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Retail Loop Alarm Systems

Easily Beat shoplifters, Visitor Theft, etc. by installing an Electronic Loop Alarm System.

- an essential retail security product, loop alarms are also used to protect goods on display at exhibitions, in training rooms, and lots more...

Stand alone - Loop Alarm Security Systems are a common site in retail stores and outlets, where they are used to protect a wide range of goods from antiques to DVD players and other electrical items.

At exhibition halls or in the training room, they offer an ideal, practical, low cost way to protect items on display.

What is a loop alarm system?

In its simplest form, an electronic loop alarm system comprises a loop alarm controller with built in siren, connected to a continuous loop of cable which can be passed through the items to be protected.



The stand alone Loop Alarm system is ideal for protecting goods on display in shops, training rooms, at exhibitions, etc.



Once the system is armed (normally by a key-switch on the alarm controller), if the electronic loop is cut or broken anywhere along its length, the oscillating siren in the alarm controller is triggered and sounds continuously until the controller is reset with the key.

For operational convenience, the electronic cable loop (which would normally be restricted to a maximum of 50 metres in length), will be made up of short cable lengths plugged together. Standard cable length segments will normally be 1 or 2 metres in length. 

In operation, the standard loop alarm cable would be fed through appropriate anchor points such as kettle handles, or any natural aperture in the item protected. 

Standard `Phono` type connectors are used on all loop alarm; `loop section` or `specialist sensor cables` - all cables feature male to female connection.

The Loop Alarm Controllers;

The Loop Alarm Controller is armed and disarmed via the integral key-switch.  For convenience the  controllers are available as battery powered (use standard PP3 type alkaline battery), or Mains / battery operation. The mains / battery operated loop alarm controller normally operates from 13amp mains power, however the integral rechargeable battery is constantly trickle charged during operation, so in the event of a power interruption such as a power cut or someone switching off the power supply!, alarm operation is maintained by the battery.



Loop Alarm System Components:


The Controller Options:



prod ref: LD S10RP - battery operated loop alarm controller


prod ref: LD S10RPM - mains / battery operated loop alarm controller


prod ref: LD SLR - Loop alarm extension cable 


NOTE: For operational convenience, loop alarm extension cables are available in 1 or 2 metre lengths.


Not all products lend themselves to protection by a standard loop alarm system (they may not have a suitable handle or aperture for the cable to pass through), so the `Insight` Loop Alarm system features a range of purpose designed sensor cables which simply plug into the loop.

Each sensor cable is 1 metre in length and is designed for a specific purpose.

Optional sensor cables:

Limpet switch - this unit can be attached to any item with a flat surface. The micro-switch on the base of the unit is activated when the limpet attachment (bonded in place via the replaceable adhesive pad) is ripped off the surface it`s attached to. 


prod ref: LD SA/1 - Limpet Switch

Replacement adhesive pads 



The Tab Connector

The adhesive surface on the underside of the security tab has an integral circuit which is broken if the unit is ripped away from the surface it is bonded to, thus triggering the alarm (Replacement tabs are available in packs of 10 or 100)

 prod ref: LD STB/1 - Tab Connectors



BEAT THE THIEVES! with a practical, low cost loop alarm system!

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