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Roller Barrier for School Safety and Security


School safety and security are primary concerns for all learning establishments. When a school was suffering due to people putting themselves at risk by climbing onto rooftops, running amok and potentially causing rooftop damage they sought help from the local authority to eliminate the problem.

Insight Security was approached by the council to provide an anti-climb solution that would keep students and other people safe by preventing access to flat roofs and various vulnerable areas around the main school building. It was immediately obvious that the optimum safety solution was the installation of the totally non-aggressive Roller Barrier anti climb system.

Bespoke Flat Roof Protection

When surveyed, it was obvious that while anti-climb protection for many of the popular climbing hotspots could be readily achieved using standard, off-the-shelf Roller Barrier components, some areas clearly required a bespoke solution.

Three flat roof areas presented some notable challenges for mounting Roller Barrier along the front edge of the roof.

roller barrier school building anti climb
Roller Barrier Providing Anti Climb Protection for School

In some areas it was impractical to fix Roller Barrier supporting brackets to the fascia wall due to the length of the bracket supporting extension arms needed. In other areas there were multiple obstructions, including power cables and pipework, preventing Roller Barrier support brackets from being installed.

It was not possible to install Roller Barrier fixings directly into the roof structure as this would risk compromising the roof’s weatherproofing. So a clever, bespoke solution was designed involving a bracket support lattice on top of the roof which would securely support the installation of both double and single row Roller Barrier along the front edges of these flat roof areas.

Careful consideration of the obstructions and the location enabled the Insight Security design team to devise and manufacture special two-part adjustable support bars. These were custom-designed to firmly bolt to the fascia of the upper story building with the front section attached robustly to the lip of the flat roof.

bespoke roller barrier rooftop support lattice
Bespoke Roller Barrier Rooftop Support Lattice

The central Roller Barrier shafts and Roller Cups for both the double and single row Roller Barrier were firmly bolted to the front of these bespoke support bars. Lateral spacer bars were used to maintain the required distance between each of the support bars.

Weatherproofing for long operational life was achieved by galvanising all steel bars and support brackets. And to meet specific requirements of the local council Educational Building Management Department specialist stainless steel security fasteners were used throughout the Roller Barrier installation.

The rugged Roller Cups are UV stabilised to withstand exposure to extreme weather of all types, and wherever possible, are manufactured from recycled polycarbonate which of course is great news for customers with carbon footprint reduction targets. 

roller barrier with downpipe cover anti climb
Roller Barrier along with Anti Climb Downpipe Cover

Further anti climb safety protection was achieved by installing downpipe covers, manufactured by Insight Security, to prevent pipework from being used as a climbing aid.

Importantly, since the installation of this bespoke anti climb solution using both Roller Barrier along with downpipe covers, there have been no further incidents of intruders or students climbing onto school buildings.

If you have any questions regarding school security and anti climb protection remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 8th July 2021

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