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Reviews and Testimonials are the Lifeblood of an Online Business


At Insight Security we fully appreciate the importance of our customers and their satisfaction. Everything we do is focused on the needs of our customers, from the careful selection and curation of products for our online store to the packaging and couriers we use. In this post we reflect on some of the many reviews and testimonials we’ve recently received.

We don’t take our customers or their opinions for granted. We understand the importance of online reviews and the social proof they provide to potential customers. Surveys have demonstrated that over 93% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions and customers are 63% more likely to trust brands that have online reviews compared to brands that have no reviews.

Unfortunately, most consumers have had bad experiences with companies at one time or another, both online and offline. Online reviews provide valuable insight directly from those who’ve experienced a brand, their service and the products they supply. If prospective customers know that others have had a positive experience this helps raise their confidence and overcome any fears or hesitancy they may have.

Importantly, our online reviews validate the expertise Insight Security happily provides to those who need it. Our reviews demonstrate how we’ve helped people overcome their specific challenges and fulfilled their needs. They also repeatedly reflect the high quality of the products we supply alongside our outstanding customer service.

Great Products and Exemplary Customer Service

Here are just a selection of customer reviews, praising the products we’ve supplied along with our customer service.

Great customer experience, I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed or what was available, I spoke to 3 members of staff over a couple of days after measuring etc, every single one of them was helpful, knowledgeable and I wa able to buy just what I needed. Would recommend to anyone, thanks -
Customer Support

- Sue Reid

Sue Reid’s review highlights how Insight Security staff are always happy to answer questions and guide customers to find the best solution for their needs.

Here are a number of further reviews praising our customers service.

excellent knowledge and service along with quality products

- Elinor Berry

First class service from ordering to delivery. Equipment supplied was excellent quality. Would thoroughly recommend this company.

- Dave Bingham

Great product, and customer service was immediate and effective when I had a query. Would recommend.

- Rob From Pill

Insight communication with the customers is fantastic compared to Almax. Got their products with next day delivery - im very happy.

- Bogdana Bazovska

Very good quality product fitted quickly and efficiently. Great customer service - I would highly recommend them and wouldn`t hesitate to use them again.

- Martin Emslie

I don`t think I can find a better service anywhere. Excellent service , you could ask for any advice whatsoever. Friendly staff and order very easy. Delivery was almost immediately and very well package for the products which are great.

- F G (FRGA)

You can see from these customer comments how happy people have been with the advice provided from Insight Security along with the products and delivery. We are consistently praised for our customer communications as we always ensure people know exactly what’s happening at every stage of their order fulfilment.

This next review demonstrates how far Insight Security staff will go to help customers.

Very good customer service indeed! One of the ladies there even dropped off the saw-tooth galvanised steel anti-burglar strip I bought. I have no car (a friend was going to drive me) and this lady had an appointment in Eastbourne - I live in Willingdon, not far away.

- Anna Borsey

As Anna has reported, since she lives quite close to the Insight Security headquarters in Lewes a member of staff was happy to drop off her order at her home in Willingdon.

Visitors Love the Insight Security Website

Trends in ecommerce website design are continuously evolving to ensure security and provide excellent user experience. Our website is focused on optimally delivering the information people seek in user-friendly formats that work on all the devices people like to use. Our primary aim is to provide the best possible website user experience without complexity or distraction.

Here’s what some of our customers say about our website.

Excellent website enabling easy analysis and then choice of top notch products. Subsequent customer service also proved first class.

- John Farrall

Fantastic website, easy to find items required & substantially cheaper than other sites. Delivery was very quick. Excellent service, very happy with my customer experience.

- Alun Griffiths

John and Alun rate our website as both ‘excellent’ and ‘fantastic’, enabling them to easily find the products they were seeking, at great prices. Both John and Alun also praise the ‘first class’ customer service they received.

J.T. From Texas Rates our Door Security Bars

Our shed door security bars have been highly praised in this comprehensive review from J.T., based in Texas, USA.

Do you ever wake up at night worried about the safekeeping of your property? I did. I own a lake house in the deep woods of East Texas. I have two storage areas where I keep fishing tackle, boating accessories, water sports gear, tools, and equipment. One area is situated on the ground floor of the lake house and the other area is located on the boat dock.

Since my family only occupies the house occasionally, I was concerned about the safekeeping of my property. In 2016, I decided that the best and most cost-effective solution to my problem was a security bar for each door. I searched the Internet for security bars made in the United States, but I was unable to find any. I went to a local metal fabrication shop, but the owner was not interested in making the security bars.

Finally, I found Insight Security in Lewes, East Sussex, UK. I reviewed Insight Security’s website and called Insight Security the next day. I ordered a standard 1200mm security bar for the door of the ground floor storage area and a special 2000mm security bar for the boat dock double doors.

The customer service representative was immensely helpful, and I conveniently paid for the security bars with a credit card. Insight Security delivered the security bars to my home in Texas within 10 days. I installed the security bars myself.

Finally, I had the perfect solution for safekeeping my property. Security bars from Insight Security declare to would be burglars, “Keep out!” The security bars are made of solid steel, and they are 40mm wide and 10mm thick. The security bars pass through two steel brackets that are securely affixed to the wood frame of the building. With the security bars in place, a burglar may remove the doorknob, but the door will not open, and the door cannot be taken off of it`s hinges.

In 2021, the lake house was extensively remodeled, and the security bar for the door of the ground floor storage area went missing. I surmise that one of the workers put it in a waste container. Once again, I was anxious about the safekeeping of my property. I immediately called Insight Security and ordered a new security bar. Once again, Insight Security delivered the new security bar to my home in Texas within 10 days. I at once drove to the lake house and installed the new security bar.

Now I can rest assured that my property is safe and secure. I highly recommend Insight Security to anyone who is concerned about the safekeeping of their property.

- J.T.

J.T. highlights how, back in 2016, although he had searched for a USA based provider, he was unable to find a suitable door security solution to protect his valuables. And he even visited a metal fabricator, who was unable to help. He then discovered the website.

shed bar door security
Shed Door Security Bar

As noted, he has two doors that needed additional security, a standard width door and a set of double doors on his boat dock. The Insight Security Shed Door security bar solution was ideal for his needs. He’s another customer who praises the support we provided, along with the security solution. He also highlights how his order was with him at his Texas address within just 10 days and how he was able to install the security bars himself.

J.T. was clearly very impressed with the design and construction of the super-tough Insight Security shed door security bars. But in 2021 his lake house was remodelled and he lost the shed bar for his storage area. So he ordered a replacement from Insight Security which, like his original order, arrived at his home within 10 days. He installed the replacement security bar himself and is now able to relax in the knowledge that his property is safe and secure.

Wall Anchor, Chain and Lock Strong Enough for Anything

In this next example review Geof highlights the robustness of the supplied security products.

Brilliant! Ordered a Beefy Bridge wall anchor at 13:20 on Friday and it was in my hands 24 hours and 20 minutes later, very impressive. Also purchased an 800 X 16mm chain and a RoundLock, the weight of this lot was 2kg heavier than the bike I am securing!! I’m fairly certain that this set up could be used to protect your space shuttle or oil rig from the thieving little gits. One thing to note is that the kit comes with the correct drill bit, good job I checked before a trip to B&Q to buy one, just make sure your drill can take such a big bit though. Extremely helpful staff (Chris) offered valuable advice and I am very happy to recommend this company and their products.

- Geof Turner

The reviewer notes how the high security chain and RoundLock supplied by Insight Security are, in his opinion, tough enough to secure a space shuttle or oil rig. We are pleased to hear how the support and advice we provided has enabled Geof to protect his valuable bike from ‘thieving little gits’.

high security chains
Essential High Security Chains


Effective Perimeter Security Keeping Animals and Intruders at Bay

We offer an extensive range of tried and tested perimeter security solutions. In this next couple of reviews we see how ultra-safe plastic security spikes effectively discourage cats from climbing where they are not welcome while Razor Point anti climb spikes present a formidable barrier.

Delivery was quick, and the plastic spikes do a reasonably good job keeping our cat off the shed.

- Alexander Massmann

We know how difficult it is to protect property from cats, who are naturally skilled in overcoming obstacles. Our range of safe, plastic anti climb spikes are widely deployed along fence tops, walls and gates where they present a highly effective cat deterrent.

I bought some Razor Point Anti-climb spike to stop intruders climbing over gates, and I would highly recommend them. Not only are they very sharp and robust, they look really vicious as well so are a great visual deterrent. Insight sent out the goods really fast and would definitely buy from again.

- Ady Goodrich

Unlike our plastic anti-cat spikes, Razor Point anti climb spikes are a tough and aggressive looking anti climb solution. As Ady has reported in this review, they are sharp, robust and look nasty. Their appearance along a wall or fence-top is enough to deter any intruders. And Ady is another reviewer who praises the fast delivery of his order.

You can see more of our customer reviews on our website home page or directly from many of our online store product pages. Reviews can also be found on Google (via Google maps),, Facebook and Trustpilot.

If you have questions about any aspects of home or business security, or if you have any special requirements, remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

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