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Roller Barrier Applications

Roller Barrier offers a practical and "Non Aggressive" deterrent to would be climbers and unauthorised intruders.

Roller Barrier provides a totally non-aggressive way to both deter and prevent climbing and unwelcome intruders. The simple roller bar system has been thoughtfully designed to provide a highly effective yet totally non-aggressive anti climb barrier. There are many situations in which Roller Barrier is now being effectively used, gaining extensive appreciation for its safety, simplicity and effectiveness.

roller barrier rooftop protection

Keep Children Safe

Children are natural climbers and will attempt to scale almost any structure that looks climbable. Schools and children’s centres are using Roller Barrier around their perimeters to prevent access to their premises out-of-hours. Roller Barrier is also being installed to stop kids from climbing onto flat rooftops along with other structures and equipment that could potentially be dangerous.

roller barrier childrens play area

Psychiatric Care and Hospital Facilities

An important requirement for anti-climb security systems at psychiatric care facilities and hospitals is that whatever is used must be entirely safe while being completely non-threatening and non-aggressive in its appearance. Spiked anti climb devices are entirely inappropriate in these situations. The unobtrusive, non-confrontational appearance of Roller Barrier will not cause any anxiety or disturbance to patients and safely prevent climbing.

roller barrier at family centre

Prevent Climbing onto Flat Roofs

Flat rooftops are sometimes used by burglars to gain access to upper storey windows. They can also attract vandals, who want to spray their tags onto upper walls, along with children who like to test their climbing skills.

double roller barrier flat roof

Roller Barrier provides a simple yet highly effective and affordable way to prevent climbing onto flat roofs without using unsightly spiked anti climb devices. The Roller Barrier system is now widely used in private homes, commercial establishments and public buildings to safely prevent climbing onto flat roofs.

Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Prisons, Correctional Facilities and Young Offenders Institutions have a responsibility to keep inmates safely secured within their premises. As well as the perimeter walls and fences many of these facilities have low level rooftops and other internal structures and areas where climbing needs to be prevented. The use of spiked anti climb devices in these situations would potentially raise the risk of injury and the aggressive appearance would be inappropriate. Roller Barrier is being used to keep inmates from climbing where they are not supposed to.

roller barrier at correctional facility in white

Retail Site Security

Supermarkets and retail premises need to be safely secured to prevent intruders but must also take care not to cause harm to anybody who might attempt to gain entry. Spiked, aggressive anti climb devices, which can potentially cause harm, are not the best solution in many situations. Roller Barrier, mounted along the top of perimeter walls and fences, provides an effective but completely harmless anti climb shield that prevents intruders gaining entry to retail sites and goods yards.

roller barrier on supermarket wall

Railway Line Safety

Safely preventing people from accessing dangerous railway lines is essential. Railway lines are often bordered by trackside fencing and gates which can attract climbers and children. Aggressive, spiked anti climb devices that can potentially cause harm are not favoured in these situations. But Roller Barrier is entirely appropriate as it’s highly effective in preventing climbing, totally safe and looks attractive. Roller Barrier is available in a variety of colours enabling it to be blended with walls, fences and gates.

Public Buildings and Community Centres

Public buildings such as libraries and community centres can sometimes attract youths and vandals, especially out of hours when they are closed. Youngsters and potential intruders might be tempted to scale walls to access flat roofs which might enable them to reach first floor windows or other areas of vulnerability. Many public buildings have recognised the need for a totally safe yet effective way to prevent people from climbing onto their rooftops and equipment so they have opted for Roller Barrier which has been found to be totally effective.

Parks and Gardens

When parks or gardens are closed and locked up at the end of a day they can attract the attention of unwanted intruders. Roller Barrier is easy to install along existing walls and fences around parks and gardens to prevent access. Aggressive anti climb precautions are completely inappropriate for many of these situations but Roller Barrier’s non-aggressive behaviour and appearance makes it entirely suitable.

roller barrier protects parks and gardens

Protecting Exterior Equipment

Many buildings have exterior equipment such as ventilation systems, air conditioning and fans. These are often enclosed in tough, steel mesh housings which can attract unwanted attention from climbers, especially children. It’s vitally important that people are prevented from harming themselves by climbing onto these systems and that equipment is protected from damage. Roller Barrier is effectively used to prevent climbing on equipment cages and protect exterior systems from damage.

roller barrier exterior vent fan

Raising the Height of Boundaries

Roller Barrier is available in various formats including both Double Row and Trigard Roller Barrier. The Double Row Roller Barrier system is an excellent way to safely and securely raise the height of a wall or boundary fence.

double row roller barrier walltop

The Trigard Roller Barrier is ideal for situations where a wider footprint is required such as along wider wall tops or on top of equipment housings.

trigard roller barrier on wall

Roller Barrier is:

  • Safer than Anti Climb Spikes
  • Simple to Install
  • Cost Effective
  • Versatile
  • Durable 

Recent Roller Barrier Installations

Here are just a few examples of Roller Barrier installations >>>                      

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