Roller Barrier


Manufactured by Insight Security, Roller Barrier is the non-aggressive anti climb system of choice for use where children or vulnerable people are present

This non-aggressive Roller Spinner system is the Anti Climb Barrier that offers practical and effective perimeter security - without the risk of intruders impaling or seriously injuring themselves on spikey anti climb products

- so you won`t be plagued with "No Win No Fee" injury lawyer claims because someone has impaled themselves on your security barrier!


Why Choose Roller Barrier?

Did you know that if an intruder injured themselves while climbing over anti climb spikes fixed to your walls, or fences, you could find yourself being prosecuted?

Developed to provide a SAFE but EFFECTIVE barrier to stop unauthorised persons from gaining access to flat roofs, or to premises or grounds by climbing over fences or gates. When installed above a gate for instance, the spinning cups also offer a brilliant way to protect alleyways.

The unique, independently rotating cups, collectively offer an unstable barrier for any would be intruder to negotiate, and consequently a more effective barrier than the older style rolling long tube type systems. 

The 115mm (approx 5") diameter unbreakable Roller Cups are purposely sized to prevent even the largest hands from getting a grip on and where possible, are manufactured from recycled polycarbonate material (helping local authorities to meet their recycling targets). 

To protect against plastic degradation resulting from climate change and the hotter summers we seem to be experiencing in the northern hemisphere, the Roller Cups are now "manufactured with UV protection to Southern European UV level standards" and are of course also self extinguishing to protect against fire attack.  










The flat roof of this school was a favourite destination for pupils - the non-aggressive Roller installation solved the problem

The rolling barrier is formed by threading individual cup shaped rugged plastic mouldings onto a robust central spindle, supported at intervals by suitable brackets. 

A practical and effective solution for almost any environment, this system is the natural choice for use in locations where there is a risk of children or other vulnerable people being present.

In the UK, it is in widespread use in and around public grounds and buildings, schools, colleges, psychiatric and secure medical facilities as well as being installed at Historic Houses, Prisons, Young Offender Institutions and Hospitals.

Worldwide installations range from the USA and Canada, to Australia and New Zealand, so you can be sure that it is suitable for use whatever the environment.


Roller Barrier the Safe Solution

With no spikes to cause impalement, many local authorities now specify this versatile anti-climb product as the anti-climb system of choice for use in and around; schools, public & historic buildings, parks & gardens, etc.


   Recycled material used in manufacture of Roller Barrier cups


Designed for long operational life

Recycled polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of the unbreakable Roller Cups, which are self extinguishing (to protect against fire attack), and UV stabilised to the "Southern European Standard" to ensure a long operational life. even if global warming delivers more extreme weather and hotter summers!


roller barrier cups - stock colours

Stock Colours: Black, White or Eco Green 

roller barrier colour options 




Note:- we can manufacture the Roller Cups to any RAL colour (subject to minimum order quantity & manufacturing lead time)



The large Cups prevent any would be climbers from gaining a handhold





The Cups mounted on the core shaft are designed to roll / rotate independently, - forming an unstable barrier that is difficult to climb over



The system can be wall mounted on straight, cranked or right angle brackets to form an effective anti climb barrier to prevent unauthorised access to flat roofs, etc.

Trigard Roller Barrier System







The exciting new Trigard Roller System is ideal for protecting parapets, double skin wall tops or fence tops where a bulkier barrier than just a single row of cups is required.



Twin row Roller Barrier Installation protecting a low perimeter wall / fence


 shown here installed over vehicle entrance gates at a commercial site



Roller Barrier is;

- Non Aggressive

- Effective

- Safe around children



This children`s centre and play area were regularly vandalised until Rollers were installed on the fences, canopy supports and around the flat roof


This Young Offender facility in Canada wanted an anti climb device that was effective, but didn`t look threatening - the Roller system was so successful that they came back for more (the product is also used in UK Prisons)


The roof of this new library building was used as a skate park by local youths until Roller Barrier was fitted


Because of its non aggressive nature and proven performance at similar facilities, the Roller system was installed to stop patients from climbing over gates and fences at this special needs centre.





Network Rail Specified Green Roller Cups and Brackets for installation above a gated Railway Crossing where kids frequently put themselves at risk by crossing the line while gates were closed.

Roller Barrier Anti-climb system (installed at Psychiatric Centre - USA)This installation around the grounds of a Psychiatric Centre In Philadelphia (USA) is aesthetically pleasing and blends in seamlessly with the environment (see project)


Here are some helpful print friendly documents (PDF)

pdf icon   Projects Gallery (850kb)

pdf icon   Product Information Sheet (502kb)


   Trigard Roller Barrier (200kb)

pdf icon   Installation Guide (225kb)


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Introducing Roller Barrier the Anti Climb Solution of Choice

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