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