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Roller Barrier Installations - Non-Aggressive Anti-Climb Barrier


The Insight Security Roller Barrier anti-climb roller system has gained widespread appreciation and approval as a highly effective yet non-aggressive anti-climb barrier.

Our anti-climb Roller Barrier  system is easily installed, unbreakable and it looks great! Available in a range of colours from stock, there is no risk that someone will be impaled on sharp spikes as this anti-climb barrier is totally non-aggressive. These are among the reasons why Roller Barrier has been chosen by: the UK rail network, various schools and educational establishments, mental healthcare facilities, parks, public spaces, historic buildings and inside prisons.

Aggressive Anti-Climb Barriers

Once upon a time people would deter would-be intruders (including neighbourhood cats) by cementing broken glass along the tops of their wall. Thankfully, those days are in the past but aggressive forms of anti-climb barrier continue to be used in selected applications. 

Modern, aggressive anti-climb barriers are designed to present a strong, visual deterrent that’s intended to discourage anyone from even attempting to scale a perimeter wall or fence. They tend to be made from strong, protected metal that’s sharp and spiked. This style of barrier is typically used around military establishments, embassies and other areas which don’t tend to attract children or vulnerable people.

The key problem with these aggressive forms of anti-climb barrier is that, although they are highly effective, they can potentially cause injury which is completely unacceptable in many circumstances.

Roller Barrier Prevents Climbing Without Causing Injury

Recognising the need for an effective yet non-aggressive, safe anti-climb barrier system Insight Security designed the Roller Barrier anti-climb roller system. Manufactured from recycled polycarbonate, Roller Barrier provides an affordable but highly effective anti climb barrier that is now being used effectively in a wide range of applications where children and vulnerable people might otherwise have sustained injury.

Roller Barrier consists of side-by-side, rotating plastic cups threaded onto a central, supporting shaft. This is attached to the wall, rooftop or other area that’s to be protected, using brackets at regular intervals. The rotating plastic cups are too large in diameter for even the biggest of human hands to grasp making climbing virtually impossible. The plastic cups are unbreakable, uv resistant and fire retardant. Here are some examples of installations where the benefits of our non-aggressive Roller Barrier are fully appreciated.

Schools and Educational Establishments

Schools and educational establishments are often troubled by vandalism and unwelcome intrusion. Roller Barrier has been successfully deployed to a number of locations where it’s been highly effective in preventing access.

Adult Learning Facility

Roller Barrier anti climb at adult learning facility.

An adult learning facility would always lock the gates to their grounds at night but drug users would regularly climb the walls and leave dangerous detritus, including needles, which required daily clean up operations to make the grounds safe for use.

A double row Roller Barrier solution was installed as shown in the image. By fitting this to the gates and low walls that surround the learning facility grounds the problems caused by drug users was stopped immediately.

School Grounds

School grounds Roller Barrier anti climb precautions

Although this school was protected by a formidable 3m high fence this was seen by some of the local youths as a challenge and didn’t deter them.

By surveying and assessing the site perimeter various areas of vulnerability were identified, such as the gates shown in this image. Roller Barrier was retro-fitted to these areas, successfully preventing vandals and other unwelcome intruders from gaining access to the school grounds.

Children’s Centre Play Area

childrens play area anti climb roller barrier

We were asked to help overcome vandalism problems at a children’s centre and play area. Our site survey identified a number of vulnerable areas which were then protected using Roller Barrier. 

By installing Roller Barrier around the flat roof gaining access to first floor windows was prevented. Roller Barrier was installed above the canopy supports (as shown) which prevents children from using them as a climbing frame. And Roller Barrier was installed on the gate and along the fence to prevent unwelcome visitors from gaining access to the site out of hours.

Community Centres, Youth Clubs and Young Offenders Institutions

Community centres, youth clubs and young offenders institutions can often act as magnets for vandals who will potentially wreak havoc if they gain easy access to these premises. Here are a couple of examples of Roller Barrier installations which have successfully prevented vandals from gaining entry.

Inside a Young Offenders Institution

Young offenders institution anti climb roller barrier

This internal installation of Roller Barrier prevents inmates at this young offenders institution from gaining access to low roofs. Roller Barrier provides and effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to low and flat roof protection.

London Community Centre

community centre roller barrier anti climb

A London based community centre presented us with a challenge to protect their rooftop from being accessed by vandals and climbing children. The unusual contours of this roofline demonstrate the versatility of our Roller Barrier system which is readily customised to meet specific requirements.

Mental Health Facilities

Caring for people with mental health issues requires that special attention is paid to the chosen security systems. People need to be protected from potential injury and establishment operators need to be certain that the precautions in place are effective but harmless to the people in their care.

Special Needs Facility

special needs facility non-aggressive roller barrier anti climb safety

An important requirement at this site was that the anti-climb prevention needed to be non-threatening and non-aggressive in its appearance. Large, nasty looking metal spikes were clearly out of the question. Roller Barrier was installed as shown in the image and has been working effectively to prevent patients from climbing the fences and gates.

Safe Home for Autistic Child

Safe home for autistic child using roller barrier

We were consulted to come up with a system which would safely keep an 11 year old autistic boy from climbing into neighbouring properties and out of the garden onto a busy main road at the rear of the house. Roller Barrier was used to completely surround the garden on fence tops and along the ground floor roof line.

Mental Healthcare Facility

Roller barrier anti climb precautions at mentally handicapped facility

The operators of this care facility specialising in Mental Health, were facing closure as their large, upper floor balcony area was considered a potential danger if patients tried to climb over the steel and glass surround. Roller Barrier was chosen as the non-aggressive anti-climb barrier was seen to have been highly effective in other institutions. The polycarbonate roller cups were colour matched to the finish of the steel supports as shown in the image.

Parks, Gardens and Public Areas

Public parks are often used by drug-users and plagued by vandalism. Locked gates are often not enough to keep unwanted intruders from causing damage and leaving potentially hazardous waste behind. Here are a couple of examples where Roller Barrier has provided the right solution.

Retro-Fit for Parks and Gardens

parks and gardens anti climb roller barrier

Most parks and gardens already have fencing, walls and gates installed, but this is often ineffective in keeping unwanted intruders out after the park or gardens have been closed and locked up. The image here shows an existing, spiked park fence that simply wasn’t working as either a deterrent nor as a barrier. By retro-fitting Roller Barrier in a matching shade of green the efficacy of the barrier has been considerably strengthened and the gree roller cups blend with the natural surroundings.

Walled Gardens and Allotments

gardens and allotments non-aggressive anti climb roller barrier

Gardens and allotments can attract unwanted visits from vandals and youths who like to cause mayhem. It can be very upsetting to find the results of many months of effort destroyed overnight by wanton vandalism. By installing Roller Barrier along garden walls and fences unwanted intrusion is effective prevented without risk of causing injury.

Other Notable Roller Barrier Installations

It should be clear that Roller Barrier is incredibly versatile, finding applications in a wide range of installations. Wherever there is a gate, wall, fence or rooftop that needs to be safely protected against climbers, without risk of causing them injury, Roller Barrier is the right solution. Here are a few additional installation examples that demonstrate the practical applications of this anti-climb roller.

Tesco Supermarkets

supermarket protected with anti climb roller barrier

Tesco Stores needed a non-aggressive anti-climb barrier to protect their premises against intruders without the risk of causing them harm. The natural choice was Roller Barrier, as shown in this image.

Railway Crossings and Trackside

railway crossing and sidings made safer using roller barrier

When unauthorised personnel gain access to railway lines they cause danger to both themselves and other people. Insight Security were consulted regarding how best to enhance security at railway crossings and alongside vulnerable sections of railway track. The solution was to use Roller Barrier, colour matched to the same green used in the existing palisade fencing. Roller Barrier has proved to be highly effective in keeping people safely away from the railway tracks.

Securing Equipment Installations

climbing on equipment prevented using roller barrier

Insight Security were asked to devise a solution to a problem at a school where children were gaining access to a low roof area by climbing on the cages protecting the school’s air conditioning vents. They were damaging the roof and putting themselves and the school at risk. By installing Roller Barrier above the vents, as shown, children were safely prevented from gaining access to the roof.

Children’s Centre Ground Floor Roof

roller barrier preventing climbing onto a flat roof

Gaining access to upper floor windows via the various flat rooftops in this children’s centre was easy until Roller Barrier was unobtrusively installed around the ground floor.

Libraries and Public Buildings

anti climb roller barrier used on public buildings

The flat roof area of this contemporary library was being used by youths as a skateboard park. A non-aggressive Roller Barrier solution effectively prevented them from continuing to access the roof while maintaining the pleasing aesthetic design.

Balconies on Blocks of Flats

anti climb roller barrier used to make balconies on flats safe

Intruders were finding it easy to climb up to the first floor balconies in this block of flats. By installing Roller Barrier along the balcony walls the intruder issue was effectively stopped without risk of causing injury.

Roller Barrier is the Best Non-Aggressive Perimeter Security Solution

Our Roller Barrier installations clearly demonstrate how this system is the best perimeter security solution for situations where vulnerable people are involved. The non-aggressive, attractive appearance of the roller barrier means that is doesn`t cause disturbance or anxiety. But the clever design makes it highly effective in preventing people from scaling walls, accessing flat rooftops or climbing onto valuable, dangerous equipment. 

To find out more about Roller Barrier and how our non-aggressive anti-climb barrier can help you - give us a call on 01273 475500 - we are always happy to provide FREE help and advice!

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